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For  Diaper Fetish Boys, Adult Babies (boy, girl or gurl), Sissies who need a strict but caring Momma Domme to control them, Momma's Boys who know that they'd be lost without their Mommy Dearest, and other submissive men  who are looking for a strict but caring older Disciplinarian / Maternal type Domme. 

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I am the woman you'd never suspect will be your downfall and doom.

Deceptively sweet, with a wickedly kind voice, and an addicting joyous laugh that will make you fall in love with this Devil Woman.

I am Satan in the Female Form.

I am the Sinstress who enables your naughty desires, deepens them with loving encouraging words.

I become the satanic Mother Superior to whom you confess your sins. Like a dark Mother and Goddess I teach you the pleasures of the flesh and point out the foolishness of religious dogma.

In due time I become your only true God/dess for whom you'll sacrifice everything. Remember my pets, mine is the real of deception. Don't come here expecting to talk to someone who sounds deranged and demonic. Satan lures you with kindness, not chases you away with fear. Haha.

Religious Fetish, Blaspheme, Erotic Puppeteer, Sin Encouragement, Religious Humiliation, Sinduction, Goddess Worship, JOI with prayer, and more

Note: Dear Sinners, know what it is you want before coming to this listing. Silly boys with no clue what this fetish is about will be turned into Toads. "Just kidding" ...maybe

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Goddess Bella Donna’s

Findom Realm

STOP and take this quick 3 step self-quiz first.

Does handing your money over to women or buying them gifts without any expectations in return turn you on?

If the answer is yes keep reading – if the answer is no leave this page now!

Do you get aroused and weak by knowing that other people may see you as a bitch boy, pathetic, henpecked, and a slew of other debasing verbiage when paying a woman like me simply because she demands it and it brings her pleasure to take the money from you?

If the answer is yes keep reading, you may have potential for me but that remains to be seen. If the answer is no, get off this page now. Go indulge in a different fetish or kink instead.

Do you see being financial dominated and / or used by a special Goddess like myself as an honor and something that is simply just how it should be as well as brings you purpose? It’s not just physical arousal but an almost spiritual type of Goddess worship that is part of your service you provide to your Goddess? You feel helpless to resist and being of use to HER means the world to you?

If the answer is yes, keep reading – you are the type of financial gentleman sub or financial sissified bitch I enjoy the most. If the answer is no, leave now.

If you answered no to all of the 3 questions above you don’t belong in Financial Domination or Financial Fetish. This Realm may sound interesting to you for a moment, but you would not find the satisfying experience that those who are truly financial submissive or “pay pig inclined” do in their own way. I have dozens of other fetishes you can indulge in with me, without feeling forced or bullied into this one. Please go and leave now.

Those who answered YES and sincerely meant it, have the financial stability and ability to actually place actions to fantasy desire (aka make tributes not just talk about it), and enjoy the feeling of being a financial slave, a generous good little bitch, Momma’s personal little Piggy Bank, a human ATM ready for withdrawals, a cash pet, pay pig or a dozen of other trigger words that indicate you enjoy financial domination  / fetish from the position of the submissive or used Partner as much as I enjoy it from the Goddess position, welcome to my Findom Realm.

Pay attention – read carefully  and keep your hands off your dick until I have granted permission for you to touch! While you are here you will be a good boy for me as is proper!

Goddess Bella Donna

“A man who buys you gifts to gain your attention is amusing for a while,
but a man who showers you with gifts, serves you without complaints, devotes himself to your happiness, and makes you laugh is a keeper!”


I think these days everyone has a different idea of what financial domination or financial fetish looks like. It’s not surprising since it has undergone an unending stream of changes and mutations. Part of it of course is the easy access to this often misunderstood fetish, the misrepresentation of it by the Media, and of course the influence of quick buck aspirations.

Financial Domination in reality turned more into Financial Fetish and (shudders I still hate that word) rinsing. For some reason Financial Domination was heralded as something revolutionary, a fetish so taboo that it got a worst stigma attached then just about any other fetish out there.

Matter of fact there wasn’t even a word coined for it until the 1990’s.  Now depending on which train you follow two women over the years have taken claim to who has actually coined the phrase originally.  One was Princess Sierra and the other one was Mistress Amelia Marx. Who can ultimately claim the credit I leave for you to decide and really carries little to no baring on this for me.  Ironically it also coincided with the rise and easier access of the Internet which was at this point still in it’s toddler years.

