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In due time I become your only true God/dess for whom you'll sacrifice everything. Remember my pets, mine is the real of deception. Don't come here expecting to talk to someone who sounds deranged and demonic. Satan lures you with kindness, not chases you away with fear. Haha.

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Random Goddess Chat

Friend Zone photo

Photo by DoctorButtsMD

Oh the mystical humiliating Friend Zone that you guys have somehow managed to turn into something different and totally sexualized in your sweet if somewhat cum addled little minds.

I have to laugh so hard when I read or hear about the “Friend Zone” and the sexual torment it brings to you poor sweet darlings. The desperation you feel for her and the fantasies you conjure up around her, her with other men, and of course the explosive sexually charged way it would be if only she’d give you a chance to get into her panties.

Lordy be, you guys sure have an imagination to rival my own and I am not saying that part is a bad thing, because it sure makes me chuckle when you pay me on Niteflirt to tell me all your poor cock  blocked woes, or is that pussy blocked I always mix those two up for some reason. No I am pretty sure it’s your cock she is blocking from getting into her.

Isn’t it funny how you always want what you can’t have? Human nature I guess, but the force of “woe is me she won’t fuck me” is really strong in you isn’t it buttercup?

Of course then on the other end of the stick are those among you guys who are constantly whining because I won’t let you be “my friend” which in your world seems to translate to “eligible for a booty call” and “free pussy for being a nice guy”.

Let me tell you a little bit something about the Friend Zone and just how lucky you would be for me to consider you my friend. Something most of you would never even achieve to begin with, because I am pretty darn picky of whom I befriend and allow that deeply into my confidence and into my life.

First of all the Friend Zone is not a “no-man’s land” where only the losers in the lottery of life are being delegated to, but a place of honor in my life because I only place people in it with whom I even feel a connection at all and enjoy being around. Translation – Losers may not apply, because I prefer intelligent, interesting, fun to talk to, and fun to hang out with people. I have yet to meet a person whom I consider a Loser that has any of those qualifications. I usually do an “about face” and walk away from them while leaving them standing there holding their dicks. You don’t even get into the friend zone.

Second – I actually spend time with those I consider friends and have many fun times with them. They get to know me on a level that you can’t even imagine and I them. There is pretty much nothing we can’t joke about and talk about, oh and if I consider you my friend I am very protective over you. So there is that.

Third – Most of the people who are lucky enough to be in MY Friend Zone or group of friends are actually women, couples and a very select few men whom I consider as something akin as my brothers. Neither of us see each other in a sexual way. Which means I often know and meet their Wife or Girlfriend as well. There is a measure of platonic love between us!

Fourth – I actually trust you! Oh boy that is a big one! There is very little I wouldn’t do for and give to my friends. To me friendship is something that endures through a lot of shit. My friends in general are really awesome people in their own that may like sex but actually have a lot of other interests aside from that. They are able to keep it in their pants or panties and don’t need to let the bird fly every few minutes.

Fifth – Friends help one another out. Not something I would ever do with you obviously.

Six – You know all those horny little Fetish Chats you constantly want for free and I make you pay me for? Yup I have them with a lot of my friends both male and female. You know why? Because I actually want to talk to them about it because they have something other then heavy panting and jerk off moves to offer to me. ALL of my actual friends know what I do and they actually respect me, unlike you who just wants an excuse to get off for free and thinks using me to do so is ok. Spoiler Alert – it isn’t.

Seven – My friends don’t want to fuck me either! They are attracted to me for something completely different and so am I to them. Oh and yes, we actually have had those conversations before too just to make sure we are all on the same page. There are no “hurt feelings” and “pining for the pussy” from my male friends. They aren’t desperate little bitch boys who can’t get a woman of their own.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I hold my friends actually in pretty high regards. I respect them, care about them, even love them in a completely non-sexual way, and feel 150% comfortable around them. I am a cheerleader for their relationship with their special Lady not a threat to her. Imagine that, which means she can become my friend too and be comfortable with it. The Friend Zone is a No-pressure – keep the drama to a minimum – zone in my life. That is the Zone I go to when I want to be around someone I can just relax with and chill.

So don’t worry baby cakes, you are safe, I’ll never Friend Zone you, because Sugar Pie you really don’t qualify.

There see… problem solved. You are so very welcome. Anything else I can put into perspective for you BOY?

Goddess Bella Donna




Don’t confuse serving Me with fetishizing Me!

If you truly want to serve Me and be My slave

you got to get to know Me the person!

Good morning!

