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I have a lot of typing ahead of me today, so to be honest I was feeling a little lazy about typing out this rather lengthy background story and introduction to the new upcoming “Real Life Home wrecking Story” Series which I’ll be working on and releasing over the next few days.

Instead of typing it I have decided to audio record the background to it, what let up to it, and yes what the series will be all about. It gives you a chance to hear my voice as well if you never heard it before.

So here we go. Enjoy this Audio recording:

Look for this GRAPHIC soon – it will be graphic for every story in this series:


Oh and on that note there will be another Series coming after that, but I haven’t decided where I want to put it yet and how…. because not only women are home-wreckers. If we want to do this – let’s do it right.. *Evil laugh*

Goddess Bella Donna

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