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HER Greedy Majesty

Pay Pig excuses for beginners!

A little Financial Fetish Humor with a side dish of education!


Piggy Bank photo

Photo by Nieve44/Luz

These “reasons” why someone can’t tribute are as old as My grandma’s buckskin bra and boys are still using them daily on new and not so new unsuspecting girls who haven’t developed an aversion to carrots yet.

What is really amusing is that after literally YEARS of financial domination or financial fetish has made it’s round now online and has literally turned into a fad, these silly little grasshoppers still haven’t come up with much of anything new.

I am personally wondering if this is a “hand-me-down ” syndrome from one generation of piggy trolls to the next generation not unlike what you see in Bars and Clubs when it comes to those super cheesy pick up lines that only work on the most desperate and inexperienced of women.

I don’t have a debit / credit card!

First of all this is almost impossible in this time and age where the majority of transactions and verification now require some form of plastic payment method in your name, but even if you are still living under a rock or have ruined your credit so much already that your Bank locks the door when they see you coming, there are is always such a thing as a Pre-Paid Credit Card you can purchase and load up with funds available in most Gas Stations and Retails Stores. That aside darlings, a boy without plastic payment methods online is utterly worthless. So use that excuse and you just bought yourself a one way ticket to iggy land.

I forgot my Wallet in the Car / Work / etc!

Oh my really? You were foolish enough to leave your Wallet with your ID in it and other really important information in a place that other people can easily get to? I think you best get your arse moving and retrieve it. *End of conversation* and *automatic block* for using one of the most annoying lies which just screamed loudly… I am an Idiot who thinks you are a total moron. NEVER insult a woman’s intelligence this way.

My wife / GF / Mother / Sister etc is coming!

Isn’t it funny how these dear ladies always show up right when it is time to put your money where your mouth is? Of course if they were really suddenly appearing you have a lot more to worry about when you are caught once again with your dick out jerking while talking to a strange women. As often as this seems to happen to some of you poor darlings may I suggest you start putting financial fetish on the back burner and start a savings fund for your impending DIVORCE. They do get rather costly.

I want to get to know you better first!

Now I am all for boys doing research and getting to know the Lady with whom they wish to have an actual D/s relationship with but let’s be honest that isn’t you. Someone who is actually into getting to know the Lady whom he approaches never needs to be told to send a courtesy or “sincerity” tribute to show that he is not just there to waste your time. They do it automatically because they respect her and want to see where this is going. So for the rest of you “wanting to get to know you better first” peacocks try this one… Go and read her blog posts, tweets, call her on a phone line and feel free to stay on for hours at the cost of xyz per minute while enjoying the delightful experience of getting to know her.

I am in between pay days, if you give me some time now …

Stop right there! This is an instant ignore UNTIL you have been paid and come back with tribute money. Giving you any kind of credit might happen once you have literally and loyally served Me for several years and I know I can trust you, but then in that case I would also know when your pay day is and I would have put you on a budget. So this wouldn’t be happening to begin with.

I would love to tribute you but I have other obligations right now that I have to take care of first!

Now this one I am not going to make too much fun off because if it’s actually true then I give you a small measure of respect, but until you got your obligations taken care of and have free to use aka play money you can tribute you have no business taking up MY time either. Go forth and pay your bills!

I am Student and just can’t afford to tribute you but soon I’ll have a great job and then I can spoil you…

First of all you need to be concentrating on your studies to begin with. Second when you first get a job in the field that you are currently studying and that is IF you get a good job in the field you are studying you will NOT have any money to spoil me for a long time yet. Why? It’s called Student Loans and getting your life set up. Maybe moving costs and many other little things that come with being a young adult who is just starting out. This might work on the 18 to 23 crowd of girls because they don’t know any better either, but a woman in her late 30’s on up who already had life experience and education of her own will laugh you right out of the court.

If you really would love what you are doing you wouldn’t require for me to pay you!

Wait I have to stop laughing first… What part of financial domination or financial fetish did you not get? If either of those is something the woman loves to do, then dipshit HER TAKING YOUR MONEY is the fetish and HER CONTROLLING YOUR FINANCES AS WELL AS TAKING WHAT SHE DESIRES AS PART OF THAT CONTROL is the DOMINATION! FINANCIAL = MONEY, MATERIAL POSSESSION, VALUABLE GOODS! Rolls eyes.

I am too cheap to spend a lot!

