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Open positions and opportunities

Let the traveling commence!

Tribute / Sponsorship for your Nomadic Goddess

The clouds are breaking and the skies are blue. My time in Las Vegas is coming to an end on May 1st and I am going back on the Road again. Next stop for Me will be Susanville Ca where I will be staying from May until September. I found a great Summer Job for myself there which will make a big difference for Me in the long run.

Great news for Me and even better news for you boys, sissies and cash pets since it gives you the delightful opportunity to do something useful for Me and make yourself known.

The Travel Cost in My RV to get there and take it slow, Gas fillups, stays along the way, food etc… You know all the various costs associate with my traveling plans is $1000.

The money MUST BE IN MY HANDS by April 30th since I am turning the key to get on the road on May 1st.

I want to make a competition and game out of it which is why I call it a Tribute / Sponsorship rather then just a pure tribute.

Who can be MY best Contributor ?

My top Contributor will get a special “Thank you” Clip from Me – Exclusive or may choose to be “spotlighted” by Me here for one month on my Blog.

Runner up gets an exclusive Audio from me.

Minimum Tribute to start for either of those is $100.

Options to tribute are:


Giftrocket to goddess@paymepiggy.com made out to anywhere with “Safe Travels Ma’am” as a note.

For International and USA Tributes billed discreetly click here!


Can’t afford $100 but want to do your part anyways then it becomes a pure tribute and no you don’t get into the running for best Contributor. For pure tribute minimum is $25.00 and you can use any of the options above as well.

Now let’s see who can be my best boy, sissy, contributor, cash pet, puppet or just FAN etc.

Goddess Bella Donna


Update April 15th!

$350 of the $1000 in total have been covered. Thank you for your Sponsorship / Tribute! That keeps $650 remaining.

I have spend $129 today on preparations to get on the Road safely on May 1st. This was for a full Oil-Change. YES traveling and maintaining an RV for safety is costly. This $129 was included in My $1000 Travel cost calculations.

I DO NOT make public who has Tributed or Sponsored Me unless it is directly requested by the Individual for their privacy.

I have had a couple of questions about if I can and would accept PayPal as a tribute / sponsorship option. I do have a totally Vanilla and utterly unlinked to anything Adult in nature PayPal account. Sorry I will NOT make it public since this is on an Adult Blog here. If you are someone I know and feel I can trust with this sensitive information (I get book royalties and other vanilla payments for non-adult services I render through this so will not risk someone being shady) you can email Me at goddess@paymepiggy.com and ask about it.

Update April 17th:

Now that was HOT HOT HOT – $400 more have been covered as pure travel tribute via a loyal and totally addicted Sissy Panty Jerk Off Bitch during a public wallet draining. Looks like the lucky slut gets a reward.

This leaves only $250 more to be covered. Who will take care of that for Me?



Webcam Session Opportunity

March 23rd 2017

Clothed Female Femdom Session

RSVP now!

Talking appointments today – you must pay a non-refundable deposit to get your appointment!

Fees – Click here!

All Appointments will be scheduled on LAS VEGAS TIME!

I will be on SKYPE CAM starting at 7 pm until about 10 pm tomorrow.

MY Skype Handle is MizBellaDonna2you

Sessions available:

Smoking Fetish / Human Ashtray using you.
Sissy Exhibition – Be my slut, amuse me, dress up and show me what a little cock whore you can be.
Goddess Worship – Come and worship Me
Financial Domination
Forced Intox
Suffer for Me – CBT, Self-Spanking orders, Nipple torments, and whatever else I feel like.
Hang out with Goddess and Chat about your favorite Fetishes

AGAIN CLICK HERE for RATES information!

For this opportunity only:

Flat deposit requirement to gain appointment:


Email Me at:


To let me know what type of session from the above you’d like:

How long of a Session (Minimum is 20 minutes on this one)

3 Times that would work for you between the hours I posted.

I’ll respond back to you with which one I have available, the Option of how to pay your Deposit (you will need to have a debit or credit card – I am not taking Amazon.com E-Certificates!)

Make the deposit and put in an AD request on Skype : MizBellaDonna2you.


Put which one you used so I can check.

For the APPOINTMENT itself – BE ON TIME!

I do not wait longer then 5 minutes for you to show up. After that those $25.00 are free money for me.

Deadline to make the appointment for tomorrow is at 9 pm tonight Las Vegas time!

Don’t screw around!

Goddess Bella Donna

Goddess has a human ashtray smoke slave position open!

Real time for Las Vegas or ONLINE!

This is a legit open position opportunity for you human ashtrays / smoke slaves!

If you want to find out about and enjoy being put through one of my Video Human Ashtray using you sessions, purchase the just released clip either via Clips4Sale or Niteflirt.

Why not just post it up for free?