Do you see the picture and how blurry it is? I have chosen this particular image for a reason today. To me it illustrates what it’s like when someone who claims to want to serve me only cares about my kinky, fetish, how will it turn them on nature – aka fetishizing me.

They get a pretty good outline of me and can make out some of what I am like, but it’s at best blurry and they are missing some of the most important details that will allow them to actually understand the woman they are wishing to serve.

It’s enough to turn them on, give them a reason to desperately jerk off and pretend that they are in front of me as my slave, but that is all. In the end, they do not care enough to invest their time into learning about the non-fetish,  non-kinky, non-adult-only aspects that are just as much a large part of my being. They are missing the big and most important picture. The human being who drives this kinky bus.

Now I want to be fair here, I try to be as fair as possible whenever I can, and bring up the point that in many cases online it is very hard for men to get to know the women behind the exalted Titles, because for whatever personal reasons (often safety) the majority of Mistresses do not share their vanilla life with the masses. That makes it hard for those rare men among you who want to have a deeper connection and understanding of the woman they admire and wish to serve to get to “know her”.

I also know from personal experience that most so called online slaves will run once the Mistress or Goddess is “demystified” and they realize that even so she stands above them, she is still a normal human being with flaws, feelings, worries, fears, quirks, and all the other fabulous stuff that comes with being a human being.

I am the first one to admit that women in general can be pretty darn quirky, complex as fuck, frustrating to try to figure out with our hormones swinging monthly, and hell even I think sometimes we are just this side of a little crazy. I’ve been alive and around way too long to buy into this “all women are perfect” BS that you keep either trying to feed yourself or are being spoon-fed. We are no more perfect then you are, we are just simply different and have things to offer which you are still having problems with being born male

I often think that what makes us appear “weak” are often times our biggest strength in the long run. WE have a unique approach in how we handle things and how we pick the moments when we will address certain things has always mystified men from the beginning of time.

Now I am one of those women who are not “just” a Mistress, but a motivational writer, an unlicensed life-coach, a mentor and many other things that require for me to be open about who and what I am as well. I am fortunate enough to not have to hide behind a facade to keep myself safe, I can’t be blackmailed by ignorant fools about being exposed to my family and friends or Boss – because first of all they all know what I do and I am my own Boss. I am not fearful of being looked down upon by people as immoral or broken that don’t even know me, nor any of the other million reasons why women keep themselves hidden and secret. I am an open book and I share what I am willing for you to know about me whenever I may choose.

Matter of fact, over the years I have had several different non-adult blogs and just recently felt led to begin another in which you can get to know me – not as a Mistress, FemDom or sexworker – but as just another normal everyday human being. The woman that is behind the title and this will give you a lot more insight into me and why I do things the way I do and think the way I think, then you’d ever get from this adult only blog..

When a male approaches me on Skype or any other option and claims he wants to serve me, I always ask him how he found me and if he bothered with researching me first. The majority of the time, at best they may have read one or two of my blog posts, and / or bought some of my fetish content for sale. That isn’t researching me and that is not taking the time to form a bigger picture about me to see if I am even the type of woman they could handle serving.

I always send them away with the following.

Unless you are just here to pay for a fetish session and then depart again, you need to put in some effort first and read up on me before approaching. I take a lot of time to allow you boys to see who I am and what I am about, this takes away the excuse of “can I get to know you first?” I already gave that to you before you ever asked. Now it is your turn to reach for it. Come back when you did so.

Take a guess of how many return. Maybe 1 or 2 out of 200. Why? Because it takes an actual submissive and slave minded soul to want to put that much work in first before it goes into what they want and are looking for. You darlings weed yourself out by being dishonest about what you are really looking for.

If you want to be my slave and serve me, then  you need to be interested in me as a human being as well and get to know me on that end a little bit. You may find that I am too intense, too deep, too straight forward, and too filled with life-experiences then you can handle.

I am 47 years old, I would have had to live under a rock not to be that way. Which means that naturally I am looking for and am only accepting a submissive or slave who can deal with that and enjoys being controlled by a woman who is a lot more then just the sum of her body parts and fetishes.

Visit www.flawedtreasures.com and get to know Me the woman behind the title a little. Bookmark it, check back often because I’ll be writing there a lot more then on here. I am going to import some of my older post from other blogs as well so you can find them in one place.

Welcome to MY world, MY realm and MY life, because darlings they are all the same.

Goddess Bella Donna

The Internet has a Bot Fetish I think!

Automated Spiders crawling while human beings reading
becomes less frequent!

Good morning,

over the weekend I was thinking about the type of content I want to continue adding on my blog. I noticed myself that I really don’t blog as frequently or as in Fetish detail as I used to.

