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Goddess Bella Donna

Future photo

Photo by ♥TiAnY♥

A little heads up musing!

The future isn’t that far away puppets!

Well actually it is several months away since this will not take effect until January 2018, but I figure I might as well throw it out there for you.

I am tightening up my Realm a little bit and adjusting how I do things. That means that things which no longer benefit me, support my travels, or keep me feeling motivated to create are slowly being phased out. For the last several months now I have been keeping a close eye on statistics pertaining to my business. Where do I put more work in then I am reaping the rewards? Where is traffic just dying out? Where is a big old Vortex of my time just being sucked away from me, with no returns?

So far I have identified 3 of the culprits that are at the top of that list of “joy robbers” for me. Truth be told, I have also identified some of the mistakes I have been making or should I say where my personality simply clashes with what it is some of you are looking for. It holds true as well in reverse. It’s a big mix up and jumble, which I am going to slowly fix as the weeks and months go by.

One of the things that will be going by the wayside in January 2018 is this blog. Yes, www.paymepiggy.com will not be renewed by me when the time comes. The Domain Name just no longer fits with what it is I am doing, and even so I am still active in Financial Domination and Fetish, the extend to which I am involving myself in it with just the “masses” has been at an all time minimum now.

I have a few devoted casual pets who enjoy my greedy nature and love the feeling of having their money accepted by me in a hot for both of us interaction, but there are just not enough new cash pets or pay piggies who are sincere in their desire to do more then just talk about being of any kind of financial value and support to me.

I am not planning on writing any further educational books on Financial Domination / Fetish either. As far as I am concerned I did my part back when I spent days attempting to share what I learned from experience. To me, that particular Chapter is closed and I am moving on from it. Besides as so many have pointed out now on the Internet, these days there is enough information available for free. You can do your research and find it, or pay one of the suddenly 100’s of women who give online courses on how to “rinse the cash right out of the mans wallets’. *Chuckles*

The thing is PayMePiggy was originally my financial domination only blog, then it went into Hiatus for a while, before I thought I’d give it another revision and bring it back. It just really didn’t bring me the joy I thought it would, and even I realize that I am not really feeling generous enough any longer to give tons of free jerk off material to guys who are not one bit appreciative.

No that wasn’t slapping you for it boys. I actually don’t even blame you all that much on it. You have gotten conditioned over the years now that all you have to do is make demands and things will be just handed to you for a couple of bucks. The scene has changed into a stroking of the entitlement of those who should be bending backwards to gain attention and pleasing the Ladies who are on top. That has stopped being the case years ago now, and this is the fallout. It’s just part of the whole evolution, and it will take years upon years to change that back. Anytime you make it that easy on guys, they’ll take it and naturally run with it. It’s just human nature.

As far as PayMePiggy goes so, it just no longer fits and doesn’t lead you to where you need to go in order for both sides to have a happy ending. So I am going to let it run it’s course and then allow it to retire in good grace.

Does that mean I am retiring? That really depends on what you are asking me what I am retiring from.

Fact is that I have semi-retired from a lot of things over the last few years already. Doing real time Pro-Domination sessions was one of the things I semi-retired from and these days I rarely even offer the opportunities any longer. Traveling and just the overall attitude these days is just not conducive to it. I am still taking the occasional appointment here and there with gentlemen subs I know, but I haven’t accepted a new to me submissive or fetish client for a real time session in a while. I am just not willing to deal with the twisted idea of what they think it is going to be. It stopped being fun for me because of that, and so it came to an end.

Online Sessions – Webcam Domination Sessions – are something I already only do very sporadically again due to my traveling and the internet not always being good enough to even offer it. I no longer have my dungeon and / or office which I used to do them out of and sadly it seems that so many of you need that visual illusion rather then worrying about being obedient and amusing during the Session.  Again I have a handful of fun boys and sissies I play with via Webcam sessions, but those are into ME as their Goddess and simply enjoy being under my control. They couldn’t care less what my background looks like or what I am dressed like either. To them it’s unimportant and we enjoy our interactions. The rest so, well that is becoming less and less as I said, and I am sorry darlings, but I have to enjoy it to offer it. When it becomes annoying, it stops being fun.

Phone Domination – Oh I am still available for that every day for at least a few hours, but and here is the shocker, there are going to be some changes on it coming soon as well. Phone Fetish and what you’d might call Life Coaching – counseling and simply just talking to my callers about their fetishes and kinky desires, is really more and more what I have been doing for some time now. I am actually thinking of branching out a little bit with it and offering a few more non-fetish vanilla based things soon. The irony of it almost feeling more kinky to me then the kinky stuff is not lost on me either here. Chuckles. I just haven’t figured out yet what exactly I am willing and comfortable with doing. So as far as Phone sex – fetish – domination – chat goes, that will change but expand into other directions more. We’ll have to see how that works out in the long run.

My writing and blogging, my sharing of stories that I write, and in general my sharing of myself in so many ways is going to be moved to my patreon page where those who actually are willing and able to be financially supportive can enjoy it. I figure that I have given enough for free for way too long, an honestly free is always taken for granted. I left opportunity after opportunity for you to step up and show your financial support for me, but besides again a tiny handful that just went ignored. In other words there has been too much taking from your end and not enough giving. That will need to end and the only way I can make it end is by removing the option. So if you enjoy my writing, then I am sure you can afford as little as $5.00 a months and up to get your indulgence, if not there are plenty of free blogs on the internet you can enjoy

I am sorry, but I do need to make certain that I have the income I need to continue on with my travels and enjoy a reasonable lifestyle as well. The only blog that will remain free to read is my totally vanilla blog www.flawedtreasures.com.

www.femdomfetishcontentforsale.com remains of course and will continue to be my new content announcement blog. That is where you find everything I have for sell, and as my writing of fetish, femdom and erotic fiction as well as my paranormal stories will be placed on Patreon which essentially becomes my Membership Site for my written content and blog, I will need to redo it one more time and remove all the stories from it.

The way I am seeing my content creation and sales future at the moment is that you’ll find a limited new amount of Audio Recordings and maybe some older Photo Packs of mine on Niteflirt, with the Lions Share of Audios and when I film Clips going to my various Clips4Sale Studios, since this seems to be place where they actually sell.

The thing is that more and more I have to take a hard look at things in a more selfish way. Things have just changed to the point that unless you almost force people to do something to gain the things they want, they will just take the mile without even considering that the provider of that content has expenses too. That pretty much forces you into going 150% business oriented and doing less for free or just the fun of it.

I don’t like it, let me say that clearly. I would much prefer to be able to have fun with you and know that you’ll not just take me for granted, but as I said so many times now – “Lesson learned!”

With that, PayMePiggy becomes increasingly obsolete, and I figure those who actually enjoy supporting my creative productions, love knowing that they are making a valuable and much appreciated contribution to my life, and / or don’t mind paying for something they enjoy, will be just as happy if not perhaps happier utilizing the other options from here on out.

Oh and updates here will now be once every two weeks. Frequent updates will be on Patreon instead, you might as well start getting used to it. Think of it as joining my Team and Family of supportive fans, friends, puppets, submissive adorers and more. How fun, and a lot closer to the way it used to be! Make your Pledge, pay it and enjoy.

Goddess Bella Donna



Hurray – It’s finger flipping good!

What the fuck moment FAQ Time!

Oh look, the bird is flying free! A rare moment in the life of Goddess Bella Donna, and for this special occasion I even put on my blond wig!

Why? Because when you ask me these types of questions I have to assume you are having a “blond moment” I need to prepare to speak your language!


WTF photo

Photo by downing.amanda

No the first question is not – Do I look pretty in this Mistress? Even so, yes I have seen something rather similar to that before and couldn’t stop laughing.

Ok let’s get started:

Q: Have you ever had sex with a man that didn’t have a big cock?

A: OMG, really? What do you think? Duh! It’s not like I really sent a sissy or faggot out to audition and test drive every lovers dick I ever had. You know what, it’s a real crap shoot isn’t it? Sometimes you get lucky and the guy is well endowed (doesn’t mean he can fuck worth shit, but you didn’t ask about that did you?) and sometimes the guy is average.