Thanks for the heads up … next. Listen we all understand budgets but Financial Domination / Fetish is a LUXURY FETISH and that means at least reasonably higher amounts. Now if you just want to actually tribute in the good old fashioned sense of the word, meaning giving without even as much as an acknowledgement then the amount doesn’t matter – go ahead and send your $5.00 and up. But that is not what you guys want is it? You want attention for it so try for the lower bankers at least $50 on up and for the general at least $100 on up, and for the High ROLLERS at least $1000 on up. What class do you belong in and want to claim? Cheapskates who are proud of being cheap are nothing but an annoyance in the long run and don’t belong in this fetish.

But I tributed to you last month!

That’s nice dear… pet pet pet on the head. What does that have to do with today? I took a shit last week too, that doesn’t mean I don’t have to poop today!

I have spent xyz on my previous Mistress talk!

YAWN!!!! What does that have to do with Me again? Look, first of all there is always a reason why she is your previous Mistress and second of all I didn’t benefit from it. So go and tell your best friend about it and jerk off with him to your fantasy of how that impresses anyone but yourself. If anything this type of bragging just gets you blocked for being a bore.

If you do xyz I will tribute you but you have to motivate me first. Show me your …!

Welcome to the Adult Industry Business Women Counsel. Your request to purchase a Show has been noted. I will pass your Order on to the next available Cam Girl, Escort, Fetish Producer or other available Entertainer who enjoys fulfilling your Order. Please be advised that you have just been filed as Trick, Client, or Weasel Dick who has zero idea of what submission, slavery and servitude is. Further more be advised that the going rate for your Demand starts at $250 and goes up from there depending on Entertainer and Model. It can go as high as $10,000 for basic depending on popularity and self-worth. Have a nice day. A SUB, SLAVE OR PAYPIG DOES NOT MAKE DEMANDS! HE EARNS HIS REWARDS BY OBEYING AND SERVING!

I could keep going but…

I think you got the point. Dear boys and girls, there is nothing new under the sun when it comes to guys making excuses as to why they can’t tribute or won’t tribute. There is an entire Fetish offspring that is build around this and it is called “Timewasting”. Yes, these days it has actually been turned into fetishism by guys who can’t or won’t actually afford to participate in the actual financial fetish or domination.

Now keep in mind that one persons trash is another persons treasure in the long run, but when you see someone tagging every single skirt with this type of BS the chances are that you have just encountered the proud Brotherhood of time consuming Weasel Dicks.

Don’t give them more time than you are willing to invest in them and always remember this girls – ONLY YOU CAN WASTE YOUR TIME – THERE IS A REASON WHY WE HAVE MUTE, BLOCK , IGNORE AND MOVE ON.

Goddess Bella Donna


Selective service and tributing

A little blunt talk by Goddess Bella Donna

Piggy Bank photo

Photo by Ted Van Pelt

The moment you begin with telling me what you are willing to tribute towards and how you will serve me (we are not talking about hard limits here) you have just stepped out of being a submissive or slave and into being a fetish client.

Now there is nothing wrong with being a fetish client at all, but it’s a thing far removed from being a submissive or a slave. The dynamic changes, the interactions change, the time spend with you and the effort put into you changes. Oh and loves, you don’t get more, you get less. Matter of fact you ONLY get what you literally have paid for and the price may just triple because of your attitude.

Most of the males I interact with in some form or the other are fetishists. The percentage of how many males a Lady like myself interacts with depends on the individual. For me, these days,  it’s roughly 96% fetishists and 4% actual sub or slave material.

Read that carefully. I said sub or slave material not submissive to or enslaved by me. The thing is that just because someone carries the spark in them doesn’t mean you and them will be a good match or that they are not just hanging around looking for attention even so they are beholden to someone else, which makes them automatically off limits for anything more than paid counseling chat to me. In that case  I step purely into the role of the Advisor or emotional lifecoach / counselor if they approach me and I do get paid for that service.

Males have a tendency to try to control things, which is ironic especially when they come to a FemDom or Disciplinarian for interaction and a session. It’s ironic because supposedly you are seeking to give up said control and experience what it is like to have decision taken away from you and be controlled in a way that she enjoys.

It’s a complete oxymoron in action.

Instead of however actually letting go and experiencing what it is you supposedly seek after a bit of an “interview chat” in which I will find out your hard limits, your limits, your enjoyments – fetish and kink interests, and your actual experience level, you still insist on trying to control as much as you can get away with in the session itself.

Now that may go to “Topping from the Bottom” or “sub leading” behavior. It’s not giving feedback or answering questions that are designed throughout the session to test your threshold of what you can take, nor is is it the typical and healthy aftercare feedback chat you will have with a submissive or slave in training.

Selective Service and selective tributing is no different.