I check my traffic on this blog a few times a week and when I do I actually check to see if the traffic is of the human kind or the bot – spider – crawler kind. I found something rather interesting as I did so for the last roughly 3 months now.

Out of every 100 clicks and visitation to my blog – between 81 and 90 are bots. So that means that out of 100 clicks only between 10 to 19 visitors are actually human who are interested in reading what I have written. Let that sink in for a second fellow bloggers and especially fellow Content Providers who not only write about whatever comes to mind, but how also market your products via your blogs.

Now for those of you who haven’t been blogging for that long it doesn’t feel that surprising perhaps, but for someone who like myself who has been blogging since roughly 2005 and has had easily a couple hundred of various blogs over the years in all kinds of categories from regular family friendly to adult, this is a huge shift.

It used to be about 30 % bots to 70% human readership. Does that mean people are just getting too lazy to read? Are blogs becoming obsolete? Are we back to the Picture only marketing phase that require little to no thought? Or does our target audience – in my case males – get all of their fixes now online via Social Media for free and no longer need to actually read and think? Has the mind become a last frontier for fetishes in which the written word becomes the main drive to fantasy and is slowly becoming a wasteland?

Regardless of what the answer is on that one, one thing is for sure. It makes my motivation to talk about anything Fetish and Kink related decrease. As a writer I write for things to be read by human beings. That’s just natural.

If I just wanted to write for myself I could just put it in a Journal (the pen and paper kind) and never share a thought with you.

It does make you think, well at least it does me. How much is our world really changing and is it just a lack of interest in doing something that requires some effort, or are we dealing with a much bigger issue? Maybe literacy is the real issue here and the lack in education? Maybe it is that fetish topics which are at the same time educational are simply a turn off, because they require for the reader to look within and at times maybe even adjust their points of view a little.

Or, and that is a big “or”, it is that we have become so sensitive and politically correct now that it quiet literally has killed or is killing Fetishes as we continue on. I am not ruling this one out either.

Of course it could simply be that we human beings are now just getting too frustrated and scared about our future and what is to come. You’d have to be really foolish to not realize just how uncertain things are and have been for a very long time.

I try not to talk about politics online because I have found that politics always serve to upset people on either side and I am probably way too moderate for most. Hell I didn’t vote for either Hillary or Trump in the last elections simply because to me neither were a good option to pick from. I don’t care for extremes when it comes to things that will alter all of our life in the long run. I can see good and bad on both sides, and the idea that if you like something about one side or the other automatically making you anti whatever the opposing side has to say is just ridiculous.

Now of course I discuss politics and social justice as well as social economics in my private life. How can you not? It’s not like you can get away from it and it does effect everyone to some degree sooner or later. We are all interconnected with one another on some level, like it or not.

There you go a little insight on how I think on this broad spectrum and only because I am trying to point out that yes, just like you perhaps, I realize that there is a lot more at stake here then a dick getting hard and getting off.

Here is the thing so and this seems to be something that we overlook. We are not dead yet, we still have desires and needs of the carnal variety, and when it comes to fetishes and kinks, well there are some things that are to be taken into consideration always.

I want to start a new series of blog posts and those will be a bit different in a way, because I have decided to share some experiences from both sides of BDSM from the days when I had my formal training in real time. Literally coming from vanilla – fetish ignorant and being trained and educated from the bottom up.

Don’t get too excited so because I am not going to write them for horny young bucks but through my eyes, which literally goes a lot deeper then just the physical. I don’t switch and I don’t submit – those days are long gone, but I found that what I learned during those days was invaluable. Not just for me personally which it was, but in the sharing might actually show others that some reactions are not as unusual as you may think.

Maybe I am trying to bring a bit of humanity back into a robotic world where we stop feeling and just live on auto-pilot because it’ s just so much easier for many out there.

I do hope that it will be human readers rather then bots finding and taking something away from this.

The Internet may have a robot fetish – as in that is mostly what reads anymore and pays attention – but I still prefer the human interaction which is the only way to connect and remain connected.

Goddess Bella Donna



Is it really worth losing your sanity over?

rat race photo

Photo by mpardo.photo

Good morning boys and girls,

I finally made it up to my destination where I will be spending my time until September of this year. I am surrounded by nature everywhere I look and it is oh so peaceful.  Just the way I like it.

Besides doing my bit of a summer job which I have committed to, it gives me time to sit back, reconnect with my inner balance and finally wrap my head around creating more content for you all to enjoy. That’s the good news and something I know I have not been doing a lot of as of late.