For some reason I have never thought of taking a measuring tape with me and demand that they drop their pants for a full frontal dick measuring at it’s most aroused in my normal everyday vanilla life.

Q: Do you ever have normal sex?

A: Define “normal”! If you are asking me if I am always running around with a big fat strapon attached to me, screaming Geronimo before I wrestle a willing or even unsuspecting sissy or male to the ground and have my wicked FemDom ways with you…. NO! NO, I hate to disappoint you, I don’t. If you are asking me if I am always tying my lovers up in a contraption of some sort, then straddle them and force them to sing the National Anthem, while flogging their balls like a Windmill gone wild…. No! No, sorry not doing that either. If you are asking me, if I make my lovers reside the 13 positions of submission, while I shove my wet cunt into their face and force them to almost drown in my juices, while singing “amazing grace” sounding like Minnie Mouse…. nope haven’t done that either lately. If you are asking me if I am working my way through the Kama Sutra while getting inspiration for further positions of some Porno hub or other, while contemplating my superiority over the male species…. nope, not that one either. Ok, let’s make it easy. YES – I do have vanilla – normal – none-kinky – none-Fetish – none-FemDom sex and guess what sugar plum, I’ll never have it with you!

Q: So you are bi sexual right? Have you ever made advances on a straight woman and got rejected?

A: Ok, I get it you lust driven Ape left over from the Neanderthal age, you think that being bi-sexual means that we just can’t resist chasing after everything that moves and that it is code for will fuck anything that comes along… BUT  No, I have never made advances on a straight woman, because by the very nature of her being straight it means that she is not interested in having sex with me. Honestly, I wouldn’t want to have sex with her either, because yeah I am not into awkward moments of helping her discover her inner Goddess from the planet lesbo. Got that? Oh and if I ever was foolish enough to hit up on a straight woman, then I would expect to be rejected. It’s that age old thing of – don’t go there fool! That entrance is closed!

Q: How does it feel like having sex with a fat chick?

A: On this one I really just couldn’t help myself. I am sorry, but that is just begging to be made fun of. So here goes. Having sex with a fat chick feels like diving into the most delicious jiggly bowl of pudding – color apparently determines the flavor here – and then slowly being sucked into the black vortex of her cunt. Because we all know that fat chicks have a black hole for a pussy and if you get anywhere near it with your scrawny ass and tiny dick, you’ll get swallowed up whole and  are never heard of again. Hope that helped. (Note – I have no idea what it feels like having sex as a guy with a big woman, I am not a guy and I don’t fuck chicks .. I make love to women! Size varies!)

Q: Are you dominant all the time and do you always see guys like losers?

A: Let’s address the loser question first. Nope I reserve that purely for you and those of your ilk who seriously have been drinking too much of their own Kool-Aid again. As to the 24/7/365 being dominant and never having a regular moment to just be all the other 1000 aspects of my being…… Surprisingly there are those rare moments in my life when I don’t run around snapping a whip at every living life form and that has the good fortune to run across my path. Once in a great while I even sit back and indulge in that little thing called being a totally typical woman who doesn’t want to put up with some guys needs and constant demands to be controlled, but want to enjoy regular companionship with someone I consider at least in part equal to me. Oh and I even allow my partner and family members to go to the bathroom without feeling the overwhelming urge to make them beg for permission first and kiss my ass while screaming “LICK HARDER YOU LOSER!” Sorry to disappoint!

Q: Are you a natural dominant woman?

A: NO!!! I am a fake plastic Alien life-form from the planet Uranus who came to planet Earth 47 years ago and somehow managed to fool everyone. By the way, if you look real closely you’ll notice the various holes in my body that allows me to attach sexual toys to them in order to fit your sexual preferences at the moment best. I come fully equipped with voice modular, coin operated slots for you to deposit your money into, and if you pay close attention you can push various  buttons to get the results you want. Oh, and my favorite thing … I have a GET THE FUCK OUT MY SITE YOU DIPSHIT – kick that for some reason always wants to catapult you out of my window. Have a nice day.

Q: Have you ever had sex with animals?

A: (By the way that was a real question!) Are you offering yourself up? BLOCKED!

Q: How many slaves travel with you and how is your dungeon stocked?

A: Ok, I’ll be nice about this one, but seriously do you read? I live and travel in a 32ft RV. Can you guess how many slaves go on the road with me? Try NONE! And the last time I checked it’s an RV not a traveling Dungeon. Now please go back to the rock you just crawled out from under.


WTF photo

Photo by ulricaloeb

….. and here is the expression those people might have after receiving my answers.

YOU MEAN …… oh god no…. you are a normal everyday person?

You can’t be a normal everyday person, with a normal life, regular hobbies, interests…. that just not sexy! You exist just to arouse ME … it’s all about ME ME ME – Mistress!

Signed a devoted slave!


Ok, on that note… moving on now. Have a nice day all.


Goddess Bella Donna

Let’s dig into the mind of
a former Home Wrecker!

Now that I have released Angelina’s Story of one of her home wrecking exploits in both written and MP3 version (see below after the interview recount), I think it might be interesting to share this part of the conversation I had with her.

I just couldn’t pass up the chance of actually digging into the mind of someone who was a self proclaimed former Home Wrecker. Enjoy!

As I was sitting around with the 7 everyday women with whom I was discussing the topic of home wrecking something unforeseen took place. One of the ladies which I have renamed Angelina for privacy reasons confessed that she was a Home Wrecker in her younger years. At this point and time when the conversation was taking place the lady was in her late 60’s, widowed and someone whom you would never imagine to have such a sordid past. According to her she turned her life around when she actually ended up falling in love with one of her victims of deception and ended up getting married to him. A marriage that lasted for 20 years and had its own ups and downs as she recalled, with one little perk that most women don’t have. Having been a home wrecker herself, she knew exactly how to safeguard her marriage from the influences of a toxic lady on the prowl – her words not mine.

Of course I had questions and I was fortunate indeed that she was so willing to answer them in the most candid of fashions. I think deep down she wanted to be asked and even understood as is the case for most human beings even when they do have a wicked nature to explain.

The first question I asked her was why she had decided to become a Home Wrecker and if that was something she set out to do or if it just happened.

I was surprised when she began to laugh at that question and told me in a very resolute and no-nonsense way that she never accidentally ruined a relationship but that to her home wrecking in a way was a sport and perhaps a little bit of revenge on menkind. (No this is not a typo – she was talking about men the gender as a kind in this case.)

She told me that it really all started when she watched her Parents and the behavior of each as she grew up. She came from a rather well to do family, wanted for nothing, was treated like the little Princess almost all her life, but at the same time noticed how her Father cheated on her Mother on a regular base with women that struck his fancy.

Her Mother, she recounted to me, was a gentle soul who was dedicated to being a Home Maker, devoted wife and mother. She ran the household with a loving but stern hand, and often times was rather exhausted at the end of the day after running after her and the other 4 siblings in the household.

There wasn’t much personal time or time to pamper herself, Angelina remembered, which in due time of course started to show itself in the good Lady’s appearance. She was pretty, but often looked less then perfectly coiffed, and had that look of a woman who needed a vacation to her. Raising them and of course keeping the Household running in such a way that it was befitting the station of her husband was exhausting and with her husband’s cheating ways it aged her quicker than it would have been the case otherwise. Stress and life was starting to show itself.

However, her Father was a good provider or so she recounted, and with that her Mother tried to turn a blind eye to the affairs and the women who came and went out of her husbands bed. It wasn’t that unusual in those times and days, but when one particular woman got her claws into him so deeply that he actually left the family for a while, it did something strange in Angelina.

Instead of wanting to be like her beloved mother who was a good woman through and through, she decided that she wanted to be like the spoiled and pampered woman who had essentially wrecked their home. It didn’t matter that her father returned 2 years later after having gotten a dose of his own medicine to the fold, the emotional damage was done.

Angelina swore to herself that she was never going to be the victim but the Huntress who took what she wanted and then spit it out when she was done.
The Home Wrecker was born!