The essence of SERVING is to do something in an utterly selfless manner without it being required to arouse you in any way in order to delight, bring pleasure (not always sexual), amuse and ease the life of the Mistress / Goddess / Queen etc you wish to serve. Being OF USE TO HER and knowing that you have made her life easier and more pleasurable IS THE REWARD in itself. It should feed a need inside of you that is present in actual slaves and submissives.

Before you ask what is the difference between a slave and a submissive.

To me personally I classify it as such.

A slave is mentally and emotionally enslaved, obedient, desiring to be of use and service, and fulfilled by being under the control of his / her Mistress / Goddess / Queen etc at all times. He doesn’t need to be physically aroused in order to be that way. She does not need to stand over him / her 24/7 a day, but can depend on her will being done and her best interest being of highest priority to the slave at all times. The slave does not serve purely on his or her own whim, when it is convenient or only in ways that he / she enjoys. As long as it doesn’t break any hard limits or personal agreements between Mistress / slave, the slave will provide service in any manner ordered, desired, mentioned, hinted at etc. A well trained slave is a pure treasure in the Crown of the Goddess and does not require constant hand holding, micro-managing or being forced to obey. He / she does it because it is the natural thing to do for them. It completes them and gives them purpose.

A submissive more often then not is more motivated to obedience when he is in the mood for it. A lot of what we call “Weekend – Warriors” are submissive or only submissive in the bedroom. They are not as deeply controlled as a slave and retain a larger amount of “rights” over their own actions and behaviors even within the D/s dynamic. Most of the time you will see or experience them “feeling submissive” when they are in the mood rather then being submissive regardless of the mood. I consider them to be slave light versions.


A fetishist in most cases simply plays at being submissive and usually only in the areas that entices them and when it is convenient to them and they are aroused. For them it is more about selfishly pursuing their experiences in the various kinks and fetishes they want to explore or enjoy, then making it about the Lady whom they are temporarily kneeling to. This is the majority of the males and even females you will encounter in the Fetish Communities these days. It’s a short term roleplay interaction from which both  sides will walk away from after the session is over. Flat out and blunt it is pure pay to play interaction especially online.

It’s important to understand that concept and distinction since it will serve to keep a lot of heartache, disillusionment, and misunderstandings at bay. Especially as a Mistress / Goddess / Queen / Disciplinarian it is important that you know what type of male you are dealing with so you do not fall for the illusion of the interaction.


Selective service and tributing is never ok!

I am not talking about doing something that is a hard limit for you. We shouldn’t even need to bring that up. That’s common sense. Hard limits are just that – hard limits. However that doesn’t mean you get to pick and choose which service you provide for Me outside of hard limit land.

If I desire for it to be done, it needs to be done and done properly. That’s what you are there for. To delight me, to please me, so serve me in the ways I prefer to be served, and it’s an honor for you to be allowed to do so. You confuse play time or scene time with servitude all too often. Play time or scene time is about both of us to indulge in our kinky nature and have fun. SERVICE is purely about giving Me what I want. By the way you don’t get play time or scene time without SERVING me first. You earn that, you are a slave.

Tributing is the same way. Giving someone a gift they didn’t ask for or won’t find enjoyment in, or you do exactly the opposite of what you were told is preferred or a priority, then you didn’t make it about Me but about yourself.

For example if I say I want my new laptop as a priority gift because this is something I actually need right now in order to continue running my business and you decide that I should have 5 pairs of shoes instead because you are foot and shoe bitch, you didn’t buy it for me but yourself. It turned you on to buy those shoes, instead of realizing that at the moment the laptop was a lot more beneficial to me.  I always mark my amazon wishlist with priorities so you can see what is the most important gift(s) on the list that I prefer and actually want / need the most right now.

Ever so often I hear things like: Oh Goddess I adore you so much but I rather not tribute cash to you (even so I make it clear that this is MY preferred way of tributes and gifts since I can use it in any way I DESIRE!) but I’ll buy you a gift or send you a gift card (to whatever store he things I should buy from). Can you see where this is no longer about ME and what I WANT? He is making decisions that are about his preferences rather then adoring me and begifting me. If the gift or tribute is truly for Me and about Me, you give Me what I want and prefer, not what you prefer.

Now don’t get me wrong darlings, that is actually a mistake most people make even in regular vanilla life. They buy and give gifts to someone because they like it and just figure since they like so will the other person. It’s human nature and that is also why so many women make a joke about this so often. When it comes to men giving gifts they are usually pretty clueless unless told exactly what you want. Hey best case scenerio I just tell you how much it will cost, have you give me the money for it and then go get it myself.