As I am sitting here having my first cup of coffee for the day, taking some quick morning calls on Niteflirt, and reading through Social Media Tweets and postings, I can’t help but wonder if the online rat race I am witnessing is really worth your sanity

It reminds me so much in a way of the rat race you run in high power jobs where the balance and sanity is often lost. Pushing things deeper and deeper into a hole you may not find your way out of again without selling your soul or your-self to the company store.

It’s all about competition, of nay-saying other people, of shade being thrown around and oh so many other truly mind-numbing things. I watch as oh so many of the females of the sex-industry claw each others virtual eyes out, attack each other on base of trying to look more powerful or hotter then the next, and honestly it just makes me sad.

I don’t have a dick, so I can’t talk for you males, but I would think that the majority of men get a bit sick of watching the stupid flowing past them as well. Oh sure there are enough guys out there who get off on seeing women clawing at each other and essentially putting on a virtual version of a cat-fight, but all in all is it really worth it to you?

I can’t help but wonder if there aren’t other people like me who literally get turned off by what they see to the point that feeling sexy and having those delicious wicked thoughts is the furthest thing from the mind.

The funny thing is that as always the more our venues of marketing get restricted and our ability to earn an income (bite me – that is exactly what we are trying to do – can we all please just drop the B S for 2 seconds here?) is being bitch slapped around by the powers that be, the meaner and shady it gets out there.

It is literally turning into a rat-race. Operative word here is RAT!

During my travels up to this location and even beforehand while I was getting ready for it, I was hardly able to get any work done. Time was not on my side. So when I finally did have a few minutes to log in and do my own marketing efforts, I was turned off and cold within mere seconds. The question of ….. “Is this really what we have all been reduced down to?” … kept floating around in my head.

Now I am not saying that this Industry has ever been all Kumbajah and sunshine and roses. Far from it. It just seems as if the more outside influences try to keep us from  making a living in a professional manner and keeping with some sort of ethics at least, the more the women in the industry are becoming not just mean but downright obnoxious or should I say noxious in their behavior.

I watch Venues encouraging what I call the “Walmart” Syndrome. Mass amounts of super cheap content that you either agree to sell at lower then dirt prices and you’ll have to sell loads off just to make your bill money or just fail to make a living there. Call it forced under pricing and no matter what side of that debate you are on in the end it will not do any of us any good in the long run.

Again the Rat Race that is all about clawing your way to the top, trying to out do each other, without realizing that the next body that might get trampled on the way up could be yours.

Ask any person in any Industry who has made it to the top at any given point just to realize that being there is not all it is cracked up to be and that the cost of a little Ego and money often comes at the cost of your health, family and sanity.

Oh and what goes up, will come down. The Rat race never ends and now it starts a lot earlier on then it used to. I don’t know, but these days it just don’t seem worth it to me to participate in that. I find that just doing what I can and feeling “at ease” with myself is a lot more important to me the being able to claim the title of Queen Bitch out there. Maybe I am just showing my age with that statement, or maybe it’s just my personality. I never did want to become a Legend, I just wanted to live a good life, make enough money to be content and stress free (as much as it is possible), enjoy what I do and be able to look into the mirror at the end of the day.

Fortune and Fame are fickle things. Ever wonder if they are worth the price you have to pay for them on a personal level? I have and I do.

The thing is, you can never totally get away from it. Society won’t allow it. Not if you are online and making a living, but just how far you are willing to get sucked into it and chewed up emotionally as well as physically by it, well that is really up to you.

Don’t let it get to the point where you have to get drunk and / or high every day just to make it through another day. Don’t let it cost you what relationships you might have. I know right now you think – fuck that – money is more important, but there will come a point when you see it differently. You can’t keep putting your special people in your life as last resort thoughts and when I get around to you and expect them to remain.

Don’t let it turn you into someone that you won’t be able to live with being in the end. When it turns you into the type of person you loath yourself and finally realize that you loath them so much because they remind you of the person you have become, it’s a long hard road to come back from if you even can.

Don’t let it turn you into a plastic version of the wonderful human being you are dear ones.

Take it from someone who speaks from experience. It’s lonely in that rat race you are running, it’s riddled with fake friends, false hope, and when you make it to the top, it only satisfies you for a short while. Oh you’ll have money and lots of frenemies for a while, but when the next hot thing takes over (and they always do) and you slowly plateau out somewhere a little less in the spotlight, you’ll get to see what your 5 minutes of fame really cost you. It’s not worth it!

