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Satanic Goddess Missives

The dark and vengeful Queen

A tale of caution for all of you foolish boys and gurls!

There is so much whimpering and whining from males these days about women who have become dark, jaded, vengeful, cruel, mean, self-absorbed, bossy and who put them-selves first. You call them bitches, cunts, and other words meant to show your dislike and disgust for those women when they don’t play into your fantasy of what they should be like and do for you. When you get rejected and are made to not only man up but pay for the privilege of OUR attention, you want to resort to calling names and once again showing US that you are nothing more then little boys playing dress up in trousers far too big for your character.

The thing however is that it was males and many fellow females that created that Monster, that Villainess, that dark and vengeful Queen, who now looks upon the majority of foolish human beings with disdain, distrust and an attitude of – YOU ARE NOTHING TO ME UNTIL YOU HAVE SHOWN YOURSELF WORTHY OF MY ATTENTION AND BENEVOLENCE.

Was she that way? In most cases she wasn’t. In the majority she was probably born a real sweet girl, with flower dreams and candy spun hopes. She probably dreamed at some point of finding that special someone whom she could spend the rest of her life together. That Prince among men who’d treat Her like his Princess or Queen. A dependable, hard working man who’d know how to make HER feel cherished and who would be loyal / devoted to Her until the end of day.

Guess what! She grew up and very soon SHE learned that what She dreamed about now were a weakness and that men are no Princes or even Gentlemen these days. She learned, often the hard way, that if you wanted to get something done you had to do it yourself. That there wasn’t going to be anyone to come rescue Her when She really needed and that most of the time the opposite would be true. That loyalty and devotion no longer were common place with men and that they’d leave Her for a “different” model when things became tough.

So She toughened up and learned the ways of mankind. She became all of those things that She had hoped to find in a Partner and now it made you obsolete to Her.

Sexual satisfaction? Haha, oh She got that and She no longer needed you for it either. Oh there are so many fun toys on the Shelves to pick from and guess what you don’t have to worry about them being happy too, or of course there is always some guy willing to have a quick fuck just to take that edge off. She learned really fast that HER PUSSY was a lot more powerful then that dick that you are so proud of. She also learned by making you WORK FOR IT and rationing out what you thought was your due SHE now held the Power over you.

“Bitches be replaceable!” once said by hoodlum males with cocky attitudes now was reverberated back at you males. “Why yes they are and guess what boys – now you are HER bitches!” Does the Shoe fit Cinderella?

She learned to stop nagging and if you couldn’t do it by the 2nd asking She FOUND SOMEONE ELSE WHO WOULD, once again making you utterly obsolete. Only of course oh you were so foolish as to see it as a blessing. Oh good less for you to do, that is until HE REPLACED YOU IN ALL THINGS not just the ones you didn’t want to get done.

SHE learned to shield HER HEART and began to take care of herself. Now empty flattery, promises and other words without actions no longer could melt HER sweet HEART.

She learned to become the MIRROR of your actions and stood before you reflecting all your bad behavior back at you while laughing at the discomfort it brought you.

SHE NOW WAS and IS FIRST and oh sweet vengeance became HER middle name. While you sunk deeper into the quagmire of your existence SHE ROSE to the TOP, demanded WHAT IS HER RIGHT and without apology TOOK IT!

Now that SWEET SMILE ON HER FACE has a tinge of WICKEDNESS to it because SHE IS PLAYING FOR KEEPS, but it isn’t you that she necessarily means to keep.

HER MEMORY BECAME LONGER and SHE NO LONGER FORGAVE EASILY! There is no more wrathful woman in the world than the forgotten Queen.

The feminine gift of love unconditional turned into TOLERANCE CONDITIONALLY ON WHAT WOULD BENEFIT HER FIRST and FOREMOST.


Look into the Mirror that is HER EXISTENCE oh FOOL IN HER COURT and realize that it was you and others like you who turned the sweet girl – the little Princess into the DARK and VENGEFUL QUEEN.

Pleasant dreams peasants …..

Goddess Bella Donna


Satanic Goddess Bella Donna

I am sweet evil and wicked kindness!

The Devil Woman you will fall in love with!