I could see where Angelina had come to that conclusion and decision, but what I wondered about next was if she ever felt guilty for it or sorry for the women since she had seen the damage it cost first hand.

Angelina didn’t even have to pause for an answer and it was something I think she had to explain to her friends who knew about her past throughout the years. The answer came quickly and without hesitation.

Not one bit and I tell you why! I was doing these women a favor by forcing them to see what their boyfriends or husband really were like. Sooner or later every one of those guys slips up and screws up to the point that their wife or girlfriend finds out.

There are just certain signs that there is someone else taking up all their time and devotion that you can’t miss after a bit. At that point it is up to them to have more respect for them-selves and leave the jerk or to stick it out and fight or allow him to continue victimizing you in that way. At least now they knew the true character of their men and could make an honest decision. It’s much better to know what you are up against then not having any idea.

As for the men? No, absolutely not! Why would I feel sorry for them or have any remorse. They were cheating on their woman or should I say they were more than a little prepared on fucking around on them. Cheating is a choice you make. I don’t care how unhappy you are in your relationship, you can always end it if it is that bad, but they chose to have their cake and eat it too. I was just leveling the playing field a little.

They knew what they were doing and so did I?

Truth be told I was a little stunned by her attitude and response. The woman I knew today always seemed to be so loving and gently, but here I was getting to know an ice-cold Huntress who had no mercy for her prey. She was literally out for blood.

So Angelina, did you sleep with all of them and did you have any personal rules to that game you played? Was my next question.

At that she snickered a little and took a sip of her coffee her eyes twinkling with mirth.

Actually, I never slept with any of them. Well besides that one and he ended up being the man who became my husband. The rest of them never got that far with me. I’d play with them, kiss and cuddle, let them get to like 3rd base maybe, but I always withheld the final reward. I never let them forget that they were in a relationship with another woman and that they really shouldn’t be there with me. I think you’d call it a mind fuck right?

At that I nodded and chuckled. So you mean they never even got to have sex with you?

Nope, not even once, but I always dangled that carrot in front of them. I allowed them to belief that it was a possibility but only if they were no longer with their woman. I always told them that only MY man would get to have sex with me, and they weren’t my man because they were in a relationship with another woman. In the end the choice to leave her so they could be with me was always their choice to make. I never actually pressured them into it, I just sort of laid things out on the table and they drew their own conclusions. I never actually said that I would make them my man either, they just assumed that is what I was indicating.

As to my personal set of rules or ethics of my game as you’d probably call it hon, yes I had some actually pretty strict ones.

For me to set out to wreck his home he had to actually admit to me that he was in a relationship with another woman and then still be willing to flirt around and date me behind her back. I never wanted to deal with the guys that wouldn’t even confess to having someone they supposedly loved, because to me they were too slimy if you can phantom that.

I always gave it exactly a maximum of 3 months to play with his head and to try to take him away from her. If he could resist my efforts for more than 3 months and wasn’t making any noises about actually wanting to go further than to just talk to me as a friend (not wanting an affair with me) I’d let him down easy and move on. As far as I was concerned he was still redeemable and deserved to keep his relationship. I secretly always cheered for them and had respect in my own way. There is a difference between just being friends with a woman and looking to have an illicit affair with her you know?

I nodded at that, but didn’t interrupt verbally.

I never went after men who had children either. If kids were involved I wanted nothing to do with it. At that point it was too late to save the woman from a big mistake I always figured. She was on her own now. I guess that went just a step too for me.

If the man was able to be taken away from the woman (he left her on his own accord for me) I broke the relationship off the next day and left him standing there with nothing. I wasn’t going to keep a man that couldn’t be trusted.

Besides the one that became your husband you mean?

Yes, but that was a different story I don’t want to share right now.

Ok, I respect that. I answered, seeing why that was not something she would want me to share, because it made her vulnerable in so many ways.

In your earlier story you said that you had a few older men who would spoil you as well and that you were well provided for by your parents. Can you explain that?

I was what you call a Trust Fund Baby at that point and didn’t need to work in order to survive. I was a very lucky young woman and I spend a lot of my time just going shopping, getting myself pampered, and doing whatever I wanted. Needless to say that gave me that vibe that oh so many guys find irresistible. The uptown girl who is just a little out of their reach and so they want her more.

They’d fall all over themselves to impress me, get my attention and the older guys, well they wanted a pretty young thing like me to show off like a trophy. I took full advantage of that, but they never got more than just my attention either. No sex – that was my personal rule. I was a Home Wrecker and perhaps a Gold Digger too, but I wasn’t a Prostitute. I never sold my body for money, I didn’t need to.

Who did you have sex with then? I am assuming you weren’t abstaining?

Oh no, I had sex, but it was always on my terms and I made sure that those guys never got attached to me either. We had an arrangement of mutual convenience you could say. We had fun, sex if we felt like it, and then went our separate ways. I wasn’t planning on getting married and locked up in a relationship if you know what I mean. I liked my freedom way too much.

You sound like you were way ahead of your time.

No actually I was right in my time when women started to really discover that they didn’t need men to be happy and fulfilled, but that they could make great playthings and assets if you found the right ones.

Would you consider yourself a Female Supremacist or a Feminist then?

I used to but these day not so much. Things just got taken too far my taste and to be honest my marriage changed a lot of my views on things too. I think I just learned to see things from different sides once I was married and had a family of my own. There were compromises that needed to be made and in a marriage things are very different, but you know that yourself.

Again I had to nod. I knew what she was talking about here.

Did you ever meet any of the women whose homes you wrecked? I wanted to know next

Yes I did. A small handful, which honestly at times was unavoidable. As I told you earlier I even became really good friends with “Silvia” later on down the line, and she wasn’t the only one. Two other women besides her and I become friends after all was said and done. Of course that didn’t happen right away, but life has a strange way of turning things around at times. In the end they saw I actually did them a favor.

I had to laugh at that, because I know I met a few of the wife’s and girlfriends of my married subs before too, which was a bit sticky at first. In the end so we were actually able to form a friendship as well.

Looking back, seeing things now as you have gotten older, would you change things if you could?

She had to think about that for a second and then resolutely shook her head at me. No, I wouldn’t. I had fun and as far as I am still concerned those who ended up losing their women over their cheating ways, got what they deserved. Besides, I would never have met my darling husband any other way – God rest his soul.

I thanked her for her honesty and willingness to be so candid in sharing her story with me. I told her, that I had been actually very surprised by her admission and she gave me a hug laughing before telling me.

Oh sweet girl, you of all people should know that just because someone looks like sweet and innocent, just a regular woman, doesn’t mean they have a naughty nature and wicked past.

I had to agree on that! Guess even I forget that at times.


Now that you have enjoyed her very candid background answers, make sure you purchase the Story recount of one of her exploits. You can buy it in written format or via MP3 format:

Home wrecking …. and then there were none!

Hello my naughty darlings!

Today I am going to share the first “real life home wrecking Story” in a new Series which I am releasing for you here in Audio Version on this Studio. You can click visit my blog www.paymepiggy.com to listen to the voice introduction for this series!

…. and then there were none.

Will and Silvia’s relationships was already undergoing a difficult time, but it could still have been fixed at this point. That is until real life home wrecker Angelina decided to set her sights on Will and make him her next prey.


Goddess Bella Donna

Keywords: goddess bella donna, real life stories retold, home wrecker angelina, losers lose it all
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Length: 29 minutes
Format: MP3


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Talk to you again soon naughty ones!

Goddess Bella Donna



Once upon a Time…

I will make all my dreams come true!

Evolution – Dreams – Goals – Changes

Fairy Tales photoWhen I think back, way back to a time when my mind was still rather innocent and dreaming was somewhat more whimsical, fantastical and filled with wonder, it was a different path then the one I have found myself on for so many years now, that I wanted to walk.

I always had a love for creating worlds and within it bringing beings and situations to life that were far removed from the stark reality we live in.