You have been taught that this is a heartless way of gift giving, but to me it’s the only guaranteed way I actually get what I want. So I prefer it that way, and you should too.

The core essence primary priority for a slave or sub is to make ME happy!

Look boys and sissies, that is one of the wonderful things about being enslaved by, in service to, under the control of a Goddess and Disciplinarian like myself. It’s really easy to get it right as long as you simply do what you have been told.

There is no guess work involved since unlike so many regular vanilla women (which always drives you guys nuts when they do that) there is no beating around the bush and heehaawig about what I want, how I want it, when I want it and in which progression I want it done. I take the guess work out of things for you, take control, make the decisions and all you have to do is listen, pay attention and obey. Get it done, do it right the way I declared and you have one happy Goddess looking down at you with great benevolence in her heart. Isn’t that the ultimate goal for you all?

Remember this always – A happy Goddess is a playful and generous Goddess with attention too!

I am a divine woman, a wonderful Disciplinarian, a deeply strict but caring Queen, but no matter what I am still human as well. That means if I am constantly being annoyed by disobedience, am stressed out because I just have entirely too much on my plate to take care of, have to worry about whatever normal human beings worry about, then the last thing on my mind is giving you attention, playing with you, conditioning you, training you etc.

Even a Goddess has only so much Energy and the more I have to use up for all those other things because you are not doing what you claimed you wanted to do for me – serve me, provide for what I want, need, desire etc (Yes that is actually what good boys and sissies due for their lady so stop with the BS), then I just have nothing left for you.

You literally become obsolete to me. If I have to do it all by myself or pay for it all by myself and out of my pocket, then what are you good for? You are just another chore or burden at that point. Just something else I have to get around to doing. Is that really how I should feel about you, or shouldn’t you be the light of my day and someone I gt to look forward to interacting with because you have done well for Me?

I’ll leave you with that for the day. Think about it.

My Birthday is on April 8th and if you come here to learn from my insights or to find arousal, wisdom etc in my words then show me that you are worthy of my time and appreciate me.

Buy me a gift of my Wishlist. Look what I want the most or need the most and do the best for within your budget limit.

Want to make me really happy then send me a cash tribute instead. You can send a giftrocket to goddess@paymepiggy.com (make it out to anywhere), send me a tribute via www.niteflirt.com/GoddessBellaDonna or use this link to send me a tribute.

There you go, lots of different options and that means no excuses why you can’t do something nice for Me on my special day. Oh and no, sending me a Birthday gift doesn’t make you a paypig instantly, it makes you someone who knows how to be appreciative. Something I personally adore and take notice of.

Goddess Bella Donna






I love being a greedy Goddess

Her Greedy Majesty –

Femdom / Findom / Fetish Goddess Bella Donna

I don’t know what it is about preconceived notions and half-assed thinking that turns my knob in the wrong direction, but I never understood why people have such a hatred towards greed or why they try ever so hard to convince them-selves and others that they don’t have a greedy bone in their body. It’s ludicrous, idiotic, false, and worse of all really detrimental to any ambition you may have harbored for your life.

I will be the first to admit that I am GREEDY! When there is something I really love, really enjoy, really get a kick out of, really feel useful to me and my ambitions you bet your ass I want all I can get of it and no matter how much I have already I want more. Why wouldn’t I want more of something that brings me pleasure? Doesn’t make sense to me not to.

Am I going to break laws to get it? No! I don’t have to either, because there are always legal ways to get more of what you want and well let’s be honest there are enough people out there in the world that just adore giving it to you too. I makes them feel good to give you what you want if their own little bit of greed is met.

Woah I know, greed as being symbiotic? That’s not even possible since greed requires a certain amount of “hoarding” of something right? Which means if you have more then enough of something then that surely means that someone else out there doesn’t have enough of it. Ah and that is where you are all running into your little walls that have you twisted.

You are now assuming that EVERYONE wants the exact same thing you do and that they don’t have something different that they treasure above all. You are assuming that there isn’t enough to go around and so you just keep pushing it away from yourself because in your silliness you think that you are harming someone else by taking what you want for yourself without shame and taking more than what others consider your fair share.

See the thing is that we treasure different things and that we enjoy different things and if you get into Financial Domination and you find the right matches that Greed for money, financial abundance, material gifts coupled with someone else’s greed to be used by a woman who enjoys taking, who loves being spoiled, who finds total satisfaction and bliss in being a good bitch boy for her, you have a match made in Fetish heaven!

