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Monthly Archives: March 2017

The real man myth

Some blunt talk by Goddess Bella Donna

Man photo

Photo by kevin dooley

At the risk of me offending some sensitive souls here, remember that this is only MY opinion and that you can agree or disagree with my thoughts on this. It honestly makes zero difference in the big scheme of things.

In order to understand the following post it is important for you to understand that I am NOT talking about any alternative identifications to the original equipment between your legs you were born with. Aka your penis.

I am going to go purely on the traditional idea of someone with a penis being a male. If you do not identify as a male then this has nothing to do with you. You are excused. Away with you now!

Have you noticed that I said the traditional idea of someone with a penis dangling around being a male not a man? Read it again and understand that just having a penis, a pillar and stones, as they used to call it at times too, marbles and stick if you will, doesn’t make you a man. It makes you a male – traditionally speaking – and nothing else.

It’s easy to identify you. Drop your pants, look down, do you see an outward growth rather then a slit, then you were born a male. Pretty easy. That requires no skills, no special further requirements, it’s not an achievement to be proud of and oh by the way you didn’t get a choice in the matter either. It was simply what was handed to you as you grew inside your dear Mother’s womb. Hence it gives you zero special privileges and garners no rewards. Congratulations – it’s a boy!

Now let’s talk about being a man. Oh my goodness now we are in an entirely different Wheelhouse aren’t we and you may not qualify.

Before you start putting your hands on your growth and start desperately fondling and jerking it because you figure you are about to be told all about the merits of a real man having a big hard cock and who can make a woman scream while fucking her to the point of having her at the edge of passing out, let’s fix your illusion.

If that is all it takes then I am more real man than 80% of you males out there. All I have to do is strap on a cock and fuck her. Being a woman I’ll do a hell of a better job fucking her into bliss then you do with your idea of what love making and proper fucking is. Seriously half of you need to be send to training camps just to learn how to be a proper fuck aka STUD.

So a big cock (length + girth) along with the ability to properly provide sexual satisfaction to a woman doesn’t make you a “real” man but a Stud. A brute animal for pleasure. Wham bam thank you Sir … you are now excused until I desire your services again. Bye bye now.  See how easily you are dismissed. In the big scheme of things your big dick means nothing and oh by the way doll face again – IT’s NOT A BLOODY ACHIEVEMENT OR SOMETHING TO BE OH SO PROUD OFF. YOU HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH HAVING IT. YOU JUST GOT LUCKIER THAN YOUR SHORTER DICKED BROTHERS.

Physical attributes like size of cock, looks and how lovely your thick good hair is makes no difference at all when it comes to being a man. Matter of fact if you are one of those vain little peacocks who spends more time in the mirror than the average woman does, I’d rather classify you as sissy. A popinjay, a dandy and unless that comes with a Maids Uniform and a chastity device, and proper housekeeping services who has time for that Jazz?

So what does make a man a man? Oh boy I am about to ruffle feathers in so many camps I may have enough feathers to start up an entire pillow factory. I am about to have males and females be very upset with me because oh my goodness I am going old school traditional and way back before all those trend words where ever thought of.

A MAN is a male who:

Provides financially for himself and his Family and / or those who he has pledged himself to without complains and without whining about it.

Protects himself and his Family and/ or those whom he has pledged himself to without complaint and without whining about it and assures they that they are SAFE! He will gladly stand between them or her and danger. He knows it is his privilege as a man to do so, not hide like a bitch behind the skirts or women like a child.

Achieves and is motivated to achieve advancements in his job or career so he may provide better and easier for his family or those he is pledged to. He takes pride in his ability to better himself and his financial circumstances, not takes pride in being a loser, a waste of time or lacks a healthy bit of self-esteem that allows him to have those achievements.

Has MANNERS and uses them. That should be enough to be said on that one.

Has self-confidence without being an egotistical little shit. He knows what is he worth and brings to the table, but still understands that the only thing he is entitled to is the things he EARNS and works for.

Is HONEST, LOYAL and DEVOTED. His word is his bond, not someone who throws out promises which he never holds.

Accepts WISE COUNSEL and is able to think for himself. A man is not an imbecile who needs to have everything chewed out for him and spoon fed. He is of value, not worthless. He is of use, not looking to be used. He is able to think and ease the life of his woman, not need her to be his Mother in the traditional sense of the word.

Doesn’t need to live with his parents once he is an adult. Seriously if you are in your mid to late 20’s and older and are still being taken care of and have your life paid for by your Mommy and Daddy, you have NO right to call yourself a man. Get out there and support yourself. The only excuse on that one is if your Mom or Dad are too old to take care of themselves or are ill and you have to be their caregiver.

Doesn’t abuse Children, Women or the Elderly period. What is wrong with you guys that you even think that is ok?

Doesn’t leave a relationship with someone they are pledged to just because they get bored or it gets a little difficult. If it is impossible to remain in the relationship after you have tried everything you can and it only brings misery to both, then man up and have the talk with her not go out and look for a woman to wreck your home for you because you are a miserable little coward.

Has HONOR! If I have to explain honor to you, you are already disqualified. You are excused.

Doesn’t use things like feminism, female superiority, female supremacy, Goddess worship etc as an excuse to be a lazy, no good, bitch boy with absolutely no responsibilities. That’s not supporting your supposed causes, you are not a white freaking knight, you are a lazy guy who has figured out that you can use that as an excuse to look like the “nice guy”. Spits.

Are you starting to get the idea yet darlings? You need to earn the right to call yourself a man, by actually living up to what it means to be a man. YES even in the YEAR 2017. Maybe even now more so then ever, because we are terrifyingly short on REAL MEN now-a-days, because you my dears are pussified to a point that is is terrifying for our future.

You have NOT been excused from your obligations boys. Not by WOMEN anyways. Being a submissive male,  a sissy, a crossdresser, a bitch boy to a Mistress / Goddess / Queen etc, does NOT excuse you from being required to be man, if anything it is a base requirement.

So the myth of real man being the ones who can just fuck you and strut around all macho like with no substance is just that .. a myth. You are nowhere near a man, at least not in my REALM.

I discipline, command, am served by, dominate, and otherwise interact with men in my REALM. Do NOT confuse your kink, your fetish interests, with need to submit and be controlled by Me with what you need to be first before you are even worthy of being a sub, slave, sissy, bitch boy, puppet, minion, creature, adult baby etc for Me.

I don’t play with little boys, I take MEN and turn them into my special boys.

Goddess Bella Donna








Men need discipline and structure

Let’s take you back to the beginning…..