Drawing images which shared my then child-like imaginations brought me much joy and telling my stories via the written word was a pleasure of mine that I hoped to turn into my Career at some point in my life. (By the way no, the image here is not one of mine, I cannot claim credit for it, but I found it so lovely and perfect for this post that I just had to share it.  I found it on Pixabay under common license.)

Before all the lofty dreams of so many different professions I might choose, it was being an Author as well as Artisan and with that a Story Teller that had captured my imagination and made my heart beat with glee. The idea of bringing you into a world of my creation and let you share in the wonderful Adventures of my imaginary friends held a special appeal to me. Due to how my actual life was back on those days, the often enforced loneliness I felt, it was those whimsical creatures who became my dearest of friends. Friends I could depend on and who would always managed to make me smile.

…. and then I grew up! Suddenly I was thrown into the Adult World of responsibilities, bills that had to be paid, a family that had to always come first, and I wasn’t even 18 yet.

I got my first job in a Factory on my 14th Birthday and now still finishing school, having home work to get done and working 6 to 7 hours a day to earn a living, there wasn’t much time left for dreaming, writing, drawing and I put what little childish ideas I had away.

Over the years and as I grew older, my dream of becoming a successful published Author who could make her living on sharing her worlds of dreams and illusions with the world, would pop into my mind from time to time. I guess I was just not ready to let go of it completely, but I quickly learned that even so I had self-published several books by then, there just wasn’t enough money in it for me to consider it as a living.

That and the little fact that now I was niched into a particular type of writing – my fetish stories and BDSM / Fetish Educational writing, which was not at all what I had wanted to do to begin with.

Oh and let’s be honest, even so my English is pretty good and I have been speaking, reading and writing in English only for the last 28 years now, I still make grammar and spelling mistakes here and there. If I wanted to break into a larger world of fiction writing I would need to find an Editor who would be willing to commit them-selves to the birthing pains of my creative works as much as I was.

Sure I had a couple of people over the time who were willing to give me a hand with that, but when someone does you a favor you can’t demand that they actually do it on a reliable time line, which became a big problem rather quickly. That was the fact even with my fetish writing and there was just not enough income from my writing to be able to afford to hire an Editor. Bills and other obligations always seemed to rob me of the extra money I had which I might consign to hiring a professional Editor to help me in my dream of turning my passion for writing into a lucrative enough profession to make it my full-time career.

One time I finally had enough cash put away to pay a literary genius who could take my work and polish it until my spelling and grammar was sparkling and bright. Boy, was I excited at the prospect! Finally, a book I could release without my constant biting of my nails with the always present fear that I may have butchered the language completely this time. Oh the fears and woes of an aspiring writer!

The Lady was handy with her red pen and quickly went about to strike, correct and adjust my manuscript until it resembled a impressionistic piece of Art rather then a manuscript. Only the dear Lady was so eager in her correction that instead of just editing the spelling and language as I had requested, she deemed it necessary to change whole passages and with that changed the entire vibe of my Story and the life’s of my characters. Essentially she rewrote the book until it suited her taste and opinions. I was devastated and not a little annoyed. This was not what I had asked for and now on top of everything I had wasted the money I had saved away for that project.

I have to admit that my temper got the better of me in this case and I threw the manuscript into the proverbial fire. Oh how I regret my impulsiveness, but ah the passion of my younger days.

Once again I pushed aside my dreams and goals of making an “honest living” with my writing and continued to write my Fetish Stories here and there, publish a couple of books, but essentially treated it as a much loved hobby.

I build my FemDom / Fetish online Realm and Empire, threw all of my energy and work into it, and left my writings of my dreams in much a state as one would leave a distant but fondly remembered dream.

My online Empire grew, expanded, and took over my life it seemed like. Before I knew it, I had pretty much begun to do nothing but whatever was related to FemDom and Fetish, Content creation, Sessions and so on. Perhaps that was the point when I asked myself in a moment of absolute and unwanted honesty who had become the Master and who the slave in this Empire. When you become so obsessed with anything you do that you literally forget about anything else and go for days on end without sleep or rest, it’s gone honestly too far. You have become a slave in your own Realm and sorry that was just simply defeating the purpose of it all.

I began to step back, slow down, dismantle and reduce, until it became manageable again and I no longer felt as if I was a work horse hitched to a bizarre wagon of my own creation.

Needless to say, when you run a rat race and slow down, others will over take you and soon you will run behind. That should have bothered me right? I mean I was used to being a Queen Bee, a Bitch in charge among many other Bitches, and wasn’t I supposed to fight and claw to retain my crown? Ha, not so much. I was never much for the whole fighting and clawing thing unless it was in the middle of a particular brutal scene in which I would do a take down, but outside of that I was always a firm believer in “when it stops being fun, it’s time to stop” or in that case “slow down”.

Hitching your Wagon and survival to a passion is always taking a big chance. Especially when it has to do with the Adult Industry and let’s face it once you become part of the sex worker world things tend to change a little. Ok, they change a lot. You can’t put that Genie back in the Bottle, it changes things inside of you and it makes you see people in an entirely different light too.

What darlings, did you really think it’s only you who judge us? Ha, we look at you and see all your dirty little secrets and hidden hypocrisy. Hang out with me sometime and let me talk to you in a totally uncensored way, and you may just learn something about the visible sides of sexual perversions that so many people don’t even realize they fly like a freak flag around them.

Ah and then came the Era of stubbornly beginning to make my dreams come true. Regardless of what some of you may think, building and maintaining an online FemDom and Fetish Empire was never my dream, that just ended up being what I was really good at and enjoyed a lot. It suited me since BDSM was my lifestyle as well, but as times and my life changed around me, the older I got and the more I saw the nature of people, the more it turned into profession.

The first dream I pushed through was what I am doing now. Full time RVing and traveling the USA in a sedate pace to explore the places I would never see otherwise and to meet new and interesting people who I’d never get to know otherwise. The Nomadic Goddess emerged from the fires fully formed and spread her wings to fly.

Lately so, and with more and more of my friends and family members dying off around me, I suppose I am starting to feel my own mortality more again. I have no plans on dying anytime soon, but let’s face it tomorrow isn’t guaranteed to anyone.

The question of what do you want to do with the rest of your life and what other dreams have you yet to achieve has become more and more prevalent for me again lately.

I am a firm believer in Omens and Signs. Stubborn as I am I can only ignore things for so long, and once again my dream of being a full-time and financially successful writer has been in the forefront of my mind.

Books are begging to be written and Stories are glamoring to be told. The old and slumbering friends of my childhood are whispering into my ears once more and cry to be given voice.

The skeptic in me says: “Idle fiddle faddle! Everyone fancies them-selves a writer these days, and the age of books is coming to an end. Who will buy and read what you have to say foolish woman?”

The dreamer in me counters: “Ah but these days everyone fancies themselves to be a Kinkster, a Fetishist, a Femdom or slave too and look I am still standing and around? I created something magnificent out of nothing once before, why I can’t I do it again?”

The realist in me proclaims: “Well you can try, but don’t expect it to be easy! There will be much failure and frustration ahead of you. Many rocky roads to walk, and many who will nay say you along the way, but if you are determined nothing will be able to stop you. Why not try it, just don’t stop doing everything else in the meantime!”

What a truly wise counsel I have from my inner voices and I agree with my realist the most.

Times change, and new adventures await. I’ll continue to record my wickedly delicious fetish Audios and offer them to you. I’ll continue to write my erotic Stories and offer them to those among you who enjoy to sit back and read as you become aroused. I even started a new place for them, since so many other options are closing down on me. Click here to find it and become one of my Patrons of my erotic Art.

I will continue to discuss, explore and indulge with you in the many fetishes and kinks that I love up to this day via my listings on Niteflirt and TalktoMe.

There will be more books becoming available in the short story format of “Goddess Bella Donna’s Tickle Torture Hell” available via Kindle and print via my lulu.com Store Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu., in various Fetishes.

All that however will not stop me to slowly and surely branch out into different Genre’s and hybrids of Storytelling for a much wider audience. I will embrace the creatures and characters – whimsical – magical – and filled with their own confusions, and finally lend them my hands so they may tell their stories and be heard.