The Financial Domination you encountered back in the day in the old Yahoo Chatrooms, Dungeon 9, and a few other select special rooms where the Veteran Ladies or how many like to call it OG’s congregated and permitted submissive men to worship them, tribute to them, and show their adoration via gifts and cash presentation of their appreciation of the great privilege it was to be in such exalted presence.

Even back then the various Ladies had different styles, different behaviors and different ways of how they demanded and accepted to be served. Many of the OG’s were Lifestyle as well as Professional Dominatrixes who held a firm command over many different kinks, fetishes and delightful methods of control.

You would not be able to recognize the Financial Domination of yesterday with what it is today. Since then it has morphed into a million and one different styles, view points, and trends.

Hundreds of women looking for a quick buck enter into it with great hopes of being showered with gifts and living the “high life” without having to put in any type of effort. Thousands of women leave Financial Domination / Fetish monthly after figuring out that what they thought was oh so easy in reality is not.  Likewise the pool of men who carry an interest in financial submission has truly changed.

Back in the day finding a Lady who truly got the deep seated need of the financial slave or cash pet or whatever current trending trigger word you wish to use to surrender his power via the financial servitude and to place himself so fully and vulnerably at the feet of the Lady he saw as exalted above him, was extremely difficult. Not many women even knew that this fetish existed and even less understood it’s dynamic and found pleasure in it.

Yes there was only a handful of Grand Dame’s of Financial Domination before the Internet exploded all over it and changed it into the living mutating thing it is today.

Now what’s with the History lesson, you may ask yourself, and I should warn you there is more to come in a second.

The History lesson is essential for you to understand the Lady that is taking the time to write all of this out for you. It is essential for you to also not only comprehend the way I view MY STYLE and Dual Aspects of Financial Domination as I carried from the old days into the New Era.  As I laughingly call myself – when it comes to Financial Domination I am a Dino Domme.

Now so far I educated you on the Internet Version of Financial Domination and the Event Horizon of how it got its name, but financial domination goes back long before we ever had a name for it. Matter of fact women have practiced some version of antiquated financial domination since the beginning of the Ancient Civilizations.

We think of women in today’s time and age having to fight for their worth, but there were women long before any type of feminist movements were even thought off that held them-selves in the highest of regards. Not even just royal or famous women whose names you can easily look up in History, but women you will never hear of. They simply understood the nature and power they held within them-selves and made the men whom wanted their attention, affections, or even privilege to woe them, jump through many hoops and proof them-selves worthy of being in their presence.

Unlike in today’s time however their worth was not in the size or girth of their genitalia, or in how adept of a lover they were, but in what they had to offer them in financial security and gifts. If a man had nothing valuable (see financial) to offer to her, she simply turned her sight to someone else and allowed them the chance to dazzle and amuse her. It was nothing personal, it wasn’t shady, or anything else, it was simply a form of weeding out and understanding that she had to watch out for herself and any possible offspring she may have in the future by making sure to surround herself solely with men who could add to her comforts and coffers.

In BDSM giving gifts to your Mistress, Goddess or Lady, and providing her with what she needed and desired to be comfortable also was simply part of the whole. For a male slave it went without saying that he’d step up and show himself worthy of her time and attention, control and guidance. She had what he desperately needed – the ability to give his life structure, to guide and control, and take the necessity to make decisions away from him for a while.

It really was not until recent times (in the big scheme of things) that the mind-set of male subs being worthless losers came about. Yes male subs have always had a bit of a harder time to find acceptance then female subs since in more recent history (since the event of Christianity and with that the exclusive patriarchy rising mental brainwashing) men were expected to be the Heads of their Households, the Rulers of their world and of course the Bosses in the Business World. Even as women infiltrated and all of those areas and taken over in many of them, that still didn’t make it easier for the male submissives to find acceptance even within the BDSM communities and even within them-selves.

What was forgotten however was that long before Christianity there were times in the Ancient Cultures were women were heralded as equals and in some cultures even as the ruling and often worshiped gender. Many Religions were based around the Balance of the the feminine and masculine (Lord and the Lady) as well as the sacred feminine.

I know what has that to do with Financial Domination? EVERYTHING, because if you go back far enough and really did your research, really found what the deep core if within yourself, you will see that men being enslaved and at the mercy of women, ready and eager to worship, adore, provide and yes be guided by women is NOTHING new.