I want to hope that you still had the pleasure of an actual upbringing in which your Mother was involved in the everyday running and control of the Household. I want to further assume that when your Mother told you to do something it was a given that you’d either obey her and do it or if you were inclined to be a brat took the consequences of your disobedience.

I want to make the assumption that your Mother still held the position of the original undisputed female authority figure in your life and that she assured that you were granted some basic life lessons via her careful, fair and strict discipline and guidance.

There is a very good chance that your mother was NOT a Dominatrix – neither lifestyle nor professional – and that she didn’t need to resort to running around naked in front of you in order to get you to mind your manners with her.

More and likely, if you are of a more advanced age and are at least in your mid to late 40’s by now, you will still up to this day show your Mother a certain amount of respect or even at your age suffer the consequences of her displeasure.

Now why am I talking about your Mother here and the authority figure I hope she was in your life?

The answer is simple. Think of me as a combination of “Mother 2.0” as in the Archetype of wise older woman guiding, controlling, and disciplining as well as praising those under her charge and a Dominatrix who can make you understand a whole new meaning to the word suffering consequences for bad behavior if necessary.

I rarely resort to curse words when speaking to my slaves, subs, minions and devoted servants. I don’t need to do so and find it a rather obnoxious waste of energy to raise my voice. That however doesn’t mean you won’t feel yourself slapped hard across the face by the tone in my voice as I make MY AUTHORITY over you very clear.

I have the great pleasure of having experience as both for an immense amount of years now. I have raised Children into Adulthood as well as trained, conditioned and been served by slaves for a very long time. I have found many similarities in them both and since I do not allow my slaves to fuck me I truly stand above them as the superior Goddess whom you obey, serve and worship.

Oh how often have I heard the same tired excuses coming out of the mouth of a full grown man when he didn’t want to do something or disappointed me with his less then stellar efforts that I heard from my offspring as they grew up. Is that perhaps the reason why all men return once again to being boys before the great Mother Goddess?

In so many ways that is how we must treat you, teach you, condition you and return you back to those all important basics which you oh so frequently forget.

Oh and keep in mind – discipline is done out of love and care for your betterment. No matter how strict, how hardcore it may be in hard cases, how humiliating it might feel at that point, it is still only given to those who show potential to better themselves for us. I personally don’t waste MY precious time and energy (disciplining you take a lot of both) on an individual who shows no potential of ever becoming someone worth while. So when I discipline you make sure you accept it with a grateful heart even if your ass is sore, your muscles quake, your body quivers, and the tears are running down your cheeks. You won’t like the discipline, but it is what you need desperately and we both know it.

You can’t pull the wool over my eyes dear boys, and you won’t be in charge either. Oh make no mistake about it, I may allow you to run the length of your rope just to see if you have learned your lesson yet and can be trusted to please me without my having to watch you every second of the day. I however also know that until deep and unquestioning obedience and love for me has taken root deep inside of your wayward little soul, I’ll probably find you strangled by that self-same rope and by your own doing. Hopefully I get to you before you gasp for air too badly and once more take you to the hearth and home to administer the strict Discipline you need.

I find it amusing when men think that they are in charge over women and I laugh at women who actually belief that men rule in relationships. The thing is that women always hold the final control in a relationship to some point and extend. Men only can misbehave as far as we allow them too and not an inch further. Once a woman has found her worth and knows that she isn’t here for anything she is not willing to give and endure in a relationship the Wheelhouse just became hers and the rules changed. If you proof to be a lost cause, unworthy of our attention, ungrateful or too delusional in your own egotistical thinking to where you forget that your woman (doesn’t matter if dominate, sub or equal) is still your Lady and Queen too and treated with love, care and respect, you will lose her eventually. There will come a point when she’ll walk away. It may take a while, but sooner or later she’ll have her ducks in a row and walk away from you. Women are only as blind as they allow themselves to be, and only accept your behavior for as long as it amusing them or is necessary to align the tools for your hardest lesson to be learned. So never forget that boys.

You get to do what you want only as far as I am in agreement with it and finds it of benefit to your development and evolution into becoming the type of man I can be proud of having in my life and / or at my feet. If you finished your work (job / career), have finished doing your chores which I have assigned to you, have taken care of the errands I want run, and have worked on whatever was necessary for you to advance into a higher position in your job, we can see about how your free time might be spend. If I have no need for you at the moment I am open to listening to your ideas of what you might enjoy doing and receiving as a little treat for being such a good boy for me.

I said open to listening, that doesn’t mean I am going to automatically approve it so. I’ll weigh it carefully and make a decision. Don’t worry, you’ll be allowed some of it here and there, because I am a wise woman who knows that everyone needs something as a treat that is just for them once in a while to keep them feeling cared about and motivated to do better.

I belief in strict but fair discipline as well as rewards when warranted. I belief in scolding you as a mature woman in the position of authority would when necessary and I belief in praising your good efforts and work when you have pleased me well. I belief in listening, watching, taking note of your needs  and I belief in there being a time for you to be silent and absorb the wisdom I impart to you.

I belief that a human being cannot be forced into doing anything they don’t truly want to do. You can’t force someone to evolve into a better version of themselves, but you can motivate them to see the logic of it, inspire them to want to be the type of person you can be proud of, and give them the tools to make it possible via strict discipline and structure.

You know I am speaking truth and I know that right now you are probably trying to fight yourself hearing all those voices from your past who make you suffer under the knowledge that you want nothing more than to be that good boy being controlled, cared about, guided and YES disciplined by a woman who understands what it is he needs.

If that is you boy then you better approach me with a humble heart and your very best manners. Let Me take you back to the basics and give you that strict German Discipline and Structure you need so desperately. It’s time to surrender and come home boy.

Goddess Bella Donna

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German photo

Photo by torbakhopper

Strict German Disciplinarian 

Just the HARDCORE BITCH you need to enslave you!

Enough of the coddling and cuddling you sniffling worms. Enough with all that talking about your “feelings” and “sensitive fragility”. For crying out loud – are you men or babies still suckling on your Momma’s tit. If you are looking for that go and talk to your poor wife or girlfriend. I have no tolerance for sniffling worthless snatches like you in my realm.

You are not here to be entertained, but SERVE ME! If you can’t do that then you are of zero use to Me and that which is of no use to Me and can’t be pulled up by it’s bootstraps enough to be of some value to MY Life, gets disregarded with tomorrows trash.

Did I make myself perfectly clear boy?

It is my firm belief that you have become useless and weak with your ease of living.