Oh what an exciting time it is for me – at the threshold of yet another dream being born into reality.

What a fabulous thing indeed and in case you wonder why I am sharing this here with you…

The answer is simple, because this blog is about to undergo yet another evolution and will encompass my writers life as well. I considered taking it away from paymepiggy.com and perhaps make it only part of my flawedtreasures.com blog, perhaps even give it it’s own online mansion. Then I reconsidered and thought to myself, why not allow the little piggies to become part of the Journey and maybe just maybe make them-selves valuable to me along the way.

Perhaps among you little piggies – be that my fat little feedee piggies, my doomed piggies, the ever elusive green blooded cash piggy and any other variety of piggy – there will be some who would like to support my dream and help finance the time off I need to write the new books, have them edited by a professional who can help me in my endeavor and become a part of my brain storming process.

Who knows, put it out into the Universe and the right souls will answer the call! That I belief and trust in and so that is what I am doing. If you can afford to tribute little piggy and want to be part of my next great Adventure and become a treasured companion on the road to making my writing dreams come true, then make yourself known to me at goddess@paymepiggy.com

Until next time my fellow dreamers, seekers and naughty ones.

Goddess Bella Donna



Being in the sex industry and being labeled as a sex worker no matter which category isn’t always easy for those of us who are in it. I am extremely lucky to be comfortable with who I am and what it is I do. Considering how I live my life as a full time RVer it becomes essentially that I can tell people what I do so they don’t walk into rather embarrassing situations with me.

I have been asked over and over again, how I tell complete strangers or people who are just getting to know me what I do for a living and how they react to it. Well here is my answer for everyone to listen to. It may surprise you just how easy it really is for me, but as I said, I am completely comfortable with who I am and what I do. As you’ll hear here shortly it shows and people react to that.

So this is for all of you who are looking from the outside in, who are clients of mine and of course fellow people in the sex industry.

I have a lot of typing ahead of me today, so to be honest I was feeling a little lazy about typing out this rather lengthy background story and introduction to the new upcoming “Real Life Home wrecking Story” Series which I’ll be working on and releasing over the next few days.

Instead of typing it I have decided to audio record the background to it, what let up to it, and yes what the series will be all about. It gives you a chance to hear my voice as well if you never heard it before.

So here we go. Enjoy this Audio recording:

Look for this GRAPHIC soon – it will be graphic for every story in this series:


Oh and on that note there will be another Series coming after that, but I haven’t decided where I want to put it yet and how…. because not only women are home-wreckers. If we want to do this – let’s do it right.. *Evil laugh*

Goddess Bella Donna

You are just a dick’s bitch faggot

Written humiliation and teasing text for faggots and sissies!

Goddess teases you and foreshadows the truth of your nature… You are just a bitch for dick faggot (you too sissies). It doesn’t matter how much you try to deny my dears, in the end you’ll always bow to Master Dick.

Available via Niteflirt only: $5.00

Teasing and encouraging coming out talk!

Written content for closet faggots and wanna be homo!

Don’t think I didn’t notice how you have been covertly staring at some of those big bulges in other men’s pants. How you tried to adjust yourself without someone else noticing your discomfort. How you held your dick and gave it a comforting squeeze beneath the table each time your gaze fell on a promising male subject walking by your Table. How you quickly flip the window on your device when someone walks past you because you were busy watching some salacious gay porno again or were chatting it up with another guy talking about your desire to suck his cock or bend over for him to shove his cock so far up your dirty hole that it tickles your tonsils.

It would be really difficult to ignore all the signs of the fact that you are Queer to the bone. A little faggot at best and heading to full blown gayness if you’d ever have the chance of actually going on a journey of sexual self-discovery without feeling the guilt that has been drummed into you all your life. Don’t hang your head darling, you have no reason to be ashamed here. You didn’t choose being a secret cock lover and potential homo. I am not scolding you at all, I am simply opening up the channel of conversation for you so you can feel more comfortable discussing your needs and secret desires with me.

Teasing encouragement for my closet homos, bi-boys and faggots. It’s time to come out of the closet in more ways then one.

Available via Niteflirt only: $10.00

Wicked forced punishment feeding you into being a disgusting fat Pig!

Revenge based forced feeding and weight gain fetish fiction Audio by Goddess Bella Donna

You wake up in my cage, stripped down nude and with your scrawny body shivering as I walk back and forth in front of it, taunting you, humiliating you and explaining to you how you ended up here. You made the mistake to have a big mouth and call me a “fat bitch” after I rejected your sexual advances.

Instead of my feelings being hurt and my self-esteem plummeting by your name calling, I am making you pay for it in a wicked and evil way that will change your life forever. I have decided to force feed you into becoming such a disgusting fat pig that your fat rolls will have fat rolls, and your flesh will force itself through the bars of my cage until you look like a pork sausage.

I am not going to feed you into demise, that wouldn’t be fun, you’ll suffer so much more once I have kept you for a year and set you free. Of course by then….

Debasing, humiliating, devious, revenge based forced weight gain and forced punishment feeding fetish fantasy of the darker variety. Get ready to turn into a disgusting fat hog – scrawny boy – I am ready to get MY pound of flesh lol.



Keywords: goddess bella donna, revenge forced feeding, forced to gain weight, punishment, wicked mindfuck, dark weight gain fantasy, caged and fed, twisted lesson, fat chick dishes payback, wicked feeder, scrawny male to fat pig

Price: $19.99 USD
Length: 22 minutes
Format: MP3
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I knew it, you are a sissy faggot, she screamed!

Sissy Exhibitionism and caught by wife fetish fantasy Audio Recording by Goddess Bella Donna

Your wife was on a business trip and you didn’t expect her home for several days yet. It was a chilly morning and you decided to call in sick. The idea of staying home and getting in some naughty girl time in sounded oh so good. You dug out your hidden sissy treasure box and selected some naughty lingerie for the sissy slut show in the new Sissy Roulette Chatroom you had discovered.

You loved showing off, sucking on your rubber cocks and fucking yourself in front of the male audience who would cum while watching you being a little slut for them.

You were so far gone that you never even noticed that your wife had come home early and caught you right in the middle of a particularly nasty moment…

Sissy exhibitionism, sissy toy anal and oral, caught by wife, naughty sissy fantasy,

14 min. Audio Recording MP3



Keywords: goddess bella donna, caught by wife, sissy webcam exhibition, fetish fantasy, can’t stop, lead in to cuckold story, sissy crossdresser diva, sissy show-off

Price: $14.99 USD
Length: 14 minutes

Format: MP3
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Sissy Sally’s first time sucking cock!

Gossip Calls Audio Series – Fetish Fantasy Audio Story

I thought I do something a little different for you this time and write / audio record a sissy fiction fantasy story based on a non-submissive best friends gossiping fantasy.

Of course this story, just like all of my others here is purely fictional and I am reading the story I wrote to you, but I do hope you’ll love it. I know I was snickering, giggling and in general just enjoying the process of creating it for you.

Here is what this Story is about:

Sissy Sally is making a phone call to her best female friend Francine since College. During the phone call she tells Francine all about what leads up to her first blow job and what happens.

Remember naughty ones:

This is not a submissive sissy / Mistress fiction story audio, but one that tells about a best friends naughty gossip phone call in all it’s funny, teasing, and gloriously fun style. A dream many sissies have for sure. Are you ready to listen in as I lend my voice to my newest original sissy fiction fantasy? Enjoy!
12 min. 32 seconds MP3

Keywords: goddess bella donna, sissy fetish fantasy, sissy / female bff gossip, first time blowjob, gay bar blow job, best friends funny hot, gossip audio series
Price: $12.99 USD
Length: 12 minutes
Format: MP3
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Available via Niteflirt: Buy Now

Nobody gives a damn about your dick, bitch

Penis Humiliation Audio Recording by Goddess Bella Donna

It’s time to say fuck your sensitivity and give you some cold hard blunt as fuck truth about the unimportance of that swinging Richard between your legs. Oh and in this case size doesn’t matter – for once you actually are equal in the eyes of the beholder regardless if you are a tiny gherkin jerkin or a big dicked hole driller – when it comes to the importance of your penis.
Welcome to the dick rejection and debasing / humiliating fetish world reality that will probably leave you feeling about 2 inches tall and dribbling like the self-debasing fool you are. The one time when my contempt for your dick let’s lose in mean, cruel and dick shriveling facts that will make you wish I’d say this to your face.
Warning hyper sensitive pussy boys should NOT read this, it will stunt your male ego.
20 min. 45 second MP3
Penis humiliation and male rejection, mean and debasing verbal penis smack-down, sexual rejection, male ego debasement for cock proud bitches, laughter, twisted humor and dick facts.
Don’t worry I went after all of you guys regardless if you are big dicked, small penis, straight or faggots. There is a little for everyone, after all this is all about humiliating you for your bitch stick attention needing ways.
Enjoy – It’s all in good fun … or is it?