Success without retaining your integrity and humanity is worthless in the end. Make sure you know what it is you really want and then go for it. Don’t trample people on the way up there and stay as far away as you can from the shade that is thrown and the foolish cat-fighting that only serves to give broke guys amusement.

Most of all, be true to yourself. Don’t be afraid to evolve into your personal best possible self and that my precious ones isn’t depending on what society tells you it should be. That is fully  on yourself.

Have a lovely day all.

You know where to find me if you want to talk to me. I’ll be available at Niteflirt off and on until this evening

Goddess Bella Donna



This entire time in the last week or while I was getting ready for my trip and then while being on the road I had this distinct feeling I was forgetting something.

You know the feeling I am talking about. There is something just out of reach that is niggling at you a bit, but you can’t fully figure it out? I knew there was something, but every single time I checked all the important things they all had been covered.

It wasn’t until today when I finally figured out while reading several freebie seeking and just attention whoring look at me emails what it was. I had forgotten to give a damn about you while going about my life and I suppose I figured that if you wanted my attention badly enough you’d just pick up the phone and call ME when I showed as available.

You see, those who are smart always know how to get my attention, especially when I am traveling and on the road. They know that while I am on the road I have no time at all for “I just want to be your friend” BS from guys who still haven’t figured out that if I want to have a male friend, I can just walk out the door in the real world and make a whole slew of them and that I am not one bit interested in the online version of a booty call.

By the way Ladies…. you are more in touch with the dating scene out there these days… do they still do such a thing as booty calls or is that trend over and so yesterday now too. Personally I never did the booty calls. Sorry but I am not interested in being any males fuck on speed dial and my pussy isn’t a drive-thru fast food joint either. So yeah, not really interested in all of that jazz, which is what the internet version of “can we just  be friends” is when approaching a woman in the Adult Industry.

Trust me bunny turds, if I want you as a friend you’ll know it. It’ll happen organically and won’t be a 2 hour discussion with a memorandum and side quests attached to them. We won’t be passing notes either – with 2 little boxes on it that give me the choices if I like you or not. My School Days are long gone and over.

So where was I before I went off on a rant into the blue yonder about the down right stupidity of the intellectually challenged – look I have a dick hahaha wanna see? – online aspiring Darwin Award Candidates.

Ah yes, my forgetting to give a damn about whatever your problem is, was or will be unless you actually get your head screwed on right and try to get my attention the correct way.

By the way, if you were one of those shadow humpers that naturally ignored any and all opportunities to fund or sponsor my trip, don’t bother asking me for photos or acting as if you are one of my best boys, sissies, or gulp – clients – either. You are not, and since you decided to ignore an important opportunity to make Me very happy with you and just acted as if you didn’t even know about it, guess what you get treated now exactly how you deserve.

How is that? Oh I think you’ll figure it out soon enough. Money talks baby cakes and Bullshit walks or gets ignored in this case. No whining allowed either. You made a grown up choice there buttercup, now you get to deal with grow up consequences.

Oh and those lovely direct call and purchase options are gone now too again. Why? Figure it out! I am really getting tired of chewing it all out for you these days.

I’ll share some photos of my current location and where I’ll be over the next few months with those who actually contributed to my travel fund privately. I see no reason to give you something so beautiful to enjoy when you didn’t want to be a part of it when money was involved. Sorry puppets. Too bad so sad. Besides the Country side doesn’t have any tits, ass, cunt or dick hanging around anyways, so I am sure it wouldn’t interest most of you. I do see some nice peaks so….

Well anyways…

Want my attention – phone lines are on, tributes can be made to goddess@paymepiggy.com if you want an email chat or just want to be noticed, and you can always go and get your quick fix by just buying content.


Goddess Bella Donna

It’s Sunday and that means some across the board updates from the world and life of Goddess Bella Donna.

Consider it my thinking out loud in written format. Something that might be of interest to those among you who actually enjoy getting to now me as a person.

Let’s begin:

Real time session link in the menu will be removed today since I am going back on the road again for a bit and I am not going to have the time to make myself available for real time while I am in Susanville besides maybe, and that is a big maybe, for very generous and special already serving boys.

Since I haven’t been to Susanville before I need to figure the place out first, get a feel of it etc. I am actually really excited about getting back on the road again. 2 months (I think it has been 2 months already – I lose track of time) in Las Vegas was more than enough for me to be ready to get out of here again. It’s great for a visit, but it’s just not my happy place.

Since I have been here I witnessed a fatal stabbing, several car crashes, domestic violence going lethal, a fire on the top of a Casino Roof top and just the usual bad attitudes of people who are living in a major Metropolitan City. I don’t drink and I don’t gamble, so it holds little appeal for me in the long run.