Your back is no longer strong enough to carry the precious cargo that is my delectable big body. You whimper and whine like a little bitch because you actually have to do something other then what you want to do. You call yourself a man? I wouldn’t insult the lowest of MY Lowest slaves with putting you into the same category with them. You aren’t even fit to be considered a boy. You want something to cry about little bitch? I’ll give you something to cry about as I stomp all over your sensitivity.

Your idea of entitlement to be rewarded for substandard service is unacceptable. I will not tolerate such unbecoming behavior from a male in my presence, nor will I tolerate your “suggestions” of how things should be done. If I require your input or feedback, I will be sure to let you know, until such time that I issue that command you will be silent so your irritating sniffling sounds don’t hurt my ears.

There is only one Commander, one General, one Goddess in this Realm and you bitch are NOT it. That privilege and honor belongs to me. Until you have proven yourself worthwhile to listen to and accept your opinions as wise counsel because you have shown yourself valuable to me, I don’t care a lick to hear it.

I have been generous up to this point. I have allowed you to use the intelligence that you should have been given to show me that you are worthy of being conditioned to becoming one of my servants and slaves. You have failed miserably in that endeavor and now it appears it is time that I take much stricter control over you.

This is your last chance boy. Do you understand what that means? Your last chance? It means if you allow your selfishness, your ego, your misguided ideas of what it means to serve at the feet of a Goddess like myself to get in the way of what is my will and my preferences, you will find yourself back in the void and oblivion of being nothing but just another useless guy chasing his cock around.

Oh and talking about that worthless appendage between your legs which has brought you nothing but trouble ever since you discovered it’s nasty pull, it shall be locked up for as long as I deem it necessary. Access to it shall be denied and if I find that you do things only in hopes to be unlocked so you can pull on your pigs-tail, I will find a very special device which may just electrify your desire to do better for the right reasons.

I find that strict discipline, protocols and regimented structure is the best course of action for a Y chromosome inflicted specimen like yourself.

Strict discipline may just make a man worthy of the title of slave to this GERMAN DISCIPLINARIAN and GODDESS out of you, but of course that won’t happen overnight.

I have a lot of bad habits to drag out of you and whip you back into shape if necessary. I hope you are prepared to suffer my wrath, surrender to my disciplinary actions, and learn to appreciate and fully embrace your life by MY feet and under MY control.

Oh and just to make one more think perfectly clear, I have no interest in calling you names and pointing out the obvious. Your penis is what has made you subject to this situation. Your inability to properly be OF USE TO ME without my having to resort to such hardcore disciplinary actions as you’ll have to endure in order to become even palpable again to Me, has already made you inferior to me and a loser in the lottery of life. We shall not waste MY precious time on reinforcing those thoughts that have already set you up for failure. Your mind and body will be occupied with much more important matters like PLEASING, SERVING and AMUSING ME.

Kids games, cuddling your fragile little ego and playtime is over. WELCOME to the world of your strict German born Goddess.

On your knees and report to me NOW!

Goddess Bella Donna

Webcam Session Opportunity

March 23rd 2017

Clothed Female Femdom Session

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For the APPOINTMENT itself – BE ON TIME!

I do not wait longer then 5 minutes for you to show up. After that those $25.00 are free money for me.

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Goddess Bella Donna

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Wake up my little pretty sissy baby!

Sissified ABDL Phone Domination

crib  photo

Who wants to roleplay this scene with BBW Momma Bella?

I was going to write the following into a Story to sell to you sissified ABDL Lovers out there. After a while so I thought why not do something different with it? Why not use it as a background or base idea to share with you for a nice roleplay call with you either via TalktoMe or the Direct Call Option.

So here is me starting out the story and setting the scene and maybe one of you sissy babies could jump in and continue it on with me.  Enjoy…


crib  photoLook at that cute little face. All sleepy still, curled up next to Teddy. Mommy can’t resist reaching into your crib and gently pushing that hair out of your face. I smile fondly as you wrinkle your nose up just a little from the touch and make small whimpering sounds.

“Who’s Momma’s pretty sissy baby?” I coo at you, my voice soft and loving, as I stand on my tip toes in order to lean over the crib and give you a kiss on your nose.

You giggle, keeping your eyes pressed closed, waiting for Momma to do it again, before I begin to tickle that little tummy of yours. Our very own morning ritual for waking sissy baby up.

I give you another kiss on the nose and again you giggle at me.

“Geez my pretty gurl must be very tired today. Maybe the Tickle Monster can wake Baby up…” I say with a fake growl to my voice and a suppressed laughter.

You can’t stop yourself from wriggling around in anticipation. You love it when Momma plays Tickle Monster on your tummy. Such a giggly little gurl I have.

I lean forward and go “tickle tickle tickle” all over your cute little tummy. You open one eye and laugh…

“Oh look I think the Tickle Monster is waking my special gurl up!” I tease and tickle you again “tickle tickle tickle”.

You can’t stop yourself any longer and start laughing. That cute adorable sissy baby laugh I enjoy so much and hold out your arms to me.

“Momma Monser pick up!” you giggle..

I tease you and look around me as if searching for something… “I see no Momma Monster… Where did Momma Monster go?” I ask making my eyes all round and big, giving you a silly smirk.

“You Momma Monser silly!” you tell me looking all stern now. “Up Momma Monser, I hungy.”

I smile and pick you up carefully holding you just a little ways away from me.

“You are stinky pretty girl. Fresh Nappy first, then breaky!” I declare and carry you to the changing table making “silly ewww” faces at you that make you laugh.

“Me tinky! Pooo weee!” you echo my sentiment and I smirk at you.

I put you up on the Changing Table and tell you to lay still. I hand Mr. Wabbit to you to keep your focused on something while I reach for the Baby Wipes, the cloth diapers, the pin and the pretty pink plastic panties we got in the mail last week. Baby Powder joins the mix.

I slide the diaper pile closer and open it up. You smell ripe and I know you left me a big surprise this time. Tinky baby indeed.

“You ready pretty gurl?” I ask and peel off your nity nite plastic panties. You love the yellow ducky ones the best and they do look oh so cute on you……


If you are ready to play you can do so via either:

Live Call or Live Webchat on TalktoMe Profile

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or via Direct Call Option – READ My rules first (Discreet Billing)

Talk to you soon!

Goddess Bella Donna

Satanic Goddess Bella Donna

I am sweet evil and wicked kindness!

The Devil Woman you will fall in love with!

If you are one of my Niteflirt or Clips4Sale Fans then you know my two catch phrases when it comes to my Satanic Goddess aspect.

I am your Doom and your Salvation!

I am Satan in the Female Form!