Just like in every species of the Universe we have the different individuals who have a deep desire to either Lead and control, to be led and be controlled, or to stand side by side  or back to back in as much as possible equal unity.

Oh my goodness, look at you, you are ready to fall asleep. This is just way too much education for you and you were hoping for some quick hot pics and some teasing words to tell you just how awesome I am and how you will now not be able to help yourself but to be owned by me.

Now that I have however given you this very lengthy history lesson and have hopefully shown you how we got here today, it is time for you to get to know Me a little. That is if you have zero idea of who I am.

Well the name I am known by is Goddess Bella Donna and I just like our world had undergone several mutations and evolutions. When I first entered the BDSM scene back in the day (1992) I was formally trained into it and given the name Mistress Aphrodite. This name remained with me for several years until after having gained my own experiences without any further guidance from those who guided me and mentored me into the Lifestyle, I evolved and was begifted with the name of Lady Eva of the House of Germain. I entered the online scene for a short while back in 1998 / 1999 but left it again to return to purely real time for several more years.

After some extreme changes in my personal life I returned back to internet in my final incarnation as Goddess Bella Donna. Again a name and title which I did not just pick out of thin air, but which was begifted to me with great love and adoration.

Each of the Titles I hold and held as well as the names, hold deep meaning as well as have been earned by me and begifted to me by those who saw me as worthy of carrying them.

From Mistress, to Lady and Ruler of a House, to living Goddess. It was quiet the journey and one of not only self-discovery but at times painful experiences and heartache as I took beneath my wing and into my heart slaves, subs, human pets and novice Masters and Mistresses, and see them depart as is the way of the world. In some cases taking a part of my heart and even soul with them.

Twice I have taken a Hiatus from Financial Domination as I watched my personal world crumble and needed to heal from the pain that inflicted. Something that made me realize that life is simply too short to pretend to be someone or something you are not.

If the two Ladies I mentioned above have to be credited with being the once who coined the name Financial Domination, then to the very best of my knowledge I am the Lady who needs to be credited with literally writing the very first book on Financial Domination Education.

I wrote the Book Financial Domination without the smoke and mirrors 1st Edition, and then in 2012 retired the first edition and published the much extended 2nd Edition of the Book with the same title. I also wrote and published “The Financial Domination Magazine” as well as “The Financial Piggy Weekly” along with other fetish publications.

Since then many different Books on or about Financial Domination have entered the market and many fiction fetish books have been published which gave a fantastical spin to the glamorous lie of financial domination.

What made my book different from the rest was that it was written actually for both sides of the fence and yes both genders. It was a combination of Textbook / Workbook which focused on being a Domme, a Business person for if you are online you needed to understand that as well, and even more so on the understanding the dynamics of the D/s that came with it.

These days I would say the book is outdated and those who resonate with the “school of thought” that I shared in it and asked for you to think about on your own, would be cause of many frustrations to someone just starting out. Financial Domination is no longer what is used to be, and with that you’d have to literally have many years of experience to make it work in that vein and yes find those few special veteran cash pets and even rarer new generation financial slaves who are looking for something more than the quick fix and pay to play that is financial fetish!

I suppose in my own way it is fair to claim that yes I am very much part of “Financial Domination History” in a very real sense and that I am also one of the Veterans within this fetish. I personally don’t consider myself a Legend, for me it was never about gaining that Legend Status nor about becoming rich. I wanted something more than that and these days something a lot more precious and rare to find.

My very first experience dates back to 1989 and it was before I even entered into BDSM. Like many other things in my life I never even knew what it was that I was doing. I had no word for it, and my motivation was actually simply to do something I have done ever since I became an Adult female. Teach those who desperately needed some manners and remind them that no matter who you are or what you have, there will always be someone like me that is NOT impressed by you.  To show that you need to do better if you want the pleasure of my attention.  It wasn’t until years later that I realized that what I had done could very easily fall under the heading of financial domination the old school style and I am still amused up to this day that one truth held true as much back then as it does today.

On that very first time, I was just another ordinary looking young woman. Chubby, already a mother who had a belly pouch, and someone that you’d probably have passed by without ever noticing unless I turned my gaze on you or you had an inborn need to surrender to a woman who could bring you to your knees.  A woman you never saw coming. A woman who could have been anyone. Maybe a 6 naturally and when dolled up an 8 but never a 10. Yet it was this woman who made a famous and rich man forsake the company of women who you’d consider Diva’s and sizzling hot 10’s, and beg – yes beg – for the privilege of sharing a cup of coffee with me and his willingness to pay me $10,000 for the honor. Which I granted once to him and never again. All that because a little nobody like myself back in that day, reminded him that he was not a God and that in my eyes he was not even worthy of MY company.