Consider it MY weeding out process! There will be a weekly tribute requirement which I explain in the clip while putting you through your paces. The pics above are taken as screenshot from this clip. If you are not willing to pay for the clip to serve as my human ashtray and find out what I am looking for, then you most certainly don’t even stand a chance applying to me.

Remember this is a legit either real time in Las Vegas or online position I really want filled by the right smoke slave / human ashtray.


Goddess has a human ashtray smoke slave position for you

Well my not smoking didn’t last long. I missed my human ashtrays way too much to stay away from it. Which means luckily for you I have returned to my smoking ways and now have a human ashtray smoke slave position open for you. I am updating you on what is going on, telling you all about the human ashtray smoke slave position and what you need to do to apply, and of course put you through your human ashtray paces.

11 min. 37 sec. WMV Format

$15.99 (Niteflirt option)

Clips4Sale Goddess has a human ashtray smoke slave position for you

$15.99 Buy Now

Financial Cuckold opening in my Realm!

Online Cuckold Application




So you want to be one of my little cuckolded puppets. The desire to be controlled and used by me is understandable. You have either fantasized about being put in the place of a beta male for some time, or if you are one of the fortunate boys out there you may even had some prior experience as a real time cuckold. If you are the second type I wish to give you my congratulations and my condolences at the same time. Congratulations because you had the taste of something the majority of males will only ever get to dream about and my condolences because you lost it or you wouldn’t /shouldn’t be here right now.

When it comes to being a cuckold there are many different pathways that we can go down and even so my core rules are the same I still train and use each cuckold boy individually as he is best suited. Of course the question is what are you best suited for and that is what this document is all about.

Before you fill out the Cuckold application let me tell you who I am first of all so you can make an educated choice if you even wish to become my cuckold.


Your potential Cuckoldress and Goddess!


I am a BBW (5’5 ft and roughly 248lbs ) Lifestyle and Professional Mistress in my mid 40’s.  My BDSM / Fetish experience numbers roughly over 25 Years now. I am originally from Germany and I do speak still with a slight accent, which means listening to what I say must be done closely and you do have the permission of asking me to repeat myself if you can’t understand something I say. Try hard not to have to do this so.

I communicate purely in English and have done so since I arrived in the USA back in 1988. I am taking a short break from traveling the USA in my Motorhome which I have done for the last 3 years now. At the moment I am in Las Vegas NV and will probably be here for a few months, before moving on again. This type of nomadic Lifestyle is something I deeply enjoy and you as my cuckold will be very supportive  of.

For you this may mean that one day you may be lucky enough to meet me in person and to serve at my feet. Of course that is only if you have pleased me well and if you are actually being my cuckold slave toy and not just a roleplaying fantasy cuckold (I’ll explain the difference here in a bit). I have a huge variety of fetishes I personally enjoy indulging in and it is always my pleasure to incorporate several into my training of any of my pets, puppets, slaves or cucks.

I am a Hisem Mistress, and that means you are not going to be my only cuckold, but that there will be many different types of slaves who work together in their own aspects to keep me happy and well provided for.

I have a lot of different interests and hobbies outside of Fetish and BDSM and I do very much enjoy talking about them, sharing them etc with those who wish to be my cuckolds, puppets and slaves. With other words if you are sincere about being my cuckold not all of our conversations will always be centered on sexual topics, but just like a real cuckold you’ll be required to take some interest in me as the human being and woman.

I am not what you would consider a “hot wife”! If I take a lover it will be at my choice and at the quality of lover I choose. I am very picky who is allowed the pleasure of my body. Quality is always my highest requirement!   I am flat out a Mistress / Cuckoldress who reigns over her slaves and cucks as she sees fit.

I do expect those who are looking to be in an actual D/s style cuckolding relationship with me to be obedient to all of my wishes as long as they do not break your hard limits. How deep my control over your life will become over time remains to be seen. Some of you are looking for full control while others are not able to take this. I can go all the way to micro-managing someone without any kind of problems on my end.

So that is a little bit of an overview about me.


Are you looking to be:

My cuckold slave or a fantasy roleplaying cuckold?

Now what is the difference? Simple, my fantasy roleplaying cuckolds pretty much just buy my PPVs, stroke off to the fantasy and call me when they are feeling frisky. With other words they really have no contact with me outside of that and the only financial type of contribution they ever make towards me is the one that they do while paying the per minute charge on the listings or the fee I put on the PPVs. They are however also not eligible to ever meet me in person or to have any other type of contact with me outside of that. Basically they enjoy pretending that they are being cuckolded by me without having any of the actual obligations a real cuckold would have.

If you fall under this category you can fill out the application if you like so I know what you enjoy during the call, but that is about all. You don’t really need to since I won’t waste any thought on you at all when you are not calling me. Essentially you are just using me to get off anyways. Yes I am that blunt! I see no reason to beat around the bush.