If you have read my many posts on various blogs you know that my version of being satanic is all about being a free thinker who doesn’t follow trends and the moralistic demands of others, but is more than capable of forming and following her own moral compass. You would know that mine is the Realm of Paradoxes, mind-fucks, sin-duction, human carnality, and utter decadent self-realization.

I don’t worship Satan – I am Satan – one of many forms. I am a Creator in my own Realm and the Hell I make you earn your way into, is a wonderfully depraved and fun place to be. Oh sure there is some Torture, some degradation, some Demonic breeding for the Sissies and Faggots, some roasting for the fat pigs, and all kinds of fun Entertainments for the Lords and Ladies of the Abyss, but hello if you wanna play you have to pay.

Oh and I am so not what you’d expect me to be, which is exactly the point and so many get wrong all the time. Satan isn’t this scary looking, dramatically insane, Monster acting, Demonic visual being. If it was, wouldn’t that make the majority of at least reasonably intelligent human beings run screaming the other way? I’d like to think so.

Nor is it always the hottest most alluring person in the room. You know the hot guy or chick that you get all flustered over and pant for like a dog in heat. That’s too damn obvious. Oh it makes you think lustful thoughts alright, but evil needs a connection into you. An anchor point or a foothold. Lust is easy, too easy, and it’s fleeting. The average human being has dozenth if not hundreds of lustful thoughts a day and lust isn’t always sexual remember that. Know your sins – sinners. No, the human brain is too fickle for that to be a good foothold into you, and guess what that is rarely just through the dick or snatch. Remember the Dick and the Pussy are fickle things, once they get off they give controls over to the brain again until next time. No evil works with the brain if it’s smart and just leashes the genitals to it’s puppet strings if so inclined.

Evil is clever and you’d never see it coming. It’s actually pretty unassuming in a way at first. It’s someone who can blend in, who is able to get lost in a crowd if necessary, and who is able to whisper into your ears and pull those strings without ever noticing. It’s that “normal every day person” you form a connection with and feel you can trust. That you let your guards down with and tell your deepest darkest secrets to that have that in to your mind.

Oh I have done the demon voice on audio recordings more than once, but even my Demons have a playful wickedly fun and devious side to them.

Think about the Human Monsters of any time. The predators that lay in wait for their perfect victims. They are patient and when caught their Neighbors always described them as “so nice”, “good upstanding pillars of our communities”, “charming” and often trust worthy. They gave you a sense of security and being “harmless” and that is how they were able to get their prey.

When you think of a Devil Woman – you think of a super hot chick you are going to go instantly hot and bothered for and fall in lust with.

Satan in the Female form – me – laughs at that and knows the real score. You are going to come to me one day, and it will be my refreshing honest laughter, my wicked sense of humor, my deceptively sweet kindness, and my simple embracing of your nature that will make you feel connected to me, addicted to me and eventually make you fall in love with me. Guess what, now I got you, because that’s the type of person you will follow into doom without even thinking twice. That’s why I am your Doom and your Salvation, because here is once again where the beauty of the Paradoxes comes in. What binds you to me, sets you free. What often is seen as a sin, it nothing more than human nature and it only becomes bad when taken way out of balance. You won’t go to Hell in reality, but you may already live in it – a Hell of your own creation – because you try to live a life that you are simply not designed to live.

Most human beings are like sheep and they need to be led by someone they see as superior to them or as smarter.  For my dark minions, my sweet sinners, and my devoted doomed slaves, I am that one. The one who takes them by the hand and leads them with a smile, a wink and another naughty suggestion that will blacken their souls (according to the Church) but make their life a lot more satisfying. Hey if you need to serve and bow down to a God it may as well be Me! At least you can talk to me, feel my presence and I bake some mean cookies too. *winks*

Your beloved dark Queen and satanic Goddess

Goddess Bella Donna

PS. I still take calls for my dark minions on niteflirt via my Roleplaying listing, but in general I have moved my Satanic Goddess Realm over to TalktoMe.com and via Direct Phone Option. It’s a little less restrictive.

Satanic Goddess Bella Donna (Talktome – new listing) Click here to Talk To Me

or go via Direct Phone Option!

Financial Cuckold opening in my Realm!

Online Cuckold Application




So you want to be one of my little cuckolded puppets. The desire to be controlled and used by me is understandable. You have either fantasized about being put in the place of a beta male for some time, or if you are one of the fortunate boys out there you may even had some prior experience as a real time cuckold. If you are the second type I wish to give you my congratulations and my condolences at the same time. Congratulations because you had the taste of something the majority of males will only ever get to dream about and my condolences because you lost it or you wouldn’t /shouldn’t be here right now.

When it comes to being a cuckold there are many different pathways that we can go down and even so my core rules are the same I still train and use each cuckold boy individually as he is best suited. Of course the question is what are you best suited for and that is what this document is all about.

Before you fill out the Cuckold application let me tell you who I am first of all so you can make an educated choice if you even wish to become my cuckold.


Your potential Cuckoldress and Goddess!


I am a BBW (5’5 ft and roughly 248lbs ) Lifestyle and Professional Mistress in my mid 40’s.  My BDSM / Fetish experience numbers roughly over 25 Years now. I am originally from Germany and I do speak still with a slight accent, which means listening to what I say must be done closely and you do have the permission of asking me to repeat myself if you can’t understand something I say. Try hard not to have to do this so.

I communicate purely in English and have done so since I arrived in the USA back in 1988. I am taking a short break from traveling the USA in my Motorhome which I have done for the last 3 years now. At the moment I am in Las Vegas NV and will probably be here for a few months, before moving on again. This type of nomadic Lifestyle is something I deeply enjoy and you as my cuckold will be very supportive  of.

For you this may mean that one day you may be lucky enough to meet me in person and to serve at my feet. Of course that is only if you have pleased me well and if you are actually being my cuckold slave toy and not just a roleplaying fantasy cuckold (I’ll explain the difference here in a bit). I have a huge variety of fetishes I personally enjoy indulging in and it is always my pleasure to incorporate several into my training of any of my pets, puppets, slaves or cucks.

I am a Hisem Mistress, and that means you are not going to be my only cuckold, but that there will be many different types of slaves who work together in their own aspects to keep me happy and well provided for.

I have a lot of different interests and hobbies outside of Fetish and BDSM and I do very much enjoy talking about them, sharing them etc with those who wish to be my cuckolds, puppets and slaves. With other words if you are sincere about being my cuckold not all of our conversations will always be centered on sexual topics, but just like a real cuckold you’ll be required to take some interest in me as the human being and woman.

