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Warnings and Legal Eagle stuff!

This is a mature ADULT only Blog Site!

What does that mean to you?

This post as well as the footer section below is

“Sticky”, “in your face”, and “impossible to ignore”!

This is a  for mature Adults Blog site only, which means that in order to be here, stay here, partake of any of the professional services offered by me, purchase any of the content available by me, or even just browse around, look around, skippy doo dah around on here, you have to agree to and verify the correctness of the following statements directly below here and just in case you ever want to “forget that you agreed to them” can find them in a bold reminder in the FOOTER section of this Blog!

Please read carefully and take them serious! Thank you!

#1 I agree to and certify that I am of or older than the legal age of 21 years upon time of entering Goddess Bella Donna’s Website www.paymepiggy.com

#2 I agree to and certify that I understand the nature of ADULT ENTERTAINMENT Content especially Fetishes,
Femdom, BDSM, and Financial Domination and am NOT offended by it.

#3 I agree to and certify that I do NOT suffer from any type of mental condition that prohibits me by law to enter into any type of Contract with another Person or prohibits me from giving consent. I am mentally able and legally permitted to give consent and make adult decisions for myself.

#4 I agree to and understand that this Website offers services, Content for sale, and Media that can be considered highly offensive, politically incorrect, and may use speech in keeping with and for fetish humiliation only purposes including but not limited to: racial, body type, religious, gender, sexual preferences, or any other possibly sensitive topics. I certify by entering into Goddess Bella Donna’s Website www.paymepiggy.com that I am not sensitive, offended or otherwise mentally disturbed by humiliation and use of slurs in those fetish topic fields. Yes, thank you, I know the difference between a fetish humiliation and a point of view and am not bothered by it.

#5 I agree to and certify that I will respect all copyright laws and will not copy, duplicate, resell, republish, or otherwise spread the content (intellectual property of Goddess Bella Donna) without  prior written consent by Goddess Bella Donna.
#6 I agree to and certify that I will NOT make any access or content, or viewing  of Content found, purchased, displayed or otherwise visible, audible, and / or in material form available to anyone under the Age of 21. I will do my best to do my part to stay in keeping with the Child Protection Act while on this Website.

#7 I agree to and certify that I am Not prohibited by State, Country, National or Regional Law to enter this Adult only Website.

#8 I agree to and certify that I am entering this Website of my free will and have not been coerced, forced, or otherwise bullied into entering this Website by anyone, including but not limited to: Goddess Bella Donna (Site Owner), Federal Agents, Morality Leagues, or E. S.J.W.’s etc.
(I am seriously sorry I have to put this on here darlings, but sign of the times!)

#9 I agree to and understand that Goddess Bella Donna reserved the right to refuse Me service, direct contact, or sales of content if I behave in a way unbecoming of a mature adult; she suspects I have given false statement as to my Age upon entry of this site, and I do understand that if I should attempt to use fraudulent means of paying for services or products such as stolen credit cards, Identities or Credit Cards used without permission of the Credit Card Holder I will be blocked from further contact and reported. This is a NO tolerance zone for such illegal activities.

#10 I agree and verify that I have READ and AGREED TO ALL of the points above and that they are
statements of truth pertaining to me. By remaining on this Blog / Site I contest to this Statement and consider this my electronic signature of Adult CONSENT.


Please read them all again carefully so you understand what you are agreeing to and where you are. By remaining on this blog you have just certified that you are over 21 years of age and agreed to all the statements above.

I have now done everything humanly possible to stay within and gone above and beyond what I can do to assure that only those who are legal, and not offended by what I offer should be here. Now it’s on you.

Click read: My Privacy and Zero Harassment tolerated policy

Click read: Why limited Phone / Text Chat privileges for new to me direct clients?

Click read: Sensitive Fetish Subject vs. personal points of view!

Goddess Bella Donna

My strict privacy guaranteed and no harassment tolerated policy

Make sure you read this carefully!

With this Lady actions have consequences!


As of March 1st 2017 I am offering direct dial phone domination as well as fetish phone chat, mock phone therapy and text chat options. This requires for me to post a Phone Number under which I can be reached directly for such options on here. You will be able to see all the details for this option on the “Direct Dial Phone Domination” Page.

I  handle the payment processing myself discreetly.  I will need to ask you some sensitive information that allows me to process your purchase with me. Your information will not be given out, shared, or otherwise made available to anyone besides the payment gateway portal through which I process your purchase.

I will not share any private details I gain access to during the processing of your payment, nor during our paid for call. What we discuss, talk about, or roleplay is and remains between the two of us. Your privacy is very important to me!

Warning: Due to the sensitive nature of some of the fetishes I offer I have to state the following as a preemptive measure so you are aware that I have a ZERO HARASSMENT TOLERANCE Policy!

My contact phone will be posted publicly in order to offer this service to you. I will have my availability posted on MY Twitter FEED, on my sidebar here,  as well as on the PAGE giving you all the necessary information you need to have direct calls with me. Do NOT call me during times I do NOT show as available. This phone number is not there for free chat, free phonesex, or for you to call me to harass me in any way. If you do not like the fetishes I offer, don’t be on my site.

