Goddess Bella Donna brings discipline and structure to your life!
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 heart Mature BBW Momma Bella heart

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For  Diaper Fetish Boys, Adult Babies (boy, girl or gurl), Sissies who need a strict but caring Momma Domme to control them, Momma's Boys who know that they'd be lost without their Mommy Dearest, and other submissive men  who are looking for a strict but caring older Disciplinarian / Maternal type Domme. 

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yes Your Relationship Lifecoach! angeldevil

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For Fetish Discussions and Chit Chat, Femdom Advice and Female Domination / male submission or cuckolding topics you may call me on this listing:

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devilSatanic Goddess Bella Donna devil

Profile #940991


I am the woman you'd never suspect will be your downfall and doom.

Deceptively sweet, with a wickedly kind voice, and an addicting joyous laugh that will make you fall in love with this Devil Woman.

I am Satan in the Female Form.

I am the Sinstress who enables your naughty desires, deepens them with loving encouraging words.

I become the satanic Mother Superior to whom you confess your sins. Like a dark Mother and Goddess I teach you the pleasures of the flesh and point out the foolishness of religious dogma.

In due time I become your only true God/dess for whom you'll sacrifice everything. Remember my pets, mine is the real of deception. Don't come here expecting to talk to someone who sounds deranged and demonic. Satan lures you with kindness, not chases you away with fear. Haha.

Religious Fetish, Blaspheme, Erotic Puppeteer, Sin Encouragement, Religious Humiliation, Sinduction, Goddess Worship, JOI with prayer, and more

Note: Dear Sinners, know what it is you want before coming to this listing. Silly boys with no clue what this fetish is about will be turned into Toads. "Just kidding" ...maybe

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Goddess Bella Donna’s

Fetishes, Kinks, Fantasies and what nots!

OK darlings it’s time to pay attention! Here in a minute you will see three different badges with writing on them. Under each of those badges I have listed fetishes, kinks, or adult topics that I personally offer and have experience in. The badge tells if you can talk to me via what option. Take the badge serious.

If something is listed under Direct only, that is what it means. I have to turn your request down if you try it on Niteflirt. I am being kind enough to give you all a different option, so don’t screw this up. Ready?

Good now go and see if there is something that rocks your boat. Oh and before I forget it, if  you have a fetish, kink, or naughty fantasy that is NOT listed on here but would like to discuss with me or roleplay with me email me at goddess@paymepiggy.com to see if I’d be ok with it or not. Just remember that like everyone else I have hard limits too.  Rule of Thumb here is if it is illegal by Federal Standards I won’t be doing it. If I tell you “sorry no” it means no. I know you can be a gentleman perv and respect that. *wink*

Bondage – Self-bondage Instructions – Mental Bondage – Physical Bondage – Extreme Bondage Fantasies

Feminization, Sissification, Crossdressing

BBW Goddess worship

Verbal and non-intrusive emasculation Fetishes


Chastity and Key holding

Cock Control

Hyper Fetishes

Robotics Fetish

Cuckolding Fantasies

Feeder / Feedee / Food Fetishes

Masturbation Encouragement – Masturbation Puppetry – Masturbation Control

Strapon Fantasy

Wax Play Fantasies

Pantyhose / Stocking Fetish

Panty Fetishes

“Forced” or “Coerced” Fem, Bi, Gay etc

Succubus / Incubus Fantasy Roleplays

Dildo / Anal Toys / Vibrator / Sex Toy Fantasies – Use them under my instructions!