I am not what you would consider a “hot wife”! If I take a lover it will be at my choice and at the quality of lover I choose. I am very picky who is allowed the pleasure of my body. Quality is always my highest requirement!   I am flat out a Mistress / Cuckoldress who reigns over her slaves and cucks as she sees fit.

I do expect those who are looking to be in an actual D/s style cuckolding relationship with me to be obedient to all of my wishes as long as they do not break your hard limits. How deep my control over your life will become over time remains to be seen. Some of you are looking for full control while others are not able to take this. I can go all the way to micro-managing someone without any kind of problems on my end.

So that is a little bit of an overview about me.


Are you looking to be:

My cuckold slave or a fantasy roleplaying cuckold?

Now what is the difference? Simple, my fantasy roleplaying cuckolds pretty much just buy my PPVs, stroke off to the fantasy and call me when they are feeling frisky. With other words they really have no contact with me outside of that and the only financial type of contribution they ever make towards me is the one that they do while paying the per minute charge on the listings or the fee I put on the PPVs. They are however also not eligible to ever meet me in person or to have any other type of contact with me outside of that. Basically they enjoy pretending that they are being cuckolded by me without having any of the actual obligations a real cuckold would have.

If you fall under this category you can fill out the application if you like so I know what you enjoy during the call, but that is about all. You don’t really need to since I won’t waste any thought on you at all when you are not calling me. Essentially you are just using me to get off anyways. Yes I am that blunt! I see no reason to beat around the bush.


My cuckold slaves on the other hand are actually being controlled and conditioned by me individually to serve me as I desire to be served. They are taking on the aspect of the generous cuckolded “beta husband” who is there to assure I am comfortable in all things. Which means yes you will spoil me as well and I do expect to be given gifts and cash to use for my amusement. In a real cuckolding relationship that would be the job of the cuckolded partner as well. The alpha male gets to enjoy the Cuckoldress while the poor little beta male gets to suffer rejection, control and to take care of all those mundane little things like household chores (those will be done via tasks I will give you), pay bills (no you don’t have to take care of all of my bills but you will contribute towards some of them so I can work less and enjoy more) and provide fun times out for the Alpha couple.

You will be my conversation partner, my little “sissy” boy whom I can talk about sex and boys with, my amusement and more. I will actually treat you exactly as I would treat one of my real time cuckolded slaves. You will report to me both on Skype as well as on my Niteflirt listings or direct call option and again depending on how deep of a control I will take over you, you will be set tasks, be given commands and more. MY best cuckolds (my top 2) often receive little gifts from me from time to time which could be something like a worn pair of panties from me, a special MP3 or whatever I feel like giving to them. As I said however you are going to actually serve ME not just pretend to serve me. As they say – a fool (cuckold) and his money will be parted in this case.

Make sure you read both parts very carefully. The first leaves you free to just pretend and get off but you really have no other contact or anything else from me. You are just another phonesex cuckold client to me. The second holds various responsibilities towards me and is being used in financial ways as well (as he should be) but has various other privileges and a lot more contact with me. Those I actually grow to care about in my own way.

Still interested?

If this is not what you wanted don’t bother reading the rest, just click the document off and thanks for your interest. I’ll look forward to helping you live out our roleplaying fantasy in the future via phone fetish calls and of course the PPVs I write.

If however you are still wishing to actually be a good little cuckold for me and serve me as a cuckold should his Queen, then continue reading.


Let’s discover what kind of cuckold you’ll be for me!

The actual application!

Copy the following questions into your reply to me and answer them honestly! I want to see them Question and the Answer underneath. In full sentences not abbreviations. Don’t make up a bunch of lies either please. I don’t have time for that when it comes to those who wish to serve me. If you can’t hold fact from fiction apart just stick with the fantasy roleplay and you can lie through your teeth for all I care. From my cuckold slaves I expect honesty!


Your first name:

Your age and birthday: (You never know if you may warrant a present from me)

Where are you from:

Are you single, married or divorced:

Why do you want to be a cuckold in general?:

Why do you want to be MY cuckold slave?

When you think about being a cuckold what is it that turns you on the most?

What are your hard limits (Minors, animals, blood, don’t need to even be mentioned): (This is too where you include if being feminized, forced bi etc are not something you can take)

What is your personal sexual inadequacy? (small penis, low sex drive, lousy lover, ED, etc):

To what extend are you looking to be controlled by me? (TPE or just basic sexual and dress functions?) BE SPECIFIC!

How much time can you devote into your service towards me? (per day and week)

Do you have any physical or mental illnesses I need to be aware of? (bad back, heart problems, phobias, anxiety attacks, etc)

Do you have any kind of real time experience as a Lifestyle or former slave cuckold to a professional Mistress? If yes what are they?

What can you afford financially a week to spend on your Queen (me)? – be honest and don’t claim more or less then you actually can. I find that highly annoying and disrespectful. If this is a problem for you – stick with the fantasy roleplaying instead.


Do you have Skype and a webcam? I use both to watch and to train my cuckolds.


Tell me a little bit about yourself as the everyday human being you are…


Do you have any questions for me?


Where to send the filled out application?

You may sent it to goddess@paymepiggy.com. Common sense tells you to include a cash gift aka Tribute for my time in reading it. If that just ruffled your feathers then you are not someone who is able to take on the position of my cuckold slave.  Put in some effort, both with the application and in how you approach me. Remember you can only make one first impression with me.

Age Requirement warning:

I do NOT accept anyone into actual sub, slave or cashpet, or cuckold slave positions and conditioning under the age of 30. This rule is not negotiable.



Ok let’s get you started that far. If I like what I see and you are showing me that you understand your place I will invite you for a more in detail conversation on my Skype. Yes you’ll be sending me a tribute for that one or be on the phone via Niteflirt with me during the same time. At that point I will want to get to know a lot more about you. I start my control over my cuckolds off slowly and increase it steadily to the limit we both agree upon before we get started.

All of my cuckolds go into a 3 months trial period automatically so we both can see if we fit with one another. If you fail to please me or you find that you are not getting what you thought you would with me as your Cuckoldress we part ways cordially. At the end of 3 months you may ask to be put into a one year contract with me which will be written specifically to your training, abilities and status with me. After the year is up we go into an open ended contract.


Remember that those who are my best boys will always gain my most attention when I am not busy with my life or work. With other words even within the beta male hierarchy you still need to earn your place with me with outstanding service towards your Queen.

I am always your top priority outside of your own survival needs.