The irony of my “Goddess” before Bella Donna is not lost here I am sure. I am a creator without a God complex and actually is annoyed by those who buy into their own hype just a little too much.

I was told many times that I should see myself and present as the “hot” woman that I am, but in my eyes I am not “hot”. I am interesting, I am fabulous, I am mesmerizing, I am naturally beautiful even at my age (I was born 1970) and even at my weight (I am 25olbs), and stunning when I doll myself up. Up to that day I still know that I can walk into a room and if I so choose to do so turn the heads of men and women alike without ever stepping a toe out of line or dressing provocatively. I have that type of presence when I choose to let it shine, or I can simply blend in and do what I love to do best that is to people watch when they least expect it. I am not hot, never was, never will be. I am something much better than that, I am a woman who is real about herself. Who has embraced both her flaws and her strength and who loves herself without forgetting that she too has flaws and makes mistakes.

I am a living Goddess – the feminine sacred who doesn’t feel the need to be empowered or to claw and fight at men, in order to proof her worth, but knows that just by being who I am Power in my own way and worthy of respect, worship, and adoration. I have nothing left to proof and only one thing I fear – to lose my laughter at myself and others around me.

I have no problem playing with fetish boys who are unable to fully devote themselves to being financially submissive and exclusive to just me. I have fun playing with you too from time to time. Why not? It’s all just cut and dry and I don’t have to get emotionally involved with you or worry about you as I would a devoted financial slave who is all mine. You are that quick little snack, that I eat between a wonderful meal I’ll savor and never forget. You little quick fly by pigs and “losers” are nothing more then money to me. That’s it, just a wallet or debit card. I take you, I drain you, and unless you are someone who is even in his communal whoredness loyal to me, forget you.

But what I really want, what I adore, what makes my Goddess heart beat with pleasure and utter joy, are intelligent gentlemanly, adoring submissive pets or slaves, who devote themselves completely to me. Who see me not as the illusion that low hanging fruit wants to build around me, but as the whole package that I am. Who finds purpose and pleasure in sacrificing for me, in serving me, in amusing me, in providing what I desire without complains.

I don’t want to bully you into it, I want you to want to give it to me. I want you to see serving me in such a special way as a reward in itself. I don’t want someone who sees himself as a loser, but who knows he is a worthy, honorable and ambitious man who sees me as the Goddess and Queen for whom he goes from “king” in his business life or personal life to fool, serf, knight or whatever I desire before me. I deserve and accept nothing less then slaves, subs, and pets I an be proud of and who cannot wait to be allowed to give me what I want, no matter what I want, and feel honored that it is them I choose to grand that special privilege to.

I want good men, hard working men, men who are not afraid to get their hands dirty for me, men who can be honest with me, who can treat me like the Goddess I am, and who will not mistreat those in their care (if they have a wife and family) just to get their jollies. I want men who are financially stable, who can afford to please me and serve me financially without going bankrupt. I want good men who trust ME enough to become my good boys, my good sissies, my good adult babies, my good puppets, puppies, and pets. My little loves who place me first (right after their survival obligations) and put actions to words. With other words I want the best of men who have a deep desire to be submissive, to serve, to adore, to provide for, and be controlled by a good woman who deserves it all – Me.

Now if you think that is you, then you may send me an email of introduction to goddess@paymepiggy.com or if you’d like to hear my voice use either my direct dial phone option (yes I’ll charge you – you want to be my financial slave in time) or my Niteflirt listing. Put in some effort. Give me a reason to want to know more about you. Don’t put in copy and paste BS, I find that disrespectful. I shouldn’t have to tell you to leave me a gift of sincerity to let me know you are not just talking out of your …..

I know my loves are out there still desperately searching for their Goddess. Don’t wait pets, I am not a Cult Leader and I am not an Army of slaves Mistress. I only a small number of slaves so I can have the time to enjoy them and spend time with them as well.

Yes I am actually that type of Goddess, are you that type of financial slave or slave who will tribute just because it is what is right to make the life of your Goddess easier? Do you still dream of a special connection, not just an inhuman loser draining? Well I have lite the Candle, come on home to Goddess!