Foot, Shoe and Boot Fetishes, Roleplays, Chit Chat, Worship and Domination

Tickle Torture Fetish – I am your evil Tickle Queen

Erotic Tickle Fetish – Exploring the sensuality and erotic pleasures of tickling – I am LER not Lee

Transformation Fetish Fantasies

Financial Domination / Fetish / Wallet Consumption

Raise the Rate Call Cashtrations

Giantess Fetish Roleplays

College Professor / Student  or Boss / Secretary Fantasy

Tease and Denial

Bitch Conditioning – Become my obedient, loving, generous and devoted beta male

Healthy sub conditioning and explorations – Learn to become a submissive to me partner without falling for the “I am worthless” trap BS – This is actual long distance conditioning and not just fantasy roleplay – Do NOT request unless sincere

Virtual Wife / Girlfriend Experience Fantasies – I am the dominant woman you always wished you had a relationship with

Smoking Fetish Chit Chat and Smoke for me / I force you to smoke Orders

Contract Fetish

Mock Therapy

Interracial Sex Fantasy for Sissy or Femmi Cucks

Most MAINSTREAM Fetishes are ok here. If you are not 100% sure email me first.

Religious Fetish / Satanic Fetish / Demonic Fetish Roleplays / Doom Pornography Fetish

Demonic Gay Sex

Karmic Balancing  / Revenge Fantasy

Magic Control Fantasies

Black Widow Fantasies

Erotic Horror – Psychological Terror Mindfucks that turn you on – Depends on what it is – some of it is ok on Niteflirt and others it not.

Popper Enabling yes – Forced Popper Intoxication NO

Intox yet – forced intox no

Adult Baby / Diaper Fetish / Sissy Baby or Sissy little Fantasies or conditioning.

Abduction Fantasies (You being abducted that includes Alien, Paranormal, Demonic, Human)

Clown Fetish – To be honest not sure so I’ll put it under Direct only

Menstrual Blood Fetish

Vampire / Vampyre Fetish

Forced Intox and Popper Addiction Fetish

Penectomy / Castration / Nullo Fantasies Only

You being “Raped” Fantasies – your character must be over 18 at all times.

Momma’s Boy Fantasies

Furry (Dressing up and behaving like a Manga Style Animal with Human Speech and Characteristics) Fetish Roleplays

Plushy Fetish

Racial Humiliation or Historical Fetishes – Take to notice that this can be ANY two Races  not just black and white. I take the role of the “superior” race and with that treat you or speak to you in a humiliating fashion during this Roleplay Fantasy. If you are sensitive or mentally / physically or emotionally suffer under racial slurs of any / or all races (we all have them against our own race folks) please do NOT request this type of fetish roleplay.

Toilet Training

Human Pet Roleplay Fetishes (Pony Play, Puppy Play, Feline Play)

Extreme Bondage SEX Fetish (You are tied up and getting fucked)

Satan in the Female Form / Satan owns you – EXTREME and HIGH COST

Exposure and Exploitation Fetishes

Branding / Marking

Manga Style Sex

I am sure there are some fetishes I forgot about since I don’t talk about those very often, or because I may call it something different then what you know it under these days. Just like everyone I have some aspects even within a fetish that I personally find eeky or can only go so far in. I try to stay away from putting down fetishes that could be misconstrued on purpose and bring in the type of people I’d have a real grave fetish for. Figure out what I mean by that.

I’d like to invite you to read some of my blog posts so you can get to know me a little bit. In general I am just your regular every day person who happens to be adept in, familiar with, interested by or indulges personally in a shitload of fetishes and kinks. I am an alpha personality and I have no interest what-so-ever to roleplay or indulge in a fantasy where I am the submissive partner. I am sorry, been there, tried that, got the T-Shirt and yes burned it. I would not make you happy if you tried, so just go to someone who wants to and can.

Do you see how I write here? The way I communicate via the written word? That is exactly how I speak. My method of communication is very casual, cordial, and as if I have you over for a cup of coffee for a chit chat until it is time for me not to be either because the Session calls for me to be blunt, strict, mean, cruel etc or because you didn’t understand “No” for an answer. That usually results in one warning for fly right and then disconnect.

I have placed my goddess@paymepiggy.com email as my connection and ask if I offer this contact, since on Niteflirt I would need to block you if you ask and can’t let you know about this direct option here. So I really hope you take the time to do this right. I can’t help you if you won’t follow my directions.

Well there you go Darlings, it’s time to play!

Goddess Bella Donna