Goddess Bella Donna



I love being a greedy Goddess

Her Greedy Majesty –

Femdom / Findom / Fetish Goddess Bella Donna

I don’t know what it is about preconceived notions and half-assed thinking that turns my knob in the wrong direction, but I never understood why people have such a hatred towards greed or why they try ever so hard to convince them-selves and others that they don’t have a greedy bone in their body. It’s ludicrous, idiotic, false, and worse of all really detrimental to any ambition you may have harbored for your life.

I will be the first to admit that I am GREEDY! When there is something I really love, really enjoy, really get a kick out of, really feel useful to me and my ambitions you bet your ass I want all I can get of it and no matter how much I have already I want more. Why wouldn’t I want more of something that brings me pleasure? Doesn’t make sense to me not to.

Am I going to break laws to get it? No! I don’t have to either, because there are always legal ways to get more of what you want and well let’s be honest there are enough people out there in the world that just adore giving it to you too. I makes them feel good to give you what you want if their own little bit of greed is met.

Woah I know, greed as being symbiotic? That’s not even possible since greed requires a certain amount of “hoarding” of something right? Which means if you have more then enough of something then that surely means that someone else out there doesn’t have enough of it. Ah and that is where you are all running into your little walls that have you twisted.

You are now assuming that EVERYONE wants the exact same thing you do and that they don’t have something different that they treasure above all. You are assuming that there isn’t enough to go around and so you just keep pushing it away from yourself because in your silliness you think that you are harming someone else by taking what you want for yourself without shame and taking more than what others consider your fair share.

See the thing is that we treasure different things and that we enjoy different things and if you get into Financial Domination and you find the right matches that Greed for money, financial abundance, material gifts coupled with someone else’s greed to be used by a woman who enjoys taking, who loves being spoiled, who finds total satisfaction and bliss in being a good bitch boy for her, you have a match made in Fetish heaven!

As much as he needs to be permitted to hand over those gifts, transfer that cash to me, shower me with his financial servitude, and work harder then ever before in order to get his fill of attention, purpose, praise, and control met, so do I feel my greed rising and being sated by taking, allowing, graciously accepting and at times yes demanding more. Both sides get exactly what they need and desire, and both sides indulge in their greed for happiness and satisfaction.

Here is where it gets fun too because when we think of greed we think of the 1% who live in multi-billion dollar Mansions, have servants who do everything for them, have more cars then they can drive in a life-time or the super rich and famous. Many people hate them because secretly they envy them and wish they would be in their place. They would love to be in that spot, but that anger, that disgust, that nay-saying against them will forever stop them from even getting out of their low to middle class standing. You can’t hate something and expect to become it. That’s all just common sense.

You can’t have a problem with capitalism and expect to become financially affluent or blessed. That’s like hating too eat food and wondering why you are constantly hungry.

If greed is about not being satisfied with what you have and wanting more and better even, then it is just as much about trying out, sampling, and figuring out what actually you want and what makes you happy. Greed will always keep you ambitious to gain more. That’s how it works. There is no “end game” in greed, it’s amassing constantly and not feeling guilty about it.

Take me for example.

I live and travel in an RV because that feeds my greed for the open road, traveling, and the ability to be and go wherever I want without having to put up with Motel Rooms all the time, rude staff, making reservations, etc. I enjoy having my home with me, while my landscape changes around me. I lived in that big 3 Bedroom House with the double car garage and it made me miserable. I felt trapped and like I was in a cage. So my greed is not for a big house or mansion, but for the ability to go wherever I want and whenever I want. I am a free spirited person, a nomadic soul. I have a greed for the open road and the many wonderful experiences that bring.

There are a lot of you who won’t understand that, because to you living in a traditional dwelling like an Apartment or House is what gives you the illusion of security and as if you have something achieved as you fill it up with a ton of stuff you never even get the chance really to enjoy. Seriously I know about that too because when I moved out of my house I had boxes after boxes of stuff I never even opened up. You know where all that stuff went? I donated it to Charities. LOL.

I am woman, I love pretty clothe and shoes. Sure I do, but I am not a hoarder when it comes to them, I am a “turn over gal” which means every few months I want all brand new outfits, shoes, lingerie etc and once my greed for the new items is sated for a bit and I got everything I want, I’ll give my old still good clothing away to someone who needs them. I am greedy without being a hoarder when it comes to clothe. Matter of fact once all the features of my blog here are done, I’ll even start offering some of those lovely used items from my closet to you at Goddess prices. *Smirks*

What I hoard is money! I want cash, mullah, money, dough! Give me cold hard cash and I am one happy bitch! Why? Seriously are you that dense? Because Money is awesome! It’s power, it’s the ability to go wherever I want, do whatever I want, whenever I want and … *I think I am getting just a little wet here*.

It’s transformation too. What you don’t belief me? Have you ever seen how lesser human beings act around people with money? LOL. I find it hilarious when I see people begging and scrapping for it while I snap my fingers and allow it to come to me. Money is fucking sexy and being able to command money, command a person to surrender it to you, and actually make them grateful and thankful for that privilege is a whole different magic all in itself. It transforms a male who in his every day work is the Boss, into my little bitch simply by knowing that he’ll give up his financial power willingly and eagerly because he wants what I have even more. My feminine Power, the ability to give him approval and the enjoyment of taking decisions out of his hand. He’s tired of being the boss and once his money is mine, he is now depending on me for all those lovely little things males like.

Why? Because NO WOMAN wants a broke male. None.

I suppose you could say that I am also greedy for more power, because I keep taking it away from those men who find having control over their own life a burden. Give it to me – I want it all – Your heart, your mind, your soul, your body to control and your money and financial goods. The whole package.

Oh and I tell you about my other form of GREED aka Gluttony in a different post I am sure all of you feedee subs and fat piggy weight gainer hogs and sows can totally appreciate, but this post is already getting way too long again.

I guess in my own way I am greedy for you hanging on every word I write too and want you to surrender to me.

Oh and I suppose that cheap bastards who are not willing to feed into my wonderful greed really are absolute to me. Being thrifty and frugal is something I can appreciate to a point, but those are two qualities you should practice when you buy stuff for yourself, not when worshiping and serving Me.

Now you are going to be a very good boy and leave a nice contribution to My GREEDY happiness. Tribute, lay those beautiful gifts of your devotion before me.

E-Certificates to goddess@paymepiggy.com

CashPointMeets and CashDropoffs in Las Vegas – email me at goddess@paymepiggy.com for information

or drop some cash into Niteflirt account – Click here!


Goddess Bella Donna



Nurturing Momma Domme Intro

The soft, loving, feminine and nurturing side of Goddess Bella Donna

It should be obvious that all of us have various sides to our nature, our personality, and how we interact with others. A Goddess like myself is really no different. I too have the various aspects to me which are brought out by the various people I interact with.