Keywords: goddess bella donna, verbal penis smack down, penis humiliation, verbal emasculation, male rejection, laughter, cruel, mean, fetish queen audio, mature dress down
Price: $19.99 USD
Length: 21 minutes
Format: MP3
Available via Clips4Sale: Buy Now
Available via Niteflirt: Buy Now

Question photo Today’s personal for me Question is….

A moment of uncensored musing out loud!

One of the Rules for online domination and financial fetish / domination involved women is to keep things always positive, to make it appear as if you have no worries, to always be sexy and to never admit when something is really ticking you off or bothering you, because well we all know that just shrivels up those erections and those erections are what lead to guys spending money on us and getting off.  (Phew that was a long run on sentence! Oh well …)

Call me a Rebel, but what the fuck! Seriously, what the bloody hell! Why do I have to pretend anything and try to not really cater but feed an inhuman and almost mechanical coin operated illusion of myself to guys who in reality couldn’t give two flying shits about me anyways? Tell me that! Someone explain to me where that logic is coming from and how in the end it will really make a difference, because guess what those type of jerk off artists won’t be reading what I have to say anyways. They only read self-patting, over the top sexualized, I am so fucking perfect and hot posts anyways, because that is what those morons jerk off to. So what am I actually losing here by being myself and saying what I think, is going on, venting to make myself feel better etc? NOTHING! Not a freaking dime! They are jerking off anyways to someone elses freebies, and have no intention on spending a penny on me or anyone else.

Between us girls, because yeah I am aware that is mostly other  women who read blogs that aren’t all about the male wee wee and how to arouse it in 1 easy step (go ahead figure it out), it gets exhausting, annoying and down right anti-enticing. Admit it, most of the time you are sitting in front of your own blogs (if you have them) and groan because you don’t even know what to write anymore, because you are so bored and tired with giving those guys everything for free in hopes that they might (and that is a big maybe) feel cajoled into dropping a couple of bucks on you. Doesn’t feel like you are manipulating them anymore does it? Feels more like they are manipulating you and if you are a Top, an alpha female, a Domina by any other name it stings and stinks, but let’s face it you are a Professional and you have bills to pay.

Oopsy, did I just say a bad phrase? “You have bills to pay!” Eek, sorry I know you don’t have bills to pay, all of your little puppets and paypigs are paying your bills 100% of the time all the time and you aren’t working your adorable little Tail Feathers off to get the money to survive on. BULLSHIT!

We work and we work a lot of hours, do a lot of different things like take Phone calls, film clips, do Webcam Sessions, interact with often times freebie seekers and the occasional sincere Fetish boy and if you are lucky enough to have some actually loyal subs who know their place with you and do their part train and interact with them. It’s a full time fucking job and requires more hours then most 9 to 5 jobs out there, plus many of you gals have those on top of it too.

My Goddess, Heavens above and Hades below, half of the time it’s one ungrateful job too, because no matter how much you do and give to those online weasels who dangle the carrots in front of you, they still always demand more for free. Why? Because there are plenty of women who are still finding their way and are just throwing it at them by the bucket full. Those guys don’t have to spend money any longer, because they have it just thrown at them for free. It’s disgusting and I am not just talking about nudity here, but in general.

“Send me your Femdom Pics and I will retweet them for free to all of my followers!” “I serve superior females by offering them retweet services (but only if they are hot and put out lots of jerk off pics)”. “I am a firm believer of female supremacy. (But I only serve those who give me what I want and my service to them exists of jerking off and pretending to actually be a slave which I am the furthest thing from. Oh and Findomme may not apply!). “I am such a good little sissy sucking cock for my mistress(es) see? (Enter self-serving picture of some dude in girly clothing spreading his ass and sucking cock, but can’t bother to do a single other damn thing for a woman, because well he’s just a sissy bimbo right?)

Damn, I could go on and on about all the hypocritical, ironic, self-serving BS Tweets we see all day long and not a single one of them has anything actually to do with being a bottom, submissive, a slave or even a financially supportive fan. It’s all just a bunch of self-serving shyte that I (maybe you too) would love to reach through the screen at times and grab the person around the throat and throttle them – free of charge.

Now I know you are of course all multi-millionaires in the making and you don’t need the money, you just do it for the love of enticing men to jerk off to you (*cough cough*) and of course having thousands of guys with teeny tiny weiners do the two finger jerk off to your glory empowers your femininity, but sorry I am not one of them.  You can keep your illusions intact for them, I have already broken so many of the unspoken BS Rules of keeping the Illusions alive over the years I might as well keep going. EVIL LAUGH!

Guess what this Boss Bitch – as in being my own Boss here – when I do anything it’s usually with the eye to a payoff without selling my soul in the process. We all sell our bodies in some way – you are selling clips, photos, audios – those are all parts of your body and it makes zero difference if they are naked or dressed. Those guys don’t see us as Goddesses no matter what they say or they’d behave a lot more respectful towards us, especially when we are not looking. No, they see us as their playthings, their enticements and internet whores who cater for a few bucks to their whims. I didn’t make the rules here, I am just calling it the way I see it. I know how actual slaves behave when they are actually serving a Lady they see as a superior Goddess, and this ain’t it online. What a joke.

I get told frequently that maybe if I would stop being such a hard ass and do a bit more free humiliation, put the $5.00 bitches more in the spotlight, do some money fan pictures etc for enticement I’d get more attention. Yup, I hear you loud and clear! I feel you darlings and damn my follower count would shoot up too and I could claim that I am an Internet Sensation…. PUKE! Seriously PUKE, because as fun as all that sounds guess what tons of Followers don’t mean shit. Most of them are freebie hounds, lookie loo’s, fellow women and oh yes retweet boys who aren’t spending a dime but are trying to make money off you.

Do you know why I do so little for free with fetishes and when I offer fetishes up it’s always with a Price Tag attached? Simple, because if they want to get off on my time and effort, I am going to get paid for it. It’s Commerce and as good as some freebie advertisement is from time to time, like a preview maybe here and there, you can actually advertise yourself right out of sales too.

I don’t participate in competitions either and other Venue sponsored things that are designed to drive the prices down because most guys, not all but most, will always buy the cheapest things they can get instead of paying for something that is fairly priced to the producer first. So when Venues are putting on their big Competitions when the base minimum price of sales content is almost insulting, I barely produce and when I produce I keep my prices regular. Why? Because the market is going to be even more saturated with “Dollar Store” priced items. Nothing wrong with that once in a while, basic economics tells you that sometimes you need to throw something really cheap out so people can get hooked on your products, but that is once in a while not all the time.

I tend to watch and I actually keep one hell of a track of what sells for me (remember just because something sells for one person doesn’t mean it will sell for you) personally and where I make sales at and where I just wasted my time and effort putting it up. You can see how some Venues are sliding more and more down, while others actually retain a certain amount of quality customers who have the financial ability to spend money on what they want.

The more you drive prices down on a Venue constantly the more you bring in the Bargain Shoppers, the low end consumers, etc. It’s not really that hard to understand and if a Company stops giving a damn about it’s Freelancers and Independent Contractors (which we girls are) the harder it gets to make money there.