A lot of the cool little shops I used to frequent when living here are now closed down and gone as well. Over the many years that I used to live here I had come to think of this place as a highly convenient City to live in (Shops, Restaurants, etc all at your fingertips and open late), but as far as human interaction it is a rather soulless place to be.

I did have the pleasure however to reconnect with a good friend here and spend a few hours with him, as well as take a pro-domination session with a wonderful boy with whom I have had several before and had formed a connection with over the years. It was great to see how far he progressed in his personal development since I last seen him and to explore our mutual fetish / kink enjoyment further under my control.

I am not too proud to admit that among the many people I have seen over the years for real time sessions on a professional level he is easily one of my favorites. We always have a great time together and that is what matters.

My travel fund is still $250 short from the “safe zone” of $1000 that I have set to make sure I don’t run into financial stress on the way up there. I am planning on making the trip slowly over several days. The RV still has a couple of repairs that need to get done in time and this is a way of assuring I don’t aggravate it to the point that they become a primary must do like yesterday repair. Gypsy – the nickname I have given my RV – is just like Me. Neither of us are spring chickens anymore and sometimes you just have to give us older gals some extra love and time to get things done in a safe and pleasant to us manner. It’s oh so worth it in my books too, besides it gives me an excuse to enjoy the journey instead of turning it into another rat race.

I was going to leave on May 1st but the road is calling to me strongly already so I am batting the idea of Wednesday April 26th or Thursday April 27th around instead. Depending on if I get all the last minute errands done ahead of time before I turn the key.

In the meantime I have filmed and audio recorded several new pieces of content which I have released for sale at Niteflirt: https://www.niteflirt.com/GoddessBellaDonna#goodies as well as at my various Clips4Sale Studios: https://clips4sale.com/store/16963, https://clips4sale.com/97505, and  https://clips4sale.com/47343.

If you haven’t checked lately to see what is new, now is a good time to do so.

I have checked into opening a Studio with Iwantclips but have decided against it because of their “forbidden” content rules. They seem to be on par with Niteflirt who recently restricted their TOS even further and since I enjoy various fetishes that they are not ok with I decided it would just be a waste of time for me to do. Especially since they are still permitted via Clips4Sale and of course once the last few wrinkles are ironed out I can offer them via my direct purchase option.

That is something that actually surprises me. So many of you are always complaining how you prefer direct payment options which are discreet but then when you get them offered to you, you are not willing to use them. Seems like yet another excuse and contradiction to me. Something to really ponder.

Which brings me to something else which has been really strongly on my mind lately. Human nature – yes this is something which never fails to make me ponder and observe just how truly hypocritical and “false” we humans actually are. So often I see something proclaimed loudly by groups of people only to see the complete opposite being enacted. I find it amusing how we are expected to stand behind and be supportive of certain things which have been turned into movements, but if it is just an every day person who doesn’t fall into the movements of the day that person is left by the wayside and ignored. It really does show the true sense of what human kind is like.

Luckily for me, I have the great pleasure to keep myself balanced out by communicating with so many different people from across the various races and backgrounds in real life while on my travels, and I have found that there you find a very different mindset then what you have thrown into your face online.

I often wonder and have discussed this privately with a wonderful fellow Lady from across the pond – the charming yet hardcore Lifestyle / Professional Mistress  The demanding Dutchess – if this is simply a sign of just how far we are removed from reality online and the false security we feel when we are nothing but an avatar to other people.

I have had the great pleasure to have gotten to know her now over several private Skype Conversation and have come to know a very witty, charming, highly approachable and extremely spiritual no-nonsense Lady of Power whom I am glad to call my friend and a “sister from another Mister”.

I often have to chuckle when I see her tweets and know just how “offended” and “taken aback by her bluntness” as well as “unrelenting verbal asskicking” she dishes out to you so many of you can be. I know very well that she is someone who scares you lesser beings to no end, and I pity you for your fear of actual dominance and discipline that is based in an old school real time foundation. You are all missing out so much, because you’ll never get to know this Treasure among US LADIES who take firm but caring control over those who serve US properly.

In appearance we are like night and day, but it is refreshing to know just how much we have in common on a personal as well as dominant base. For those of you in the UK I can only say…. If you are interested in serving an extremely skilled and unrelentingly powerful Lady you may want to approach HER, just make sure you bring your best manners and remember that HER TIME is VALUABLE.

As I said however, yes there is a wide and deep difference in what is being fed into us online constantly and what I am fortunate enough to witness in real time as I travel into the smaller Towns and Cities. You’d be surprised just how easy it is to make someones day there and how open they are to finding things that connect us rather then separate us.