Via Direct Call Option and Talktome.com only I offer Adult Babies, Sissy Littles, Diaper Fetishists and Momma Boys, the opportunity to interact with and get to know the soft, loving, feminine and nurturing side of me. To them I am BBW Momma Bella. The nurturing older bigger woman who disciplines, nurtures, and guides them as a maternal authority figure would.

I don’t have sex with my little ones in any way. To me personally that is crossing a line that I am not willing to cross. They need to be safe with me as one would be in the arms of their maternal caregiver. I often make jokes that I have my big fluffy belly just for my Adult Babies and Littles, because it makes the perfect pillow for them to snuggle up on when I tell them a Bedtime Story or rub their backs in order to get them relaxed after a long day.

When I roleplay with an Adult Baby regardless if that is a male, female, or sissy Adult Baby, I treat them how I would have treated my own now Adult Children. Yes I am actually a Mom and at almost 50 years old (only a few more years shy of) I am actually a Grandmother as well. So there is a lot of real time / real life experience when it comes to taking care of those who depend on our giving of care. It also makes me very strict with my rule of not stepping over that to me sacred line. I take you on as my charges after all.

Teddy Bear photoMy Momma aspect is both loving and stern at the same time. That is my job. I love to play with my little ones, tell them Bedtime Stories while either Bottle Feeding them and putting them to bed. Or sing them sweet little lullabies while allowing them to breastfeed. Open wide here comes the Choo Choo Train, or here comes the Airplane while trying to spoon feed you. Diaper Changes, Bath Time, Potty Training, Outings, Play Dates, and getting down on the Floor with my little love to play with Teddy or Wabbit with you.  Kiss those Boo Boo’s you get when oopsy daisy fall down while learning to toddle  etc. Those are all loving and very nurturing things that I enjoy talking about and roleplaying with my Adult Babies.

Diaper Fetishes is not about age regression roleplay, there it is different. It can be humiliating, fun, playful, or as a form of discipline as well. I have actually been surprised by the many different mindset the Diaper Fetishists have brought to my table over the years. It’s a very interesting Fetish to talk about and roleplay in.

Ah and then of course we have the Momma’s Boys or Momma’s Gurls. Chuckles. Oh dear, your poor girlfriend and wife really is up for a long haul isn’t she with someone like you. We all know them in real life. The guys who will always come running no matter what when Momma snaps her fingers, and will always do what Momma thinks is best. Their worst fear? Disappointing or angering Momma. They are real sweetpea’s to those whom Momma approves off, but if you cross Momma or hurt her feelings oh watch out. Momma’s Boy will have none of that.

I like it all really. I enjoy the different aspects of it. It’s natural to me to be that nurturing, loving, but still very strict when necessary ultimate feminine Rolemodel and Authority Figure for those who need a new Momma in their life.


BBW Momma Bella

This is a mature ADULT only Blog Site!

What does that mean to you?

This post as well as the footer section below is

“Sticky”, “in your face”, and “impossible to ignore”!

This is a  for mature Adults Blog site only, which means that in order to be here, stay here, partake of any of the professional services offered by me, purchase any of the content available by me, or even just browse around, look around, skippy doo dah around on here, you have to agree to and verify the correctness of the following statements directly below here and just in case you ever want to “forget that you agreed to them” can find them in a bold reminder in the FOOTER section of this Blog!

Please read carefully and take them serious! Thank you!

#1 I agree to and certify that I am of or older than the legal age of 21 years upon time of entering Goddess Bella Donna’s Website www.paymepiggy.com

#2 I agree to and certify that I understand the nature of ADULT ENTERTAINMENT Content especially Fetishes,
Femdom, BDSM, and Financial Domination and am NOT offended by it.

#3 I agree to and certify that I do NOT suffer from any type of mental condition that prohibits me by law to enter into any type of Contract with another Person or prohibits me from giving consent. I am mentally able and legally permitted to give consent and make adult decisions for myself.

#4 I agree to and understand that this Website offers services, Content for sale, and Media that can be considered highly offensive, politically incorrect, and may use speech in keeping with and for fetish humiliation only purposes including but not limited to: racial, body type, religious, gender, sexual preferences, or any other possibly sensitive topics. I certify by entering into Goddess Bella Donna’s Website www.paymepiggy.com that I am not sensitive, offended or otherwise mentally disturbed by humiliation and use of slurs in those fetish topic fields. Yes, thank you, I know the difference between a fetish humiliation and a point of view and am not bothered by it.

#5 I agree to and certify that I will respect all copyright laws and will not copy, duplicate, resell, republish, or otherwise spread the content (intellectual property of Goddess Bella Donna) without  prior written consent by Goddess Bella Donna.
#6 I agree to and certify that I will NOT make any access or content, or viewing  of Content found, purchased, displayed or otherwise visible, audible, and / or in material form available to anyone under the Age of 21. I will do my best to do my part to stay in keeping with the Child Protection Act while on this Website.

#7 I agree to and certify that I am Not prohibited by State, Country, National or Regional Law to enter this Adult only Website.

#8 I agree to and certify that I am entering this Website of my free will and have not been coerced, forced, or otherwise bullied into entering this Website by anyone, including but not limited to: Goddess Bella Donna (Site Owner), Federal Agents, Morality Leagues, or E. S.J.W.’s etc.
(I am seriously sorry I have to put this on here darlings, but sign of the times!)

#9 I agree to and understand that Goddess Bella Donna reserved the right to refuse Me service, direct contact, or sales of content if I behave in a way unbecoming of a mature adult; she suspects I have given false statement as to my Age upon entry of this site, and I do understand that if I should attempt to use fraudulent means of paying for services or products such as stolen credit cards, Identities or Credit Cards used without permission of the Credit Card Holder I will be blocked from further contact and reported. This is a NO tolerance zone for such illegal activities.

#10 I agree and verify that I have READ and AGREED TO ALL of the points above and that they are
statements of truth pertaining to me. By remaining on this Blog / Site I contest to this Statement and consider this my electronic signature of Adult CONSENT.


Please read them all again carefully so you understand what you are agreeing to and where you are. By remaining on this blog you have just certified that you are over 21 years of age and agreed to all the statements above.

I have now done everything humanly possible to stay within and gone above and beyond what I can do to assure that only those who are legal, and not offended by what I offer should be here. Now it’s on you.

Click read: My Privacy and Zero Harassment tolerated policy

Click read: Why limited Phone / Text Chat privileges for new to me direct clients?