My cuckold slaves on the other hand are actually being controlled and conditioned by me individually to serve me as I desire to be served. They are taking on the aspect of the generous cuckolded “beta husband” who is there to assure I am comfortable in all things. Which means yes you will spoil me as well and I do expect to be given gifts and cash to use for my amusement. In a real cuckolding relationship that would be the job of the cuckolded partner as well. The alpha male gets to enjoy the Cuckoldress while the poor little beta male gets to suffer rejection, control and to take care of all those mundane little things like household chores (those will be done via tasks I will give you), pay bills (no you don’t have to take care of all of my bills but you will contribute towards some of them so I can work less and enjoy more) and provide fun times out for the Alpha couple.

You will be my conversation partner, my little “sissy” boy whom I can talk about sex and boys with, my amusement and more. I will actually treat you exactly as I would treat one of my real time cuckolded slaves. You will report to me both on Skype as well as on my Niteflirt listings or direct call option and again depending on how deep of a control I will take over you, you will be set tasks, be given commands and more. MY best cuckolds (my top 2) often receive little gifts from me from time to time which could be something like a worn pair of panties from me, a special MP3 or whatever I feel like giving to them. As I said however you are going to actually serve ME not just pretend to serve me. As they say – a fool (cuckold) and his money will be parted in this case.

Make sure you read both parts very carefully. The first leaves you free to just pretend and get off but you really have no other contact or anything else from me. You are just another phonesex cuckold client to me. The second holds various responsibilities towards me and is being used in financial ways as well (as he should be) but has various other privileges and a lot more contact with me. Those I actually grow to care about in my own way.

Still interested?

If this is not what you wanted don’t bother reading the rest, just click the document off and thanks for your interest. I’ll look forward to helping you live out our roleplaying fantasy in the future via phone fetish calls and of course the PPVs I write.

If however you are still wishing to actually be a good little cuckold for me and serve me as a cuckold should his Queen, then continue reading.


Let’s discover what kind of cuckold you’ll be for me!

The actual application!

Copy the following questions into your reply to me and answer them honestly! I want to see them Question and the Answer underneath. In full sentences not abbreviations. Don’t make up a bunch of lies either please. I don’t have time for that when it comes to those who wish to serve me. If you can’t hold fact from fiction apart just stick with the fantasy roleplay and you can lie through your teeth for all I care. From my cuckold slaves I expect honesty!


Your first name:

Your age and birthday: (You never know if you may warrant a present from me)

Where are you from:

Are you single, married or divorced:

Why do you want to be a cuckold in general?:

Why do you want to be MY cuckold slave?

When you think about being a cuckold what is it that turns you on the most?

What are your hard limits (Minors, animals, blood, don’t need to even be mentioned): (This is too where you include if being feminized, forced bi etc are not something you can take)

What is your personal sexual inadequacy? (small penis, low sex drive, lousy lover, ED, etc):

To what extend are you looking to be controlled by me? (TPE or just basic sexual and dress functions?) BE SPECIFIC!

How much time can you devote into your service towards me? (per day and week)

Do you have any physical or mental illnesses I need to be aware of? (bad back, heart problems, phobias, anxiety attacks, etc)

Do you have any kind of real time experience as a Lifestyle or former slave cuckold to a professional Mistress? If yes what are they?

What can you afford financially a week to spend on your Queen (me)? – be honest and don’t claim more or less then you actually can. I find that highly annoying and disrespectful. If this is a problem for you – stick with the fantasy roleplaying instead.


Do you have Skype and a webcam? I use both to watch and to train my cuckolds.


Tell me a little bit about yourself as the everyday human being you are…


Do you have any questions for me?


Where to send the filled out application?

You may sent it to goddess@paymepiggy.com. Common sense tells you to include a cash gift aka Tribute for my time in reading it. If that just ruffled your feathers then you are not someone who is able to take on the position of my cuckold slave.  Put in some effort, both with the application and in how you approach me. Remember you can only make one first impression with me.

Age Requirement warning:

I do NOT accept anyone into actual sub, slave or cashpet, or cuckold slave positions and conditioning under the age of 30. This rule is not negotiable.



Ok let’s get you started that far. If I like what I see and you are showing me that you understand your place I will invite you for a more in detail conversation on my Skype. Yes you’ll be sending me a tribute for that one or be on the phone via Niteflirt with me during the same time. At that point I will want to get to know a lot more about you. I start my control over my cuckolds off slowly and increase it steadily to the limit we both agree upon before we get started.

All of my cuckolds go into a 3 months trial period automatically so we both can see if we fit with one another. If you fail to please me or you find that you are not getting what you thought you would with me as your Cuckoldress we part ways cordially. At the end of 3 months you may ask to be put into a one year contract with me which will be written specifically to your training, abilities and status with me. After the year is up we go into an open ended contract.


Remember that those who are my best boys will always gain my most attention when I am not busy with my life or work. With other words even within the beta male hierarchy you still need to earn your place with me with outstanding service towards your Queen.

I am always your top priority outside of your own survival needs.


Goddess Bella Donna