As much as he needs to be permitted to hand over those gifts, transfer that cash to me, shower me with his financial servitude, and work harder then ever before in order to get his fill of attention, purpose, praise, and control met, so do I feel my greed rising and being sated by taking, allowing, graciously accepting and at times yes demanding more. Both sides get exactly what they need and desire, and both sides indulge in their greed for happiness and satisfaction.

Here is where it gets fun too because when we think of greed we think of the 1% who live in multi-billion dollar Mansions, have servants who do everything for them, have more cars then they can drive in a life-time or the super rich and famous. Many people hate them because secretly they envy them and wish they would be in their place. They would love to be in that spot, but that anger, that disgust, that nay-saying against them will forever stop them from even getting out of their low to middle class standing. You can’t hate something and expect to become it. That’s all just common sense.

You can’t have a problem with capitalism and expect to become financially affluent or blessed. That’s like hating too eat food and wondering why you are constantly hungry.

If greed is about not being satisfied with what you have and wanting more and better even, then it is just as much about trying out, sampling, and figuring out what actually you want and what makes you happy. Greed will always keep you ambitious to gain more. That’s how it works. There is no “end game” in greed, it’s amassing constantly and not feeling guilty about it.

Take me for example.

I live and travel in an RV because that feeds my greed for the open road, traveling, and the ability to be and go wherever I want without having to put up with Motel Rooms all the time, rude staff, making reservations, etc. I enjoy having my home with me, while my landscape changes around me. I lived in that big 3 Bedroom House with the double car garage and it made me miserable. I felt trapped and like I was in a cage. So my greed is not for a big house or mansion, but for the ability to go wherever I want and whenever I want. I am a free spirited person, a nomadic soul. I have a greed for the open road and the many wonderful experiences that bring.

There are a lot of you who won’t understand that, because to you living in a traditional dwelling like an Apartment or House is what gives you the illusion of security and as if you have something achieved as you fill it up with a ton of stuff you never even get the chance really to enjoy. Seriously I know about that too because when I moved out of my house I had boxes after boxes of stuff I never even opened up. You know where all that stuff went? I donated it to Charities. LOL.

I am woman, I love pretty clothe and shoes. Sure I do, but I am not a hoarder when it comes to them, I am a “turn over gal” which means every few months I want all brand new outfits, shoes, lingerie etc and once my greed for the new items is sated for a bit and I got everything I want, I’ll give my old still good clothing away to someone who needs them. I am greedy without being a hoarder when it comes to clothe. Matter of fact once all the features of my blog here are done, I’ll even start offering some of those lovely used items from my closet to you at Goddess prices. *Smirks*

What I hoard is money! I want cash, mullah, money, dough! Give me cold hard cash and I am one happy bitch! Why? Seriously are you that dense? Because Money is awesome! It’s power, it’s the ability to go wherever I want, do whatever I want, whenever I want and … *I think I am getting just a little wet here*.

It’s transformation too. What you don’t belief me? Have you ever seen how lesser human beings act around people with money? LOL. I find it hilarious when I see people begging and scrapping for it while I snap my fingers and allow it to come to me. Money is fucking sexy and being able to command money, command a person to surrender it to you, and actually make them grateful and thankful for that privilege is a whole different magic all in itself. It transforms a male who in his every day work is the Boss, into my little bitch simply by knowing that he’ll give up his financial power willingly and eagerly because he wants what I have even more. My feminine Power, the ability to give him approval and the enjoyment of taking decisions out of his hand. He’s tired of being the boss and once his money is mine, he is now depending on me for all those lovely little things males like.

Why? Because NO WOMAN wants a broke male. None.

I suppose you could say that I am also greedy for more power, because I keep taking it away from those men who find having control over their own life a burden. Give it to me – I want it all – Your heart, your mind, your soul, your body to control and your money and financial goods. The whole package.

Oh and I tell you about my other form of GREED aka Gluttony in a different post I am sure all of you feedee subs and fat piggy weight gainer hogs and sows can totally appreciate, but this post is already getting way too long again.

I guess in my own way I am greedy for you hanging on every word I write too and want you to surrender to me.

Oh and I suppose that cheap bastards who are not willing to feed into my wonderful greed really are absolute to me. Being thrifty and frugal is something I can appreciate to a point, but those are two qualities you should practice when you buy stuff for yourself, not when worshiping and serving Me.

Now you are going to be a very good boy and leave a nice contribution to My GREEDY happiness. Tribute, lay those beautiful gifts of your devotion before me.

E-Certificates to goddess@paymepiggy.com

CashPointMeets and CashDropoffs in Las Vegas – email me at goddess@paymepiggy.com for information

or drop some cash into Niteflirt account – Click here!


Goddess Bella Donna