Click read: Sensitive Fetish Subject vs. personal points of view!

Goddess Bella Donna

My strict privacy guaranteed and no harassment tolerated policy

Make sure you read this carefully!

With this Lady actions have consequences!


As of March 1st 2017 I am offering direct dial phone domination as well as fetish phone chat, mock phone therapy and text chat options. This requires for me to post a Phone Number under which I can be reached directly for such options on here. You will be able to see all the details for this option on the “Direct Dial Phone Domination” Page.

I  handle the payment processing myself discreetly.  I will need to ask you some sensitive information that allows me to process your purchase with me. Your information will not be given out, shared, or otherwise made available to anyone besides the payment gateway portal through which I process your purchase.

I will not share any private details I gain access to during the processing of your payment, nor during our paid for call. What we discuss, talk about, or roleplay is and remains between the two of us. Your privacy is very important to me!

Warning: Due to the sensitive nature of some of the fetishes I offer I have to state the following as a preemptive measure so you are aware that I have a ZERO HARASSMENT TOLERANCE Policy!

My contact phone will be posted publicly in order to offer this service to you. I will have my availability posted on MY Twitter FEED, on my sidebar here,  as well as on the PAGE giving you all the necessary information you need to have direct calls with me. Do NOT call me during times I do NOT show as available. This phone number is not there for free chat, free phonesex, or for you to call me to harass me in any way. If you do not like the fetishes I offer, don’t be on my site.

Actions have consequences with me. Under the TOS I made it clear that I reserve the right to refuse service to you if you are under 21, sound or behave like a minor, or call simply to harass me. If I tell you that you are not welcome on my phone line it is time for you to go. If you can’t respect that, I will block you from calling me again and add you to a blacklist of callers to be avoided!

Threatening or harassing calls by individuals you have an issue with the fetishes I offer will be turned over to the Authorities. I am not playing games with you.

I am sorry that has to be stated, but those are all just preemptive measures to assure that we can have fun together once we connect as two responsible ADULTS indulging in alternative style Adult Entertainment.

Thank you for understanding.

Goddess Bella Donna

Sensitive Fetish Subjects vs.
personal points of view!


This post contains sensitive verbiage which may not be suitable for some people!

If you would have told me 8 years ago that I would actually have to sit here and write this out as a preemptive measure to assure that those interacting with me are actually only those who are on the same mental page with me, I would have told you to go lay off the sauce a little!

Most Adult Fetishes and Kinks have a base or core including humiliation. That humiliation can include verbiage which may be offensive to others. In the case of many so called “offensive”, “niche”, or “politically / socially incorrect / insensitive” fetishes that type of verbiage can trigger an extreme response in some individuals.

That stated it is important to understand that those who request those types of fetishes are looking for that particular type of offensive verbiage which triggers a AROUSAL response in them unlike the mental devastation response in more sensitive individuals (who have honestly no business partaking in adult fetishes of that type or most others.)

Slurs, Verbiage, mental pictures and actions that are done within the fetish aspect and during the marketing of the services, or indulging and providing of the professional session itself, do NOT necessarily reflect the personal opinions of the Provider or the Consumer, nor the agreement of a generalized view point of said verbiage as facts.

Many of us who provide this type of fetish service can simply compartmentalize what we offer during a session in conjunction with a particular fetish and how we feel about the people in general. We have a keen understanding of what verbiage triggers an arousal response in our clientele and don’t see it or intend it as something personal outside of that, nor is it a broad brush stroke statement about groups of people who have ZERO to do with that personal session and interaction between the Provider and the Client requesting it.

With other words doves and I am going to put it bluntly, it has nothing to do with you and if you take it personal and get hurt by it, that’s on you. I don’t even know you nor care enough about you probably to make it personal towards you or the group of people you think you are a representation off. This is PURELY ADULT ENTERTAINMENT in a FETISH CAPACITY and not meant as anything else.

Please remember that no matter what you say – someone can always be offended by it – which makes you no more or less guilty then the rest of us of being considered politically incorrect or socially offensive.

The Adult Industry and especially the Fetish, Kink, Femdom, BDSM, S&M etc categories in particular will utilize some language at some point that will be offensive to someone’s sensibilities. FETISHES are not by their nature PC.

If you find what I offer offensive do NOT request it, do NOT purchase a product that has it included, do NOT read posts that may hurt your feelings, and take responsibility for your own actions.

Do NOT assume you know what my personal opinions, feelings, or points of views are based on the Fetishes I offer. If you feel you need to spread your assumption (which honestly will make an ass out of you) you are guilty of slander, cyber harassment / bullying, false accusations and several more things. Please refrain from committing this type of foolishness.

I simply know how to hold FETISH and real life apart. Believe me that if I ever get the feeling that someone is not simply using it as an arousal and actually mentally / emotionally suffers under this I will terminate the session immediately. I am not out to cause harm, I simply permit them to indulge in a hard to find fetish they enjoy in a safe and sane environment with someone who can keep fantasy and reality apart.

Thank you for understanding!

Goddess Bella Donna

Why limited Phone and Text Chat privileges for new clients?

Trust is established not just given darlings!

If you are first time client to me or are still seeking to find your way as one of my serving human pets, puppets, pay piggy’s etc, you will be given a limited amount of minutes you may pay for for either direct calls or text chat sessions with me for the first 5 times.

This allows both of us to establish a connection and build up trust between us at a reasonable risk. I only allow you to charge up to $50 for the first 5 times. After you see that I deliver what I have promised and I see that you did not attempt to Charge back or use a Fraudulent means of payment, you can go up to the fullest time blocks I offer.

All charges will be processed discreetly for your and my privacy. If necessary I will do a “call back” to you real fast to verify that you are indeed the person you claim to be on the other end. If you sound like a minor I will ask for you to send me a scan copy of your valid ID clearly showing me your Name and Date of Birth on it. Your name MUST be on the Credit Card you are trying to use. Sorry boys, but you can’t use your wife’s / GF’s / Significant others C.C., it has to be in your name.

Please make sure you read MY personal rules and which fetishes I offer. If it is not stated as offered or I tell you “No sorry I do NOT provide this type of Fetish” the decision is final. Consent is required for any Adult Interaction, which includes the requirement for ME to give MY consent to engage in whatever topic as well.

The LAW prohibits a few things and those can not and will not be circumvented by me. You have been warned.

If you are not certain if I offer a specific fetish or am ok with discussing a specific fetish / kink / or roleplaying subject with you, please email me first at goddess@paymepiggy.com and ask. I will let you know if I am ok with it or not.

Thank you

Goddess Bella Donna