For me on a personal base I have had very little hatred brought against me on my travels for being the kinky, fetish loving and strict disciplinarian Domme I am. If anything it has opened up some very curious and delightful questions from what we term vanilla folks. Many of them much older than me even.

I have shared meals with people from so many different walks of life, backgrounds, religious believes, race, gender and more without that ever having been a cause for anger, hatred and separation. If anything it opened up topics of debate, questions and answers over a good meal or a glass of wine / cup of coffee (in my case). A way of learning from one another and seeking to understand one another without the foolish prejudice that is so often found online.

I don’t know if it is just that RVers already share a more open nature since we are nomadic souls, or if it is just because we are more used to reserve judgement for character rather then outward appearances, but we tend to see each other as human beings first and foremost rather then “groups” of people.

I have found that the further you get away from the Metropolitan Cities the more you rediscover the heart of the people who toil away daily in order to make a living and survive. A lot of people who are not RVers are the same way.

Unless someone actually wants to get to know you, they rarely really care about what or who you are. There is a spirit of live and let live as long as you don’t force yourself on them. That seems to be a big problem in today’s society I see (online and in the big cities). We assume that everyone needs to “see us” and not just tolerate but “praise us” for being the person we are. We assume that people actually spend all day long caring about what it is we do, who we are, what we look like, what swings between our legs or doesn’t, and even more so disturbingly perhaps who we want to fuck. Honestly, most people in real life don’t give a hoot about that until you force it on them or they choose to become something more then just ships passing in the night with you.

Most people really just want to go about their day, live a reasonably good life and enjoy the company of other nice people. That is a fact that so many folks seem to miss.

Online we get so “caught up” in “stereotypes” of what is assumed someone is like, that we miss one little fact. Most people aren’t that way. There are pockets and in the big scheme of things handfuls of jerks out there who really need an attitude adjustment in a big way, but the large majority of people that I met at least are pretty decent folks who worry about their own issues and just want to have a good day.

I want to share a clip from Youtube here that many of you online will find “offensive at first” but I want you to consider that this is what you want to turn it into. Let me tell you again, it’s far from the norm.

The point is don’t try to be a stereotype if you don’t want to be treated like one. It’s how we present ourselves is how we will be treated. Sorry but that is what it’s like in the real world.

Oh and when people are bigots, because yes they do exist on all sides sadly – like I said the handfuls and pockets of miserable dipshits, you can always snap your fingers to this snappy little tune and just walk away laughing while leaving them standing there in their own misery. You don’t have to engage them and waste your energy on people who are not worth your time.

You are welcome. If you can’t walk away laughing with this song in your head when you meet one of them, then you need to recover your sense of self and sense of humor. Laugh at ’em, people that are miserable hate it when you are happy and can’t be made miserable by their attitude.

Ok that was enough. I think I’ll leave it here.

You have a choice just like I do. What are you going to do with your life? Get caught up in someone else “thinking” or go out there and live your life with a spirit of exploration and finding the good people who I promise you are out there a lot more then the asshats that seem to get all the attention online and in the media.

Wish me luck on my upcoming travels. Who knows, maybe one of these day you get to meet Me in person and have a meal with me. I wonder just how many of you would have your illusions about me shattered if you listened to haters on social media who never even met me.

Goddess Bella Donna


My perfectly imperfect freestyle filming style

You can’t script life – so why should I script My clips?

I thought it would be fun to talk a little about My particular filming style and why I prefer to do what I call “perfectly imperfect freestyle” filming for my clips. It’s something that I have done pretty much from the beginning and even as my equipment has improved over the years I have filmed now, my outlook on it has not changed.

When I decide to film and get ready – hair, ,makeup, nails, getting dressed etc. – I honestly have no idea yet what I am going to produce that day. All I know is that I am going to produce several clips in various fetishes for my various Studios. That’s it. I don’t script ahead of time and I don’t narrow my creative ideas down either.

Once I am ready I set up my Webcam, do a test clip to check visual and sound, and then allow the muse to move me.

What you see on the clip and the words I say are all happening organically at that very moment. I allow my mind to open itself up to possibilities and then give it free reign. I film what is fun to do and feels good at that moment to Me.

I know, this may be disappointing to a lot of you boys out there, who are so used to being the focal point in what so many of us Ladies film, but you are honestly just the happy lucky recipients if you spend the money of My having fun with a Fetish I like to personally indulge in.

As I film a clip it is always Me to you. Meaning I “speak to the lucky boy or sissy” who spend the money in order to receive the product that I have created.