Businesses will always be about the bottom line first and foremost, and if they can milk their workers then they don’t need to worry as much about the consumers. You really have to open your eyes and see it for what it is.

The good venues will not over the top restrict content to a point where you almost have to just talk about the Weather in order to produce something. They’ll stick within the letter of the law, but keep their own personal social opinions and moralities to them-selves, because they want to make money and remain relevant.

The good venues will do a lot of their own Advertisement as well because they are getting a cut (anywhere from 30% to 50%) of each service and products sold by their Independent Contractors. (That’s you and me). They are just as greedy as we are and if you are in business and not at least a little greedy then you need to get out. Give it away for free by all means, but don’t destroy the business for other people with your rock bottom thinking.

The good venues keep updating their IT stuff, make it possible for purchases and services to be sold, make sure that glitches are at a base minimum. No Venue is perfect, glitches happen, but you can tell which Venues address the problem rapidly, keep their Independent Contractors informed and handle it quickly and which pretty much spit into our faces and figure we don’t deserve to know. They’ll get around it to it when they are done dreaming up other ways to make business more  ….. Nope I am going to stop there before I go off on a totally different rant.

Here is the thing, and I am just saying what a lot of people think and are too afraid to say out loud because it is the furthest thing from being arousing, most of US really want and need to be paid for our work and it is becoming increasingly more difficult because not only are the morality squadrons of the anti-adult leagues working against us, but because we are working against each other and ourselves too.

I am not talking about the Kumbajah Moments of Cyber Hugs and mutual admiration tweets (those are great from time to time, but in the long run the customers don’t pay attention to those that much either – those are purely for us so we don’t feel so damn alone). What I am talking about is the undermining of each other, the steep under pricing of products and services that make it a lot more difficult to keep the price ranges even at an average, because it teaches the consumer to expect low low prices from everyone. Doesn’t mean we all will cave on it and that there are no consumers who will pay more, there always will be, but it does cut in the income potential big time.

I find one thing beyond ironic in today’s online society. A woman being confident and demanding, even greedy is hot and gets guys supposedly off, but the moment she honestly says that she’s in it to win it, to make her money, to be paid for her attention and demands that this is honored, they suddenly all want to shrivel up. Fantasy is always better then reality – eh guys?

I love to write, but more and more Venues now make sales of written content a big waste of time for the Adult Industry. I used to do really good with selling written content and it was so much fun thinking up those fetish fantasies and fictional stories for you to devour after paying me a fair price. Now, not so much. I am actually considering just switching Genre and / or just writing more harder and edgier Fetish Fiction for Amazon Kindle sales then putting it up on well Niteflirt. I am just not ready to stop writing yet, because I love doing it. I am figuring that I can always audio record each Story and sell it on Clips4Sale. Oh I’ll put it up whenever TOS allows on Niteflirt too, but let’s face it I’ll sell 10 Copies of a product on Clips4Sale these days at the same price before I might sell one on Niteflirt. It’s just a different client base there and less advertisement from their end.

Honestly, and I am not putting Niteflirt down because I have been with them for a long time now and still feel a loyalty to them, I see it turning more and more into a Phone Platform for me only. They really make selling the type of Fetish Content I enjoy producing with the Topics I like touching on too impossible or flat out forbid it. I don’t mind it for calls in general, but when I produce content be that written or audio, I don’t want to be that restricted in my creativity and be that hobbled by someone else’s sensitivities. It’s Fetishes for crying out loud, they are supposed to push the sensitivity envelope to a point or I might as well write stories for Children instead and keep it sanitized with no sexual content at all.

I’ll give you a super example:

I ADORE Feeder / Feedee – Fat Pig – forced weight gain, forced feeding, and weight humiliation Fetish. I go the entire gamut on it and I love to make it twisted, wicked and at times dark erotic too. I never fully cross the lines into forbidden by law territory but I come close to the edge of what is allowed at times. I stop right at the edge of it, and that gives it it’s special brand of arousal. You can write a story in such a way that you never say it, but the reader can choose to push it over and put in the details we don’t say. Everyone is happy in that case.

On Niteflirt however I have to be very careful and be extremely cautious of just how far I go. You never know when someone buys it just to see if they can cause you problems, oh yes that’s a thing, don’t fool yourself.

So I keep them  more towards the higher medium scorch level instead of going 5 Bells Alarm Scorch. That’s ok I don’t mind, it’s all good.

Yesterday I put out a brand new Audio in that category on both Niteflirt and Clips4Sale. Here is the content in question:

Wicked forced punishment feeding you into being a disgusting fat Pig! MP3

You wake up in my cage, stripped down nude and with your scrawny body shivering as I walk back and forth in front of it, taunting you, humiliating you and explaining to you how you ended up here. You made the mistake to have a big mouth and call me a “fat bitch” after I rejected your sexual advances.

Instead of my feelings being hurt and my self-esteem plummeting by your name calling, I am making you pay for it in a wicked and evil way that will change your life forever. I have decided to force feed you into becoming such a disgusting fat pig that your fat rolls will have fat rolls, and your flesh will force itself through the bars of my cage until you look like a pork sausage.

I am not going to feed you into demise, that wouldn’t be fun, you’ll suffer so much more once I have kept you for a year and set you free. Of course by then….

Debasing, humiliating, devious, revenge based forced weight gain and forced punishment feeding fetish fantasy of the darker variety. Get ready to turn into a disgusting fat hog – scrawny boy – I am ready to get MY pound of flesh lol.



Keywords: goddess bella donna, revenge forced feeding, forced to gain weight, punishment, wicked mindfuck, dark weight gain fantasy, caged and fed, twisted lesson, fat chick dishes payback, wicked feeder, scrawny male to fat pig

Price: $19.99 USD
Length: 22 minutes
Size: 21 MB

Format: MP3

Available via Clips4Sale: Buy Now

Available via Niteflirt: Buy from GoddessBellaDonna through Niteflirt.com

Ok, now let me talk out of school here.

They are both the same thing and they both have the exact same description, title and price.

On Clips4Sale I had the option to really add a lot of keywords that fit so consumers can find the product. On Niteflirt it was pretty much restricted to about 5 of them and still keep it realistic in fit. So that was the first difference.

On both Venues I put it up within about 15 minutes of one another and I also send out a notification of this new Product being available to my Newsletter / Mailing List. On Niteflirt (I keep it trimmed heavily and sort out the never buy a thing, don’t buy just call, and freebie hounds only as well there, which really reduces how many people I have on my lists) I send it out to 700 potential clients. On Clips4Sale for that particular Studio I have a total of 60 active potential clients on my list who have opted in to receive my mailers. That’s huge – the opting in – because that means they want to hear when I have something new coming out. Niteflirt doesn’t give the consumer that option, they get automatically added to my New Customer Lists if they click on a listing and favorite it, make a call to me, click on a PPV even if they don’t buy it, or purchase a piece of content. They have no choice if they want to be bothered or not, and that happens to them with each person they interact with as a potential client. So there are a lot of guys who either get pissed off, block you or don’t even read the mailers. Not that good.

Now to the bottom line. Within less then 1 hour I sold this item 2 times on Clips4Sale and haven’t even seen any interest in it on Niteflirt. Think about that, not only is the interested client pool different, but the options are somewhat restricted on Niteflirt which leads to less earning potential for content when you do Fetishes that are not the main stream, do to less marketing on their end and well  a lot of other things. Let’s leave it at that.

This is not a lone example, but something I have found happening more and more frequently now. I’ll put something out on both Venues and it will sell on Clips4Sale, but not on Niteflirt for me.

Clips4Sale is also a lot less restrictive in top matter and how you can execute the Fetish then Niteflirt while still staying well within the laws. Which means for someone like me who is not just niched into the most popular fetishes that all too many women do these days, but who actually has a lot of fetishes she enjoys that have a smaller pool of producers as well as consumers (more niched and intimate), it makes a lot more sense to just put it out exclusively on Clips4Sale now.

I do clips from time to time, but with my traveling and now working outside with lots of Mosquitoes biting the hell out of me (not attractive) I produce mostly Audios and written content. So I can’t say it is because of clips selling better on a Venue that has clips sales down to an artform since that was their specialization.