If you are one of my Niteflirt or Clips4Sale Fans then you know my two catch phrases when it comes to my Satanic Goddess aspect.

I am your Doom and your Salvation!

I am Satan in the Female Form!

If you have read my many posts on various blogs you know that my version of being satanic is all about being a free thinker who doesn’t follow trends and the moralistic demands of others, but is more than capable of forming and following her own moral compass. You would know that mine is the Realm of Paradoxes, mind-fucks, sin-duction, human carnality, and utter decadent self-realization.

I don’t worship Satan – I am Satan – one of many forms. I am a Creator in my own Realm and the Hell I make you earn your way into, is a wonderfully depraved and fun place to be. Oh sure there is some Torture, some degradation, some Demonic breeding for the Sissies and Faggots, some roasting for the fat pigs, and all kinds of fun Entertainments for the Lords and Ladies of the Abyss, but hello if you wanna play you have to pay.

Oh and I am so not what you’d expect me to be, which is exactly the point and so many get wrong all the time. Satan isn’t this scary looking, dramatically insane, Monster acting, Demonic visual being. If it was, wouldn’t that make the majority of at least reasonably intelligent human beings run screaming the other way? I’d like to think so.

Nor is it always the hottest most alluring person in the room. You know the hot guy or chick that you get all flustered over and pant for like a dog in heat. That’s too damn obvious. Oh it makes you think lustful thoughts alright, but evil needs a connection into you. An anchor point or a foothold. Lust is easy, too easy, and it’s fleeting. The average human being has dozenth if not hundreds of lustful thoughts a day and lust isn’t always sexual remember that. Know your sins – sinners. No, the human brain is too fickle for that to be a good foothold into you, and guess what that is rarely just through the dick or snatch. Remember the Dick and the Pussy are fickle things, once they get off they give controls over to the brain again until next time. No evil works with the brain if it’s smart and just leashes the genitals to it’s puppet strings if so inclined.

Evil is clever and you’d never see it coming. It’s actually pretty unassuming in a way at first. It’s someone who can blend in, who is able to get lost in a crowd if necessary, and who is able to whisper into your ears and pull those strings without ever noticing. It’s that “normal every day person” you form a connection with and feel you can trust. That you let your guards down with and tell your deepest darkest secrets to that have that in to your mind.

Oh I have done the demon voice on audio recordings more than once, but even my Demons have a playful wickedly fun and devious side to them.

Think about the Human Monsters of any time. The predators that lay in wait for their perfect victims. They are patient and when caught their Neighbors always described them as “so nice”, “good upstanding pillars of our communities”, “charming” and often trust worthy. They gave you a sense of security and being “harmless” and that is how they were able to get their prey.

When you think of a Devil Woman – you think of a super hot chick you are going to go instantly hot and bothered for and fall in lust with.

Satan in the Female form – me – laughs at that and knows the real score. You are going to come to me one day, and it will be my refreshing honest laughter, my wicked sense of humor, my deceptively sweet kindness, and my simple embracing of your nature that will make you feel connected to me, addicted to me and eventually make you fall in love with me. Guess what, now I got you, because that’s the type of person you will follow into doom without even thinking twice. That’s why I am your Doom and your Salvation, because here is once again where the beauty of the Paradoxes comes in. What binds you to me, sets you free. What often is seen as a sin, it nothing more than human nature and it only becomes bad when taken way out of balance. You won’t go to Hell in reality, but you may already live in it – a Hell of your own creation – because you try to live a life that you are simply not designed to live.

Most human beings are like sheep and they need to be led by someone they see as superior to them or as smarter.  For my dark minions, my sweet sinners, and my devoted doomed slaves, I am that one. The one who takes them by the hand and leads them with a smile, a wink and another naughty suggestion that will blacken their souls (according to the Church) but make their life a lot more satisfying. Hey if you need to serve and bow down to a God it may as well be Me! At least you can talk to me, feel my presence and I bake some mean cookies too. *winks*

Your beloved dark Queen and satanic Goddess

Goddess Bella Donna

PS. I still take calls for my dark minions on niteflirt via my Roleplaying listing, but in general I have moved my Satanic Goddess Realm over to TalktoMe.com and via Direct Phone Option. It’s a little less restrictive.

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