Actions have consequences with me. Under the TOS I made it clear that I reserve the right to refuse service to you if you are under 21, sound or behave like a minor, or call simply to harass me. If I tell you that you are not welcome on my phone line it is time for you to go. If you can’t respect that, I will block you from calling me again and add you to a blacklist of callers to be avoided!

Threatening or harassing calls by individuals you have an issue with the fetishes I offer will be turned over to the Authorities. I am not playing games with you.

I am sorry that has to be stated, but those are all just preemptive measures to assure that we can have fun together once we connect as two responsible ADULTS indulging in alternative style Adult Entertainment.

Thank you for understanding.

Goddess Bella Donna

Sensitive Fetish Subjects vs.
personal points of view!


This post contains sensitive verbiage which may not be suitable for some people!

If you would have told me 8 years ago that I would actually have to sit here and write this out as a preemptive measure to assure that those interacting with me are actually only those who are on the same mental page with me, I would have told you to go lay off the sauce a little!

Most Adult Fetishes and Kinks have a base or core including humiliation. That humiliation can include verbiage which may be offensive to others. In the case of many so called “offensive”, “niche”, or “politically / socially incorrect / insensitive” fetishes that type of verbiage can trigger an extreme response in some individuals.

That stated it is important to understand that those who request those types of fetishes are looking for that particular type of offensive verbiage which triggers a AROUSAL response in them unlike the mental devastation response in more sensitive individuals (who have honestly no business partaking in adult fetishes of that type or most others.)

Slurs, Verbiage, mental pictures and actions that are done within the fetish aspect and during the marketing of the services, or indulging and providing of the professional session itself, do NOT necessarily reflect the personal opinions of the Provider or the Consumer, nor the agreement of a generalized view point of said verbiage as facts.

Many of us who provide this type of fetish service can simply compartmentalize what we offer during a session in conjunction with a particular fetish and how we feel about the people in general. We have a keen understanding of what verbiage triggers an arousal response in our clientele and don’t see it or intend it as something personal outside of that, nor is it a broad brush stroke statement about groups of people who have ZERO to do with that personal session and interaction between the Provider and the Client requesting it.

With other words doves and I am going to put it bluntly, it has nothing to do with you and if you take it personal and get hurt by it, that’s on you. I don’t even know you nor care enough about you probably to make it personal towards you or the group of people you think you are a representation off. This is PURELY ADULT ENTERTAINMENT in a FETISH CAPACITY and not meant as anything else.

Please remember that no matter what you say – someone can always be offended by it – which makes you no more or less guilty then the rest of us of being considered politically incorrect or socially offensive.

The Adult Industry and especially the Fetish, Kink, Femdom, BDSM, S&M etc categories in particular will utilize some language at some point that will be offensive to someone’s sensibilities. FETISHES are not by their nature PC.

If you find what I offer offensive do NOT request it, do NOT purchase a product that has it included, do NOT read posts that may hurt your feelings, and take responsibility for your own actions.

Do NOT assume you know what my personal opinions, feelings, or points of views are based on the Fetishes I offer. If you feel you need to spread your assumption (which honestly will make an ass out of you) you are guilty of slander, cyber harassment / bullying, false accusations and several more things. Please refrain from committing this type of foolishness.

I simply know how to hold FETISH and real life apart. Believe me that if I ever get the feeling that someone is not simply using it as an arousal and actually mentally / emotionally suffers under this I will terminate the session immediately. I am not out to cause harm, I simply permit them to indulge in a hard to find fetish they enjoy in a safe and sane environment with someone who can keep fantasy and reality apart.

Thank you for understanding!

Goddess Bella Donna

Why limited Phone and Text Chat privileges for new clients?

Trust is established not just given darlings!

If you are first time client to me or are still seeking to find your way as one of my serving human pets, puppets, pay piggy’s etc, you will be given a limited amount of minutes you may pay for for either direct calls or text chat sessions with me for the first 5 times.

This allows both of us to establish a connection and build up trust between us at a reasonable risk. I only allow you to charge up to $50 for the first 5 times. After you see that I deliver what I have promised and I see that you did not attempt to Charge back or use a Fraudulent means of payment, you can go up to the fullest time blocks I offer.

All charges will be processed discreetly for your and my privacy. If necessary I will do a “call back” to you real fast to verify that you are indeed the person you claim to be on the other end. If you sound like a minor I will ask for you to send me a scan copy of your valid ID clearly showing me your Name and Date of Birth on it. Your name MUST be on the Credit Card you are trying to use. Sorry boys, but you can’t use your wife’s / GF’s / Significant others C.C., it has to be in your name.

Please make sure you read MY personal rules and which fetishes I offer. If it is not stated as offered or I tell you “No sorry I do NOT provide this type of Fetish” the decision is final. Consent is required for any Adult Interaction, which includes the requirement for ME to give MY consent to engage in whatever topic as well.

The LAW prohibits a few things and those can not and will not be circumvented by me. You have been warned.

If you are not certain if I offer a specific fetish or am ok with discussing a specific fetish / kink / or roleplaying subject with you, please email me first at goddess@paymepiggy.com and ask. I will let you know if I am ok with it or not.

Thank you

Goddess Bella Donna