In my minds eye I picture a submissive pet either standing, sitting or kneeling in front of Me. I have done so many real time sessions in my time that it is extremely easy for me to picture the reactions a sub might have when I tease, deny, scold, give my orders, and discipline. I can literally see physical reactions to it in my mind – body and facial – and I react to it in the clip I am filming as if I am responding to it. That allows me to give that intimate feeling of a real time session happening with you at that moment.

When I film educational clips or “group setting clips” like my Satanic Reverend style Sermons I picture myself giving a sermon or a “lecture” in a public real life group setting. Since I have done talks before in small public settings and given workshops for couples as well, it is again something that I can recall to mind, picture, and react to.

Once my mind has settled on the fetish topics – I rarely only cover one at a time, since in my real time sessions I always combine various fetishes and kinks – I simply do what I would during a real time session as well. I simply allow it to flow and unfold.

You can’t script real life down to the T. It’s impossible. There is always something going to happen that wasn’t planned or unforeseen. You are trying to be stern and suddenly your nose starts itching. Your necklace is crooked and you don’t notice it. You can’t spit a word out right for some reason. There is a background noise right outside your door or the phone rings. You are inhaling and suddenly your sub makes a face and you are laugh-coughing because it goes down wrong. A lot of different things can happen and will.

Most people will edit those out in order to produce and present a perfectly flawless product to their fans. I don’t, I leave those little real life happenings in, because I want YOU to get the real time feel and experience. In real life I couldn’t undo it either. Once it happened it is done. No do overs or take backs.

I think of it as perfectly imperfect freestyle. Real life captured on film. Goddess as she lives and breathes, no censorship or editing required. As long as the picture is clear and the sound is good, I usually just put my copyright in, website links and My name in various spots in the clip, and I am ready to release it.

Since I film “solo girl” style – no sub with Me since I am putting you through your paces – I can focus on just myself being clearly visible and the view point I want you to have.

The most difficult thing to get over at times is to see yourself on film to be honest. I had to learn not to be critical of myself and how I look. The camera will always throw some shadows in your face, add some weight to you, and in my case I have this stubborn lock of hair that is always guaranteed to get out of place and in my way.

Filming raw like this requires a lot of self-confidence and an attitude of – If you don’t like the way I do this, the way I look, the way I sound etc… – exit stage left. It’s the same attitude I have with real time and online slaves, subs etc.

Let’s get really realistic for a second. No matter who you are, you are not going to be everyone’s taste. So to drive yourself nuts over “those guys might not liking you” is ridiculous. If they don’t they go somewhere else and another lucky guy will take their place.

I am 47 years old now, have zero surgical enhancements on my body, weigh 246 – 250 lbs depending on that time of the month, have a swayback that will naturally push my belly out further to the front, and yes I have some laughter lines and wrinkles around my eyes. I am a regular every day woman who loves what she does and enjoys sharing it with those who can afford to pay for MY work and products.

If you want perfection in filming there are thousands of producers out there who will cut and edit a clip down until it is nothing more than a stage production. It’s perfect for those who want the illusion of perfection in their fetish pornography.

Me? Well I bring a dose of “real life” to you and allow you into MY life for that span of time. What you see on film with me is what you’d see during a real time Session when you kneel to Me in person. I am not one bit different on film then I am in real life. I don’t put on a “show” and I don’t perform a “persona”.

I am just Me… – Goddess Bella Donna – which means sometimes I am silly, sometimes I am cruel, sometimes I am mean, sometimes I am sensual, sometimes I switch attitudes in the middle because you “misbehaved” etc. Real personality showing through.

I don’t have a big studio to film in and I no longer have my in-house dungeon space the way I used to. So this gives you more of a feel to as if you actually came to visit me in my RV or maybe I took you on the road with me.

Now not all of my clips are purely fetish and FemDom either. I enjoy spinning erotic wicked tales as well and give a nod to my writers side. There I take you “back” or “into the future” of what your life might look like under my control or the control of wicked forces. You can see me smirk or my eyes light up in laughter as I picture it too.

I like sharing that bit of mental intimacy with you and that is something that if I was to edit or script would be lost. It’s the spontaneous unfolding of my wicked mind.

To me filming has to be fun for Me or it is not worth doing. I share a special part of Me in those clips and as I always say — “You can either appreciate Me for it or go your way!” I am perfectly imperfect in every way and that is what makes ME a true Goddess of duality. Perfectly embracing of herself and accepting of the fact that you are human too and flawed in those delicious ways.

Goddess Bella Donna