These are the things that I watch, look for and yes pay attention to. I am a Business Woman when it comes to all of this and that means I am sorry but I am not going to blow sunshine up anybodies ass just to make things look honky dory.

Ok I think that is enough for today. Oh and look I just spend 45 minutes writing all of this and I wasn’t interrupted once by the phone ringing…. (private joke between us Phone Sex Operators – we know what that meant).

See you around darlings, and as much of a slap of reality and saying some things that we shouldn’t be talking about out loud, I hope it served to let you know that you are not alone out there. It is what it is, but if you really want to there are ways of paying attention and doing better. Don’t waste your time and energy on things that don’t work for your bottom line and find the ones that do.

Goddess Bella Donna


Standing at the graveyard of an Era

Musings about the changes in online fetishes.

Graveyard photo Life goes on and things change. That is the nature of Time and nothing is exempt from it, not even the wonderful world of Fetish.

In some ways it is fabulous to see how alternative ways of sexual arousal have gained such wide acceptance online and what turned into some rather interesting discussions, but on the other side of that it has removed a lot of the deeper and often intimate interactions between those who indulge in Fetishes together.

It has become over-saturated and made “normal”. These days we see people talking about Fetishes who fail to actually understand the deeper core levels of what it is they do.  Safety, or awareness of potential harm, has been pushed to the side as if it is unimportant and there is an all around air of entitlement that your kinky desires are met without actually you doing anything in return for it has become prevalent. More the pity, because Fetishes have always been a two-way Street in which both partners shared the Fetish from opposite ends in a symbiotic way. We fed off each other as we explored it and discovered all the deliciously naughty little Triggers that turned something so typically non-sexual into something hyper arousing.

Some of the Fetishes we had out there for several years now have mutated into something that no longer carries one or both sides of the actual fetish itself, but only continues to carry it’s name for the sake of it being identifiable. In many cases the participants of the fetishes itself aren’t even into it or even grasp what the fetish is really about, but simply think that after watching other people for a few days, weeks or at max month are now experts at it and can teach other newer people how to become “successful” in the fetish. Success, notoriety, fame being the key here rather then actually finding a measure of elation in the actions them-selves.

For many fetishes a measure of mystery and the slow unwrapping of the fetish itself and with that the slow decent into it becoming a delicious addiction was part of the foundation of it. The discovery of the various layers of the fetishes of choice which takes it from the most basic to an almost divine level under the guidance of someone who really gets what it is about and all the various fetishes (something you learn over many years of doing) while still being able to keep it intimate and personalized was one of the big deals as well. Let’s not forget the embarrassment and / or humiliation for the submissive or bottom partner when having to admit to himself and his top / Dom/me that this is making him weak etc. giving it that delicious edge. The sharing of a “special little secret” between the play partners that brought them closer together and was only made public to a select group of trusted friends and fellow Kinksters gave it a feeling of being a VIP in an exclusive club of like-minded people, which often intensified the fantasy around it.

Well the internet went ahead and didn’t just rip off the plaster, but spread it so wide open that even an OB-GYN is shielding his or her eyes and goes….. OK that is more then I needed to see, but thanks anyways.

We didn’t just make it public, turned it popular, removed it’s mysteries and humiliating deliciousness, but we literally send an anal probe up it’s collective ass, pinned back it’s labia and did an open heart surgery on it, on full display and in the public view of anyone with access to the internet.

Part of what gave it it’s delicious naughtiness was that it was different then mainstream and vanilla, now you can’t even tell it apart any longer. Fetishes have become the new vanilla and I almost dare say that vanilla is now the more forbidden and less talked about and practices in a strange reversal of rolls.

Not to mention that verbal censorship of the extreme kind and the lack of understanding the difference between someone sharing a deep seated view and someone participating in a fetish talk and roleplay scene has started to literally ruin many of the fetishes and their verbal play. Oh and let’s be honest, these days everything is offensive to someone out there and they have to go and demand that their little sensitivities will not be disturbed and then actually go as far as demand an apology from those who dared interact with someone else and didn’t even talk to the offended party. Boy did we go so far out of the ballpark now that honestly Fetishes just for that have had to be so sanitized that truthfully it has become a farce now.

With everything being so widely available now it isn’t even necessary for the bottom partners to make any type of effort which was part and parcel of the whole. They may not be submissive, but during the actually scene feeling submissive, acting submissive and behaving in a submissive manner was still part of the whole. These days what we get instead are a bunch of entitled little snots who hardly even understand the concept of obedience, respect and the necessity of putting in an effort in order to make it possible to even indulge in the fetish itself under the guidance of a Top or Dom/me.

The Crazies are literally running the Asylum now and Goddess forbid anyone dare say something to the contrary because that would just be offensive and potentially mentally abusive and destructive to some poor darlings emotional development. Buy a clue folks, you have to be a mentally developed into at least a level of maturity person that doesn’t crumble the moment someone uses verbiage or actions that will make you feel humiliated and debased if you want to be part of the Fetish scene.

Add to that, that you are literally playing into the hands of the powers that be who think that every adult should have to go by their approved moral code and try to restrict our rights to enjoy our sexuality without inflicting harm on anyone when you constantly try to silence Fetishists and “offensive language” (which hello anything is offensive to someone these days) and try to remove them. You are feeding into the morality squadron and when you wonder why the Adult Content Permissions and advertisement venues for those in the Adult Industry becomes more and more restrictive go and take a look in the mirror. You are the ones who are handing over the reigns to the powers that be, by your actions. You are making a big deal out of it and you are the ones who bury our Fetishes in the Internet Graveyard to the point that it stops being fun for many of us.

As you may have noticed I am not pointing out any one particular fetish or the other, but literally am keeping it under the Fetish Umbrella, because it effects all fetishes by now. Not just one or two of the more extreme fetishes, but it has slowly and surely spread into the even the most basic and even from the beginning almost mainstream fetishes.

What I find amusing is that as our Fetish permission as Professionals are being restricted by supposed Adult Venues, the mainstream Media and Movie Industry has picked them up years ago and turned them into regular Movies and in some cases as reasons to preach their social opinions at us. The Irony is not lost on many of us and it makes it hilarious to watch in the end as we slowly begin to dress in our Funeral best and write the Eulogies for our favorite Fetishes to commemorate the good times we once had with them.

Am I just being dramatic or am I simply saying out loud what many of those who still remember Fetishes back for several decades because we have watched as it turned into something we hardly recognize any longer think? I will let each of you decide that one for yourself as I always do.

The proud and kinky non-conformists have now become the Tyrannical Morality Squad that we once fought for our right to enjoy our own brand of arousal and the right to play in a consensual and safe manner  with those who complimented our own needs and desires. That Era is now over. Over the top nudity is encouraged, but intellectual and verbal play for Adults is increasingly forbidden. Good job folks. I’ll see you at the Funeral in a few more years unless you wake up and see what you are doing to the things you supposedly enjoy so much.

Goddess Bella Donna

Twisted C.B.T. masturbation addiction Therapy Task

Written C.B.T. and punishment style masturbation edging Task

You just can’t get enough of your dick in your fist can you darling? Of course not, you love that cock more then you love anything else in life. You have lost more than one woman to your jerk off obsession and now you are close to losing another one.
The problem for you is that you are addicted to jerking off. Yes, it’s an addiction, an obsession for you, and unless you get some help quickly you’ll end up being an old bastard with nobody to care about you. You don’t want that do you?
So, I have decided to take mercy on you, and help you out a little. I am going to twist your desire to constantly jerk off into something you’ll end up begging me to be permitted to take a break from and stop. Even a jerk off addict like yourself can only rub the Pickle so much before it gets raw and becomes rather unpleasant.
I will warn you ahead of time that this will start out like a lot of fun, but as it goes on you may just find yourself in tears. Are you ready for your Therapy?

Make sure you read the text once through first so you are able to have all the different things you need handy. This is a several hours a day, punishment style masturbation and C.B.T. instruction.


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